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  1. Vince, Please contact me about the wheels you offer Thanks Alan
  2. Thanks! Those both capture the look very well .... were are the wheels on those from? Alan
  3. Looks great for a box stock build! Where did you source the decals from? Alan
  4. Don't forget a driveshaft loop near the front ....... I like this
  5. I might make them if the interest in them is there ...........
  6. The one you got in there looks good that is why I was asking. In reality, that car would have an 8.75 in it but what you built is killer so ....... So tell us you source for parts
  7. Ok, we need some details as to chassis, Lindberg? Wheels, as well as the Dana because the Lindberg one is undersized and a poor representation ..... Alan
  8. Excellent rendition love it!!!!
  9. That might work .... Thanks Steve
  10. That is one piece I really want .....
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