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  1. Lucky find yesterday - a Tamiya Spray-Work paint stand for $7 in the Niles HL clearance aisle; it was missing the spring clips but I found alligator clips for it on eBay for another $7. Which totals out to... umm, about what I would have paid for a complete one with the 40% off coupon anyway... my head hurts .
  2. If that's a crime, I'd love to aid and abet it...
  3. I'd like to see one of our more talented/motivated builders backdate it and make it into a Pangra.
  4. The '65 Fury promo just landed; needs a good cleaning/polishing and some flash removed from the wheelcovers, but I got almost all the sticker residue removed with my thumbnail. Happy day. Steve G., do you have a closeup shot of the hood ornament?
  5. Somebody was selling a '58 Pontiac wagon in resin on eBay within the last couple years; four-door of course. Maybe the Pontiac sedan delivery is what Greg Wann's friend is working on, using the roof from the Flintstone Chevy?
  6. The ones that are the most accurate for your Riviera are in the original issue '69 Buick Wildcat kit; as far as I can find they are the only ones that have the right depth and the ribbed center caps (the ones in the '70 don't). Tough to find of course; might be a good candidate for resin casting.
  7. Hey, I hope they stay as they are! It took me two bottles and four tries to shrink mold a good back window for my '59 Plymouth...
  8. Having seen so many collections, here's some food for thought: What percentage of your stash is multiples of the same kit? For me it would be about 10% at the most.
  9. Thanks to my dad for his USAF service: (Disclaimer: He was not a pilot; he was a weather observer in postwar Japan, but he couldn't resist getting a shot with his all-time favorite aircraft, the Mustang. Who "Shirley" was is lost to time.) And lest we get TOO worshipful, when my uncle hears "Thanks for your service", he likes to say "Thanks for the three-year vacation in Germany!" ETA: And a shout-out for one of my closest friends, Matt Spero, a real-life "Good Morning Vietnam" vet - in 1968-69, he was the morning DJ for station KTTY aboard the carrier USS Kitty Hawk:
  10. Remarkable work on that classic, Bruce - thanks for sharing it with us!
  11. Very very cherry on both! What was the source of the wire wheel covers on the Fairlane?
  12. As a two-time Imperial owner, I just gotta say: Great job on something that's painful to look at! Believe it or not, Imperials are now being dragged over to England and Holland for use in banger races. Sigh... The paint jobs are more professional and the pace is much faster, but the end result is the same.
  13. One caveat about the UV stuff - it'll pop off a smooth surface OK but it will stick to a sanded surface very well.
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