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  1. Parts for 62 Dodge Dart & 60 Plymouth

    PM sent on the bumpers.
  2. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    Well, now I'm interested: If I can use this to begin backdating the Revell kit to a '73...
  3. Bud Bryan Hiboy - finished

    Beautiful! I grew up reading about this car as it was built. Just needs one more detail: So here you go!
  4. Revell '64 Fairlane flat hood

    Anyone parting out one of these cheap Thunderbolts you picked up at Hobby Lobby? I could use the flat hood for my Modified Stocker project. Let me know what you need in trade. Thanks!
  5. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Guess what? http://www.fireballmodels.info/images/FMR-148 lg.JPG
  6. Story of Jo Han models.

    Here they are, if you can't open the file: (And if anyone has a '71-74 parts car, I could use the headlights for my '65 Oldsmobile Jetstar conversion! )
  7. Ad from the 1958 Galena Park, TX high school yearbook: I guess this was for carrying pipe or long ladders?
  8. 1/25 MPC Tiger Shark

    Wonder if the chassis (which was sourced from a British Jowett Jupiter) would be useful for re-creating one of those homebuilt sports cars that were popular in the Fifties?
  9. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    That was the one that blew up; the rollover stunt car was a 2-door post. It had an Olds rear end with those distinctive wheels that nobody makes in scale (hint hint Chief Joseph...) Stunt car: Burn car: My car:
  10. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    The one time I tackled this kit, it was in the late '70s and I put a ton of work into kitbashing it with an AMT Nomad to build Bob Falfa's "'very wicked" '55 Chevy; got it about 3/4 done. The body panels fit together fairly well. Maybe I should finish it as the stunt car that was rolled...
  11. ^^^The idea was to make it look like a Buick, if you're referring to the fadeaway fenders.
  12. What engine is depicted in the AMT BOSS NOVA ?

    Per JohnG at Round2, they can't find the interior or chassis molds. http://www.collectormodel.com/round2-models/2224-whats-a-hanger-shot/ (Comment #43)
  13. Revell '57 Ford steering box (Got it! Mods pls delete)

    Got it - Thanks!
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Just got these sharp wire wheels; they were custom parts from the AMT '69 Impala but had previously been offered in the '67 and '68 Continentals: I'll try to cast them up in resin; we'll see how it goes.
  15. For me, El Matador is OK but not a huge favorite. The Aztec: they did everything but section it, which was the one thing it really needed. Dream Truck: Agree to disagree? To me it flows very well; maybe you'd like it better in a solid color without the scallops? (And while we're at it, what do you think of the Hirohata Mercury?)