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  1. Check your local liquor store for wine bottle boxes with dividers; they worked well for me in an 1800-mile move. I put each car in a sealable plastic bag in case anything fell off.
  2. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    Maybe so - I got this one at an LMMCC meeting last August: Not bad for seven bucks.
  3. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    If that's an original issue, wouldn't it have the old whitewall Firestone Supremes? Those are the later issue taller blackwall Firestones.
  4. What kind of car is this

    Here's the car that's supposed to be the Cresta/Velox's strongest influence: the 1954 Pontiac Strato Streak concept.
  5. Halibrand Wheel Project

    Found the answer - Yes, there was, with minor differences: Image from Gary Reynolds on the H.A.M.B.
  6. Milwaukee NNL

    Had a great time there with Tom and Kevin despite the weather. Let's see some of everyone's photos!
  7. What did you get today?

    Just got back from the NNL meet in Siberia Waukesha with Tom Piagari and Kevin Pratscher; the weather curtailed a lot of activity at the swap meet. About a third of the vendors didn't show up due to the massive sleet and snow storm, but I still picked up a few goodies very cheap: a started '65 Grand Prix; an aqua '65 Continental sedan promo that had been repainted orange with taxi markings, a Revell reissue Austin Healey opened but bagged inside, and a thoroughly gluebombed '57 T-bird that had a good custom no-scoop hood (the vendor who sold me the Healey threw it in for free). The Grand Prix will be a roof and glass donor for my '65 Olds Jetstar I project, and the Continental will be stripped and cleaned up to represent the aqua promo I had some 50-odd years ago. Hope everyone else who went to the show made it home safely!
  8. A challenge for those doing aftermarket 3-D printing: How about a set of full wheel covers for the '62? Neither this kit nor the original Bonneville issued in '62 has ever had them: (image from eBay listing) Note how the concentric rings and three triangles are only stamped in the outer part, but are reflected in the smooth center - neat trick by the stylist.
  9. Lumpy's 40 Ford

    Wally's convertible was a rare '53 Chevy 210 with fake patina; the car was actually pale green (you can see glossy paint under the patina in some shots) and showed up in several other productions made at Universal. From IMCDb:
  10. What kind of car is this

    Sweet photo! From what I've read in British car magazines, they're the equivalent of the '57 Chevy for collectible/nostalgia value in England.

    Wish I'd thought of that sooner - could have used it to downgrade the Revell Dodge Magnum kit from an R/T to an SXT like the one I had.
  12. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Hi Patrick, There really isn't enough left to work with, I don't think - I cut the hood out for another forum member a while back (Note to self: send him a PM). I still want to make molds for the side trim. I do have a rear bumper I can spare if it will help - and test shots of some taillights in resin. Do you have a '58 you're trying to save?
  13. 64 65 Falcon parts

    If you want to try fixing the missing ridge in the '64 hood, Gary, you can have the one in my photo - PM me if so.
  14. 64 65 Falcon parts

    You may want to use the '65 hood - AMT goofed on the '64 and left out the ridge in the center of the depression; they fixed it in '65.
  15. Easy gap lines

    Has anyone had this problem: When using this pen to black out grilles, the ink beads up and pulls away from the edges of the slot you're trying to fill?