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  1. Welcome to the brotherhood of '60 Ford F-100 rescuers! Hope you can get it dismantled OK. What are your plans for it?
  2. You have to use it very sparingly - I use it on a toothbrush, after using Super Clean, to remove stains the SC can't get out. This new stuff? If it cleans old flat black enamel off a chassis, I'm in.
  3. And don't forget Art gave the only good performance in that classic turkey Rocket Attack USA: Art's girlfriend: "You're gonna wear a tie." Art: "I'll get a special one just for you - with a nude dame painted on it!"
  4. A large-format flatbed scanner could work wonders with some of these old posters - a friend of mine has quite a few reproduction movie posters done that way that look amazing.
  5. It was an occasional treat for us to go to the McDonald's on Waukegan Road in Glenview, IL - Dad would back the '53 Bel Air or '61 Dodge Seneca into the parking space so we kids could eat our food off the package shelf and watch the Milwaukee Road trains go by behind the building. Mom would bring Diet-Rite in Tupperware sipper cups (McD's didn't have diet soda then). Thanks to the 1970 Glenbrook South High School yearbook, here's that very same McDonald's:
  6. Thanks Brian - I've been thinking about some mods to the '55, starting with aligning the roof grooves with the B-pillar (why didn't GM do that?) plus a 3" section and '57 Chrysler rear quarters. Quick and dirty 'shop:
  7. That's a set of three kits, though - at $1.99 each, which makes the $40.24 figure $13.41 (and 1/3 cent) each.
  8. (Snake knows what I went through to get this )
  9. Yep - 'twas I. Both the radiator wall and firewall fit the '70 body just fine - it even has the locators for the firewall still molded in even though it was always a curbside.
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