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  1. Tim, that must be an early production kit - I have four '62 Newport bodies and none of them have that trim piece. Note also there's no trim around the license plate opening, which mine all have. If you have a picture of the front of that model, I'll bet it also has "CHRYSLER" embossed in the grille surround; I've seen a couple photos of one but neither grille I have has it. Then there's the firewall with the '61 details which was never corrected, and the air cleaner which was for a 318 Poly...
  2. Whole list, full size in three easy-to-read pieces: Fast turnaround on the old '57 Chevy hardtop; there probably are some of the Ed Roth edition still in hobby stores. O/T, but I'll probably pick up that 1/48 JN-4 Jenny and the Convair 990 at least.
  3. Revell only did the Eldo Brougham in 1/25, so you're good to go.
  4. Well, well - wonder if the '56 Buick's grille will be put back to stock? I wish them luck engineering glass for that one and the Eldo; roof fit on the Buick isn't an exact science... I'm happy to see they're selling the new glass for the White fuel tanker as a separate item, although they won't be doing it for the Chevy stake truck.
  5. You want to toss them in with the parts I'll be copying for you? I could do a one-sided mold and cast up just the wheelcover part.
  6. I think the only source for these is the original issue '67 kit or promo. Maybe another project for our forum friend Rico Radenz, aka camaro69 here; aka Ra-StiĀ“s Scale Accessories on Shapeways?
  7. I'm looking for wheelcovers that could be made to match; so far the closest I've found may be the custom ones from the original '61 Chevy kit with the centers reshaped: Definitely will be casting some red/clear tail/backup lights for mine.
  8. The Skylark GS might have some interest since it's a muscle car; not so sure about the Falcon or Olds. With all the work it would take, they might as well redo the Olds as a Starfire and the Falcon as an Australian GT-HO (if the OZ 1/25 modeling market is big enough to support it).
  9. You might save some effort by putting another piece of resist over most of the windshield area, leaving enough of a gap around the edges so the center will drop out.
  10. Another idea for a future release: How much work would be involved with returning the MPC '72 Grand Prix back to stock? Mostly the front bumper/grille, headlights, header panel, and filling the hole in the roof?
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