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  1. tractor supply had packs on the shelf....i actually commented to one of the employees about it... I own a horse farm and every feed catalog has them listed in many sizes ...if you have a dog or cat .i'm sure the local vet would give you a few if you told him or her what you were using them for.
  2. I am in the same boat as you.. very little dispaly room and the dust is terrible... so i tried my hand at making my own case...made from 5 glass frames found at the dollar store.. and a glass cutter from ace...total spent under $10 ..it was much easier to cut the glass than i thought.
  3. dip the window in future .. it will hide the scratches
  4. I'm a huge fan of lesney matchbox. I have a fair collection i also collect tootsietoy, corgi, imply, london and a few other manufactures. matchbox first started in 1953 as an offshoot of a bristish die cast company. their first issue was the Queens coronation coach . one of the original founders ,i think his name was jack odel made a small version of their companies road roller for his daughter to bring to school. she could only bring a toy to school if it could fit into a matchbox.
  5. pliers... to help prevent this problem i started using press and seal wrap. i make sure the bottle and cap is clean, using paint thinner and a paper towel ,making sure the lip is dry. then i cut a round piece of press of wrap.and..press and seal the top of the paint bottle . Works best on new bottles... keeps the cardboard disc clean ..and you can shake the paint.. just replace the wrap and seal after each use...takes a little more time. but i hate using pliers. i always seem to grip to tightly and bend the lid.may as well toss the bottle after that
  6. really nice..well done
  7. this this and this i took these photos yesterday morning... the sun was just coming up over the hills...i sometimes forget about the little things in life and have to stop myself and give thanks... i live is a very special part of the country and get to wake up and work everyday with this view.... thank GOD i'm a country boy
  8. very nice..love the paint
  9. this quartet arrived yesterday.... digger is first on the list to build
  10. WOW!!!! that is superb
  11. that is one stunning model..very well done
  12. Walmart carries dremel tools.... pretty good pricing on them.
  13. stunning,,just stunning
  14. such a beautiful car!!!..very nicely done
  15. the detail and weathering is top notch..very well done
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