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  1. Bed me down in a lay of roses - no, wait a second...
  2. Static electricity when I booped the boss's dog Gizmo on the nose. He was not amused.
  3. Socialites - are those Autolite's new high-end spark plugs for Caddies, Continentals and Imperials?
  4. Mate was a mighty sailing man, the skipper brave and sure.
  5. "Evident in ya fendah?" asked the Australian auto body repairman.
  6. Also popular were the Lee Plastics aftermarket lenses; see #5 for the '55 Chevy.
  7. Future is a floor wax and not a dessert topping, unlike Shimmer.
  8. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida just means In the Garden of Eden.
  9. Along those lines (I am so going to Hades for this)...
  10. My best to you too. Keep us posted when you are able.
  11. Executives were Packard's last shot at building a mid-level luxury model in 1956, and were created by putting Four Hundred/Patrician front clips on Clipper bodies.
  12. But while we're at it... geez, at least put a bow on that thing!
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