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  1. I suppose the rear bumpers and upper quarter panels would give you a leg up on converting a '57 Chevy to an El Morocco. Or you could get really creative: (Quickie Photoshop job.)
  2. Something unusual there? I see two Skyliners with the second color of the two-tone only on the roofs; usually you see the second color just on the upper body, with the lower body and roof matching:
  3. Jo-Han was pretty arbitrary with their colors - my '64 Caddy convertible is molded in a very pale green.
  4. In case some of us haven't seen them, my Flickr page has this album of blueprints dated 1959 for a three-bay Texaco station, with measurements - feel free to download them and build whatever scale you like: https://www.flickr.com/photos/62734960@N02/albums/72157686504022760
  5. Nicely restored little Texaco in Paducah, KY, now a visitors' center IIRC:
  6. Good catch! Looks like a section of the mold was cut off and put into the '53/'54 mold:
  7. That's what I need it for - AMT '55 Bel Air sedan - not a racer, just a mild custom streeter. Also for the '55 Nomad, which will be much more of a custom, if I don't go with some other engine (348 or Caddy).
  8. Hi Sam - No, that's a kit body that has had the B-pillars very cleanly removed. You can see a tiny remnant here of the split between the door frame and pillar: Promo bodies are all hopelessly warped now. The kit chassis also had the information on the bottom like the promo. I've cast the '60 grille as a separate piece from the bumper with the lower part corrected, clear turn signals molded in and headlight buckets added. It will look way better than the one in the Ranchero and can be set back in the body to look more like the real thing. If you have a bumper, I have a spare grille I can send - PM me.
  9. Thanks Casey! Looks close enough to get by - I just want an early Powerglide for my '55 and '57 Chevy Bel Airs.
  10. Hi again! Are the Powerglide automatics in the '53 and '55 Corvettes the same? I know one is for the six and the other is for the V8, but did AMT use the same part on both? Thanks!
  11. I have an unbuilt fire engine, a school bus I backdated to vintage with a 1936 Ford truck front end, and there's a Gremlin rolling around here somewhere. I had more as a kid.
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