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  1. Wow just Wow!!! Spectacular job, thanks for sharing! Alan
  2. Can you post more pics of this project? Looks killer! Alan
  3. Had that kit as a youngster, it is cool but could use a 3D printed engine and trans as both are sub par. Alan
  4. Most welcome! Please don't get me wrong, your work is most impressive just some friendly info. The reason why it must be on forward yoke is to prevent the car front pole vaulting the car. Keep posting your builds my friend! Alan
  5. No way, keep going, you have pure inspiration to move you forward !
  6. Killer build!! One thing wrong, you have the drive shaft loop at the wrong end, or just add another one just rearward of the front yoke next time .... Alan
  7. You SHOULD write a book!!! It would be a hit within this community that's for sure !
  8. Tim, Can you post some progress pics of the corrections as well as the hood. I have this kit as well and when the time comes to build it I want to do it justice. Thanks Alan
  9. Ha, Just saw this AFTER I posted in the SM Cuda thread ........ K, put up some progress shots
  10. Guy, you should post some progress pics of this so everyone can see things like your trunk "cam" that holds it open or the carb builds. Every part it seems is a kit all on it's own. As a follow up, how about your Dyno Maverick and some progress shots of those killer headers just to mention one of the multitude of scratch built items on your life like works of automotive art. Glad to see you are sharing what you do with us. Please keep posting my friend, large file pics so all can see the details in your craftsmanship!!! Alan
  11. Not to mention Guy has scratch built many items as he always does. Eg. the headers and intake are a couple scratch built items on this one. The body is the MPC 70 Cuda. He is one of THE best builders that is for sure. Alan
  12. I see something that needs correcting on one of my decals ..... Alan
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