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  1. Loving this build. The 959 is one of the few Porsches I have a serious soft spot for - consider me convinced to pick up the kit.
  2. Looks great. Saw this in my LHS yesterday and passed on it... regret it after seeing this!
  3. Gorgeous and unusual colour - what inspired it?
  4. I’m really liking this new Corvette. Which is odd for a Viper guy.
  5. Thanks everyone!! Hahah, not quite Tom Have to hit the LHS tonight on the way home and stock up, have a few missing or needing replenished. Cheers Gramps, it was such a big step and earlier than planned but definitely worth it. The main light in the room combined with these seems to be just enough to do me for now. I may look into a middle light that springs over the paints though, similar to the yellow one on there now...
  6. Hmm.. With it being a newer issue kit it may be different, but with it being the same basic car it may still work... Any ideas for the rear? Cheers Tomo
  7. Hey all, About to get started on the Revell Police Beetle, I believe it to be the same as the '68 kit. Haven't looked at it yet, but was wondering if anyone has any advice on lowering it - what to cut, what to remove, etc. Cheers!
  8. Well, I’ve been commenting again for a while now but finally I’ve got my own setup. Ive moved into my own place at the weekend, for the first time! A house all to myself. It’s not much but we all start somewhere. But most importantly... last night I finally got my new model setup finished and I’m dead proud of it. All my paints and tools where I want them, and my 3D printer will be next to it so I can make anything I need. Perfect :D Had to break in an hour last night before bed, so I’ve got started on a revell beetle. WIP to follow! Feels SO good to be back in the saddle. B) Cheers! Tomo
  9. That looks like it would've been a decal nightmare! Really impressive
  10. That looks awesome, all of the trials you went through with it were definitely worth it. Love it
  11. Awesome, I love seeing euro stuff being built. Sorely misrepresented. Nearly bought an Audi 80 recently actually but decided on a Mercedes W202 instead. They're great cars - wouldn't mind picking this kit up myself if I can find it. Excited to see the build!!
  12. Drop dead gorgeous. Doing yourself very proud Tomo
  13. I've had lots of reasons to build models over the years. A big one was the "I'll never afford the real one, so I may as well have a model one". Another thing is that I'm picky about cars - I like them to be a certain style or colour - and to have a model of one exactly how I'd have one if it were real is amazing to me. Along with that, it's pushing myself - trying to be as good as I possibly can - and the fact that I've learned so many new skills from model making that have been of great use when doing my real cars, for example. They also keep my mind occupied - at times when I'm feeling low and dire, it's nice to have something productive to do to keep my brain from overthinking itself to death. I find it useful too for trying out new music or TV shows - I'll stick them on when working on stuff, to give me something to do while parts dry. Lastly, for me anyway, it's tradition. My Dad was hugely into models all his life, and none of my brothers kept the hobby after the early years of childhood - I like to think a part of my dad will always live on after he passes through my love of the hobby he loved. Thats just my views anyway.
  14. I feel like it's bound to have been mentioned before, but has the idea of an optional donation to the running costs of the site been considered before? I'm sure a lot of us would be happy to spend a couple bucks a month to have a little "Donator" title under their name and be able to remove the ads.
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