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  1. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic 1960 Ranchero   

    Only if you backed it all the way into the room first to get a running start at the pool.
    Nice model nonetheless! What's the diameter of the wheel rims?
  2. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic New added to Round 2   

    I'll add the '32 and '40 Fords to that list (2018 and 2019 release?). It'd be cool if they made early-'60s style box art for the '53 Ford (and even better if they tooled up a bunch of vintage custom parts!).
  3. ChrisBcritter added a topic in Wanted!   

    '66 Galaxie 500 taillights
    Just got a '66 Ford Galaxie 500 promo; it's missing one taillight and the other has worn chrome - looking for a set with lenses from the AMT kit. Have some stuff to trade - thanks!
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  4. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic AMT 61 Impala   

    Here you go, Bill:

    Back in 1988, I spotted an ad in the L.A. Times for a '61 Bel Air bubbletop at the Caddy dealer in Beverly Hills. Turned out to be a 25,000-mile metallic beige car with a six and Powerglide. That thing was near mint and drove like it too; they were asking $4,888 for it. I scraped up every dime I could and offered them my nice '66 Coupe deVille in trade - but no deal. For some reason I kept the ad; it listed the car's license number, DIS 246. About a year later, I saw an ad for a red '61 Bel Air with a 409/4-speed - license DIS 246. Out of spite I called the consignment dealer selling it; he said it was presented to them as original. I told him the car was a fake and how I knew; the guy said he was going to have a little talk with the owner...
  5. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Went to the Hobby Lobby in Paducah, KY last Thursday (we were down there for a family wedding) and picked up the '69 Corvair on the final discount rack for $9.00; oddly they also had a '70 Pontiac convertible that was marked as a store return "missing taillights" for $17.99 - never saw that happen at a HL before (I passed on it).
    Sunday night on eBay I got very lucky and scored this '66 Galaxie promo for only one $14.99 bid:

    In the words of George Carlin, "caught them cats nappin'!" First thing I'll be doing to it is fixing that taildragger stance all these '66 promos have.
    Is anyone building a NASCAR or custom version of the '66 kit that won't be using the stock taillights? And is the kit rear bumper same as the promo bumper?
  6. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic Monogram Classics   

    Recent eBay sale; missing parts but you get the idea:
  7. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic Yet Another Hobby Lobby Clearance Post..   

    Checked the Deerfield store this afternoon - the only kit on sale was a '71 Tbird marked down to $16.79 on the regular shelf; no big gaps indicating restock yet.
  8. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Hi Sam - If you don't need the tonneau, I may have some NOS chrome bits to trade for it! Looking forward to your build thread.
  9. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic Least popular kits   

    I imagine the AMT Matilda Ford van didn't sell very well; the movie utterly tanked at the box office and was pulled from release. Probably AMT's worst marketing goof since The Hero?

    And they didn't even include a 1/25 scale boxing kangaroo!
  10. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic 1927 T Phaeton / XR-6 Roadster   

    They have disclosed some of the lost tools here and there on their forum; you do have to dig through to find the mentions because there isn't any big list. As an example, they revealed back in July that the Chevy Vega/Pontiac Astre funny car body molds are gone for good:
  11. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic The Cannonball Run build-off   

    There's this one by Nichimo; it's in 1/18:

    In 1/24-1/25? I don't think so, but you might start with an AMT Subaru Brat for part of it.
  12. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic Revell/Monogram 289 w/Webers   

    Long, long ago I had an AMT '69 Falcon - couldn't be built stock but I remember it did have a four-Weber carb and manifold setup.
  13. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic Mustang Upgrade   

    I prefer the Knox Vegas Lowballers' 24 Hours of LeMons interpretation (Ken Block liked it too!):
    (Image from
  14. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic ? for Ebay experts   

    We could set it to music:

  15. ChrisBcritter added a post in a topic eBay for Parts, What Do You Buy?   

    Depends on what I need for a project. I've had to Frankenstein several of my projects together; sometimes I'm looking for stock parts to replace damaged/missing/custom ones and sometimes I'll pick up wheels and tires to upgrade. I have a couple sellers I like that I check regularly; they have reasonable opening bids and the price goes up - or not - from there. And I'm fine buying from "breakers" - let's face it, some used parts are usually gluey due to their nature - like, say, the rear bumper, taillight lens and chrome insert on the '65 Dodge Monaco. I passed on some used ones that were too rough and got NOS parts. Wheels/wheelcovers are like that too - in many cases, used ones have tire melt, so I try to go with NOS.