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  1. tmb727

    1966 Riviera

    Nice work with the tape and the paint. Was wondering where you got those distributor wires from - they are very realistic and look great.
  2. Great looking model. Yes, perfect stance and color choice. Love that transporter pic! I think I also see a GSX and either a Daytona or Superbird. Add in the Cuda and that's a lot of money riding on the back of that truck...
  3. High or low, correct or no, that vinyl top looks sweet. Maybe someday, I'll be brave enough to attempt one. I like the blue color too. Overall, a very nice looking 442.
  4. Your cat must be a Chevy fan...😉 Glad you were able to save a nice build.
  5. So clean and nice from every angle. Very well done.
  6. Beautiful work. Those outdoor pics are stunning.
  7. One of my favorite muscle cars. I'd love to have that for real. Very nicely done.
  8. So the stripes are painted and not decals? Wow. Very nicely done - as is the rest of the build. Looks great!
  9. x2. I'll take that result any day. Nice work.
  10. You nailed the look of a classic super stocker. Looks like a real car in those outdoor pics. Well done!
  11. Yes, this is exactly what needs to be done. I also found out during final assembly that I had to shave them down some more and even shave down the spindle mount itself so that the mount would not push out the outer half of the wheel. (imagine me with the assembled car upside down in my lap holding the spindle mount in place with needle nose grips so I could sand down the spindle mounts with a Dremel tool - nerve wracking, to say the least...) Also: My thanks to you and to everyone else who posted for the kind comments on the build. Much appreciated!
  12. AMT's '66 Fairlane kit where you can build it as either a GT or a GTA. There was a nice review in Scale Auto a while back, and it's accurate - stance issues, front tires that stick out too far, and horns that attach to the radiator wall that interfere with the fit of the front grill. Also, though not in the Scale Auto review, I think that the character line on the body side goes down too low in front of the rear wheel wells. On pictures of real cars that I've seen, the stripe lies on flat surfaces all the way to the back. On the model, it hit that curved character line which made applying the decal even more challenging. The inspiration for my build (once again) came from an issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines. This fellow's is a '67 and it's just awesome looking: To get the look, I used Tamiya TS-11 Maroon. For the interior, it was TS-46 Light Sand and Testor's Brown on the package shelf, dash top, and floor. Here it is my take: The kit provides tiny (TINY!!) chrome emblems that go on the stripe. They are easy to lose. Trust me... That container on real cars has a black and white "FoMoCo" label on it. The kit did not provide a decal for that, but I found a Ford logo in the spares box that fit nicely. And one final shot of the engine bay under the work bench light. The "Ford" decal on the battery side was part of a larger decal from the kit's sheet. Autolite decal was from the spares box. Thanks for looking! At the rate I'm building, this might be my one for the year!
  13. tmb727

    65' IMPALA

    Mission accomplished! That's one mean looking Imp. I'm sure he'll love it.
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