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  1. Or Keef Hartley? Somewhere in one of my early 1970s Rod & Custom mags there's a shot of a T-bucket with a rear window that spells out "Keef" - when I find it I'll scan it.
  2. First name, last initial, and critter since I thought it sounded good, plus a play on words from Crispy Critters cereal - sounds like a nickname from third grade, but I first made it up in 2011 when I joined the Hokey Ass Message Board (the H.A.M.B.). And if you've ever seen The Sunshine Boys, you'll remember "woids wit a K sound are funny".
  3. On the '66 T-bird, the wheels and tonneau are a nice improvement. At this point, is there anything you folks at Round2 can do about the poor fit of that lower front pan?
  4. Big score on that Jo-Han '67 Chrysler 300! The '69 Chevy pickup's a pretty nice find too; too bad somebody stuck that optional firetruck panel on the driver's rear fender. As for that Ideal Toy "Mercedes", the less said the better...
  5. I was watching the 1954 movie Down Three Dark Streets on TCM just now, and spotted this toy truck with a familiar logo on the door (image from a poor quality YouTube dub): Sure enough, it's Revell (eBay image via Worthpoint): Wonder if Atlantis got the mold for this one? (ETA: Who's going be first to say "What truck? All I see is Ruth Roman in lingerie!" )
  6. Correct - and the AMT grille has the headlight lenses molded in, while the Revell kit had separate clear lenses.
  7. Finally picked up a model of my first car, even if only in HO scale: It's the correct color, too - Shore Green. This one's been tough to find for some reason - either the wrong color or they're N scale, like HO wasn't small enough already...
  8. I've had my eyes open for a replacement exhaust/rear axle/driveshaft unit for a '66 GTO promo; fortunately the kit part is the same: Either it'll help me restore it, or help the next owner do the same (and help me sell or trade it ).
  9. Would be quite a surprise if they did, as the original kit wasn't exactly AMT/SMP's finest hour! Not looking forward to cutting door opening lines in the roof pillars, or reshaping the front end to fit the way better Revellogram grille - then there's the fact they used the six-taillight Impala rear bumper instead of the correct four-light promo bumper... Still I suppose it would attract buyers, given enough period decals and added accessories.
  10. Gotta wonder how some of those tools did survive - why was the '62 Buick saved and not the '62 Ford? Or the '61 Galaxie curbside and not the full detail convertible?
  11. My boss just got his base model after over a year and a half waiting; first thing he did was have the wheels powder-coated black: And a sad story from the Bronco6G forum: At least two buyers had their new Broncos written off by a hailstorm in Omaha just before delivery : https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/devastated-2yr-old-reservation-total-loss-from-hail-storm-right-before-delivery.47144/
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