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  1. '41 Plymouth Coupe

    Re the front wheels where did you source them ? I like where this is going ..... Alan
  2. '41 Plymouth Coupe

    Who cast the resin front wheels ? I would not use that era of wheelie bar though ..............
  3. So-Cal Speed Shop decals

    I can do custom work for any decals one might want Alan
  4. 65 Chevelle wagon

    I don't mean this critique in a negative way but a constructive way .......To replicate a more accurate build you should have used one of the 67 Chevelle PS full frame chassis, as a Nova unibody with leaf springs is not correct ......... Alan
  5. 64 Chev bench

    Yes , Dave Dodge model car world
  6. The one I saw for sale was back in the early 80's, One of the four I had that I had recently bought at the time was a mist green metallic with gator skin halo top, yes kinda like the Mopar Mod Tops 70 Monte C. 350 M22-4spd, pwr windows, pwr buckets, tilt, cruise, F41 suspension, G80 12 bolt posi with way too much gear at a steep 4:56 lighting pkg with the rare as can be fiber optic option, looked similar to Mopars fender mount turn signal indicators, 7 inch Rallys with a monogramed "M" in the center caps and get this a factory chambered exhaust system. That was one rare car and I paid $6000.00 Cdn. for it The Black LS-6 Monte was for sale for $45,000.00. There are the nay sayers that will say they never existed but back then you could factory order just about anything you wanted even if it was not listed as an option, yes I am sure some were dealer installed, but just as legit as a Nickey, Yenko or Baldwin, maybe even a COPO that some exec. had built for himself and those for sure exist out there .......... Here are a couple of pics of mine, the Green 70 350 4 spd , Brown 70 LS-5 TH400 4:88 12Bolt , I was running slicks as you can see, this car would yank the front wheels off the ground on the street, and my current 72 454 LS-6 TH400 3400 stahl adjustable rear suspension 4:11 12Bolt , This thing is insane, you can be rolling at about 25 mph and hit it, and it ignites the tires right through 2nd and then I lift out of it lol You should hear this thing at almost 7000 RPM!!! .... also had a Blk on White 70 350 blk bucket interior
  7. Here is a section from Hagerty's "A total of 3,823 buyers ordered the Turbo-Jet 454-cid V-8, rated at 360 bhp in LS5 form, while 10 brave individuals bought the 450 bhp LS6. This makes the SS 454 the most powerful and collectible Monte Carlo, the LS6s more so".
  8. Yup you could get it ..... I saw one for sale, a real numbers matching LS-6 4spd triple black , it was very expensive .....
  9. Grill, front bumpers/front signals/hood trim. 71/72 had square headlight doors as well as tail light insert trim rear trim panel and interior patterns were different on all 3 as well as steering wheels. SS option was only available on 70/71, 72 could be ordered with all SS options except the SS trim. Various Auto/4 speed options available even the 454 LS-6 was available. I have owned 4 first gen Monte Carlos over the years
  10. photo copied copies of my Wild Breed Cougar FC decals Alan whoopiekatdecals.com
  11. Another rip off

    Re Speed City Scott is doing what he can to keep up. If it is out of stock be patient he is one of the good guy's Alan
  12. Seems like every time I look through E-bay I find another individual copying and selling my decal line ....... These are NOT Quarter Mile Replicas decals, these are a ripped off copy of decals produced by whoopiekatdecals.com Just putting it out there Alan whoopiekatdecals.com
  13. They were removed from his line Alan whoopiekatdecals
  14. Yes, do you realize how many hours would be involved machining all of that one set at a time ? You have to be realistic about this stuff ....... To get something like that is unlikely