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  1. Jaw dropping work of automotive history!!!
  2. Oh, I LIKE the color!
  3. Who is he anyways Glen, just full of hot air!!! lol
  4. You nailed this Glen!!!!!!!!!! Wow, very nice accurate build!!!
  5. What blue is this? Very nice.............
  6. I understand the difficulties in the aftermarket business. Sometimes you just have to have waaaay more patients than you think you have. I have purchased many Items from Jeff over the years and the last order was several bodies/kits and yes it took some time, but Jeff was very good at responding to my emails. As all my orders prior the quality is top notch and I will continue to support him and MCRC. Alan Bohach
  7. I love the weathering! Where can one get a good ref. guide to weathering? Alan
  8. Great Job! Tell us more details on the build ... Alan
  9. Hi JC Can you post a link of post more pics of this and details as to what you used for parts? Very cool build! Thanks Alan
  10. Hi I am having my computer upgraded as well as the website is still under construction. We will be back sometime in the New Year .... Alan
  11. I have a mint untouched kit .... It is a cool kit
  12. I have some in stock. They are improved over the original with accurate contingency decals. Alan
  13. Those are not Top Speed Decals, they are pirated Whoopiekat decals ..........
  14. Steve, VERY nice!! What paint is on the chassis/floor pan? Alan
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