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  1. Any body watching Barrett-Jackson ?

    My boss is there right now; said no money to buy this year but still worth it for the show. I'll agree with that; it was worth the price of admission to have seen (1) Reggie Jackson get booed by the audience when he started to gripe about his cars not hitting reserve, and (2) Jay Leno getting pissed off at the bidders when a charity car he was guest-auctioneering wasn't getting bid up enough. Checked the Automobilia docket and there aren't any great models; about all they have is a case of new-in-the-box '82 Corvette promos. They did have a duplicate of my childhood pedal car:
  2. '61 Dodge and '60/'61 Plymouth should be a match; they used the same roof and Jo-Han likely wouldn't have tooled them up differently. There's a '61 Plymouth glass unit on eBay right now, but it's pricey... I think the '60 DeSoto and '60-'62 Chrysler windshields (only) may fit; let me check the ones I have to verify that. ETA: Checked a '62 Chrysler windshield in the '61 Plymouth; height may be OK but it's a bit too wide.
  3. '65 Olds 88 taillight lenses

    Right, the stock lenses. I'd just cut them out of clear red plastic but they have an embossed pattern.
  4. Corvair rampside

    That's a surprise; I would have guessed a VW Vanagon like Dean Milano did. Hoping to get a Rampside soon!
  5. AMC Matador - dad's build

    It can be improved: (Photoshop by me on a couple eBay shots of a stock kit)
  6. Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III

    Sell it as a kit for $100 and you've got a deal.
  7. Polar Lights GTO wire wheels - Got 'em!

    Got 'em - mods can delete now.
  8. What did you get today?

    Got a set of '64 GTO wire wheels to use on the '65 Olds - thanks GMCMAN52! They're a bit big for the original AMT tires but will fit the AMT aftermarket narrow whites OK, or the rare Satco narrow whites I got recently (if I can figure out where I put them...).
  9. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    Let's see. Molded in black, Vector wheels... just needs a duck on the hood and CA blue plate 938 DAN...
  10. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    The kit has a lot of little issues, but it's a car I've loved ever since I checked one out in the showroom of Ferris Rambler in Glenview. Someday I'll tackle it again; my first got El Camino-ized and then parted out (kept the rear axle and seats).
  11. Scratchbuilt 1982 Aussie Ford Falcon

    Finished at last - Congratulations on a magnificent build, Shawn! Have you had much interest from other folks wanting you to put this kit into production?
  12. Comic Book Ads

    Note the artist depicted Quicksilver with a stock '60 Chevy quad-headlight grille; something it's never had.
  13. Corgi Buick Riviera

    I had the Riviera as well, in metallic medium blue. The lights actually work on the same principle as fiber optics; the panel in the dash links to the taillights while the entire rear window links to the headlights. Thus the lights work best when the car is lit from the opposite end - learned a little science from that one!
  14. Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III

    Bright Aqua? You guys are killin' me - this was my '71: 20k miles. Pictured here after being pulled from the garage it had occupied since new in Pacific Palisades. Long story short - got it running, went broke, sold it to a friend who still has it. Must be a fairly rare color - the Marti report said there were around 115 built in aqua and white. Too bad AMT's '69 Mk III kit was canceled.
  15. 50 3 window plymouth

    Huge improvement - the body must have started with the old 4-door promo, all of which have that bent-upward front end and sagging rockers. Now and then I look at mine and think about trying to chop it up to make an accurate-ish car out of it, but you've proven it can be done!