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  1. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    a photo finish
  2. Name that movie quote

    OK - the movie starred a Caine and an Angel, along with Harry Mudd and Winnie the Pooh.
  3. Name that movie quote

    ^^^Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  4. My take: A thing of beauty ruined by bureaucracy and bungled greed, a young man beaten to death by thugs, and a collector intent on showing off how much he can spend to keep the sad remains out of another collector's hands. Pretty much a downer all the way around. YMMV.
  5. Well, I went ahead and did it; used one light coat and it seemed to work as I hoped, sparkle toned down and no little bits coming loose as I took off the BMF I used to mask the console.
  6. I just did the carpet for the '65 Nova with embossing powder; I thought it might be a good idea to spray on some Dullcote to seal it and knock down the sparkle a bit. Do any of you seal the powder?
  7. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    So we hopefully get some surfboards (and maybe even a rack?) with the wagon kit, but I bet still no correct taillights - and is the Coke machine a pre-painted diecast again, or the one from the garage accessories kit?
  8. When Did Directional Signals Become Mandatory In The US?

    Mopar must have kept them for the high-end cars - my '50 Plymouth had accessory turn signals; not even wired into the parking/tail lights but with separate lamps:
  9. What's wrong with this picture?

    The jetliner is a drawing, not a photograph. I'd like to think it was bumped during pasteup... I remember seeing a similar Dauphine in '68 when I was in third grade - it was sunk into someone's backyard as a plaything for their kids. And I'm building the Hubley one for some strange reason.
  10. Wheel I.D. Help, Please

    #1 I'd swear is Lindberg - one of their hot rod kits; the channeled '32 pickup?
  11. Name that movie quote

    My brother had the privilege of meeting Jamie Lee - he said she had a handshake like a vise! Ron, you need a hint? OK. "Honey Dew".
  12. Modern Big Pontiac Chassis.

    Steve, I still have that extra Moebius '61 body, floor and frame you gave me years ago to compare to the AMT Bonneville - if it'll help I'll send it back (you could use it to extend a second Moebius chassis).
  13. Early Ferrari Models 1949-1967

    Thanks Gary and Matt! What year does the kit depict? This is the one I want to build: IMCDb lists it as a '65 with an earlier short nose. Ferrari experts please chime in...?
  14. Name that movie quote

    "Look, you say one more mean thing about my car, you can get out and walk! She is tuned up, she's just - temperamental!"
  15. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Anyone have a good shot of the decal sheet? Looks like some dash or emblem decals?