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  1. OK, thanks. By the way, just found another Chevelle body for you - email sent.
  2. Just now stirred up some resin and poured the first '63 Riviera wheelcover, along with another set of Monogram '40 Ford Pickup wire wheels, and got 'em into the pressure pot. Fingers crossed for no bubbles.
  3. Snake, can that Foil paint be buffed if you lay on a good coat?
  4. I greatly enjoy carving, trimming, whittling and fitting; love researching, don't care for wiring engines but I'm getting better at it, and really don't care for doing paint jobs.
  5. From the BBC today: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-52189803 R.I.P. Pussy Galore.
  6. Five? Seriously, I'm going to look into these. Are they 1/8" shafts? If so I'll just use my pin vise.
  7. There are some cars and their owners still unaccounted for. In Chicago the case of Edward and Sophia (sometimes recorded as "Stephania") Andrews is still on the books; on May 15, 1970, they drove out of the Sheraton-Chicago Hotel onto Michigan Avenue, in the wrong direction - and that was the last anyone saw of them, or their black-over-yellow 1969 Olds 442. I recreated the license plate from the report: And more recently, I picked up some builtups from eBay, which included... a black-over-yellow '69 442 : Best guess is that they may have driven into the Chicago River off Lower Wacker Drive while trying to make a U-turn, but nothing has ever turned up.
  8. So there's the future Hasegawa "Type P" kit! Any chance you could please spread out the parts bags for a photo? I'd like to see the wheels and tires, and that remote control setup.
  9. Got one of these verts as a stalled project from 40 years ago; two-toned Pactra medium and Testors dark metallic blue. One-o-these-days... The side pipes, minus one outlet, went under my chopped and channeled IMC '48 Ford.
  10. Man, some great Styline pieces in there! I bet the "A" front and rear could be adapted to a '59 Buick, and that "B" front end might be just the ticket for the custom '60 El Camino I have in the pipeline.
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