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  1. Very nice. In fact, beautiful. I just picked this kit up. I hope it turns out half as nice as yours.
  2. The build above was looking great Ray. I assumed you finished the kit. I have to go hunting on the site to see if I can find it. An intriguing car. I found one at a local hobby store today, and had to buy it.
  3. My first exposure to Humbrol paint. I am not impressed. The two brushs included seem to be of good quality. I haven’t tried the cement. But the paint is just plain junk. The kit itself? Not bad. I like it. It’s as good, and as bad as I’ve found with other Airfix kits. Acceptable.
  4. In today’s mail, AMT’s (Matchbox) 1/32 scale MG TC. And from Scale Model Supplies (a local hobby store, referred affectionately to as “the Dungeon”), Airfix’s 1/32 scale Ford 3 Litre GT.
  5. I’m still waiting for the 1950 (or was it ‘51?) Studebaker that Ertl told they were developing back in the 1990’s. I’d prefer it be a ‘51, because that’s the year Studebaker introduced their V8 in their Commander models. And I had hope it would be a Starlight coupe version, with the wrap around rear window.
  6. The aluminum V8 was developed by Buick. The the aluminum engine was also used in in the F-85. But, using Oldsmobile designed heads. Besides the standard half of a V8/4, the aluminum V8 was also a rarely seen as option in the Tempest in ‘61 and ‘62. The version, when seen in the Tempest, used the Buick heads. The aluminum V8 was standard on Buick Special/Skylark and F-85/Cutlass for 1961. The Buick V6 was added to the Buick compact for ‘62. And in ‘63 Pontiac replaced the aluminum V8 option with their own cast iron 326 V8 for ‘63. Buick and Olds dropped the aluminum V8s, going to cast iron V8s, when their compacts were redesigned into intermediate size cars for ‘64. The tooling for the aluminum V8 was then sold to Rover in England, and was offered in various British vehicles until the early 1990s.
  7. Me too. I wish I could find it still. I liked it better than Coke or Pepsi.
  8. Very cool. I especially like the adding of factory air.
  9. Great looking Fords. I like them.
  10. It dawned on me, after I posted this request, that maybe Round 2 themselves may still have the part. So I through their replacement parts form online, I put in the request. And guess what? I got the new, un-warped, replacement part in today’s mail. I do want to thank Lei above. A few days after I put in the parts request with Round 2, he PMed me, offering to make one for me! I really appreciated his offer. I always amazed by people like Lei and others here, who offer to help with things like that. Thank you Round 2. And again, thank you Lei.
  11. Recently found this on eBay at a reasonable price. Arrived in today’s mail.
  12. I love Edsel. And I love the work you do. Beautiful models.
  13. He is a “car” guy. He builds real hot rods. But, doesn’t build models. But, he know a good deal when he sees it. And knew I would like the kit. We have been friends for over thirty years now.
  14. Every Monday night I get together with friends for dinner. One of the guys there found a model at Half Prices Books he thought I might be interested in. A Tamiya Ferrari Testarossa from 1986. New, still sealed in the box. For only $15. He thought I might want it, between the subject matter and the price. Plus he knew from conversations we’ve had in the past, that I think very highly of Tamiya’s stuff. In fact he joked, that he wanted to see me build the kit by just shaking the box. I told him I couldn’t do it, because I had no Tamiya paint with me, that I needed to throw in the box at the same time. Anyhow, I had no problem giving him the $15 for the kit. A very nice looking model. I’m looking forward to building it someday.
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