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  1. Is Modelhaus selling there molds?

    It is not the molds as they have a very limited life, it is all the masters that are important and the know how on how to cast.
  2. 1930 Ford Altered

    Use the spokes if you like, Altereds did use those despite others claims here ........ Many pics are out there with those wheels
  3. 1930 Ford Altered

    I like where this is going, but, redo the motor mounts to the correct position and set them further back on the sides of the block. If you are unsure to where exactly just google a pic ......
  4. 68 Camaro New Project

    Not on the 68, actually yes, I have decided to switch it back to a 67 lol....... but I did post updates on the 69 a couple of days ago .......
  5. 69 Camaro project update 2

    Thanks Jesse
  6. 69 Camaro project update 2

    The only problem was I had three personal losses all at once ....... that slowed me down but I am really busy with custom orders and regular orders. My regular orders have been all caught up and mailed out a while ago so , no, no problems. I guess that is why I went into a building mode, to keep my mind off of the bad stuff. Alan
  7. More done .... frame connectors cut into the floor, drive shaft loop installed and new leaf spring front perches installed. Next up, shackles for the rear of the leaf springs .... Alan
  8. 69 Camaro Project Update

    Thank you for the kind words, sorry but no I won't be casting these ........ Get out your saw, files and scratch building supplies Alan
  9. The pics will tell all but, added cross member for new shock mount location, refabricated frame rails for larger tires, narrowed stock fuel tank. Yet to add frame connectors and drive shaft loop.
  10. Revell Volkswagen Rabbit - Clearly Scale Engine

    What Walter said ! ........... But that being said, this is just a plain cool little hot rod, in a Datsun 510 sort of way . Love the stainless exhaust detail as well as that killer little engine. Any pics of that engine kit ? Alan
  11. 66 El Camino project

    Thanks Pete, I like doing the subtle things that most would miss. On this the lower control arms have been boxed with three plates per side, holes in the firewall for hood hinges all filled with modified hinges to fit and raise the rear of the hood, fuel tank sump added etc. These were a common practice back in the day of limited after market parts ......
  12. 69 Camaro Project

    Once again switching to a TH400. Scratched Lakewood slapper bars, have to finish the snubbers, J bolts and shock mounts. Wheels are from the 69 Nova with the rears widened by first resin casting wheels with the same lip but fit the larger tires. Cut section needed from resin wheels then fit to modified Nova wheels. This will also have a scratched 6 point cage, frame connectors and drive shaft loop. This is actually a replica of Div. 7's, Super Stock record holder Buck Kinney built Camaro that was on the street in Port Coquitlam BC in the late 70's early 80's. It was that GM silvery light green with the flat black hood and black wheels, just a no nonsense big block street pounder ....
  13. This has many of my own mastered and cast parts as well as some resin copies of straight up kit stuff. Switching over to a TH400. In the works are scratch build Lakewood ladder bars.
  14. I have some printed so yes but have not put them up yet ...... Send me an email @ alan@whoopiekatdecals.com if you want to get a set.