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  1. Nice job, and I'm intrigued by that Krylon Foil paint. Did you buff it out, or is it straight from the can?
  2. ChrisBcritter

    1965 GTO

    Original issue body from an eBay completed listing:
  3. Almost forgot I built this one about 40 years ago - just add narrow whitewalls, a decent BMF job, an antenna, a front plate and call it a day:
  4. Finally. From what I can tell (the phone used to take these pictures must have been composed of two Dixie Cups on a string), it's in pretty decent shape and the seller very thoroughly described its issues. It has some roof damage from gluing the glass (really looking forward to removing those windows ), but it's unpainted and complete. I do like the rake with the polished Halibrand knockoffs (anyone know what kit they're from?); I may just keep that look. Wasn't cheap, but cheaper than some I've watched lately. Now Moebius will announce a '60 F-100 pickup in 3... 2... 1...
  5. Sweet job Richard! I know it's a bit late, but I've cast some '56 Stude wheel covers, if you could use a set...
  6. Believe it or not, it's an '84 Firebird. Real nice fit and finish; it looks a lot like an Australian Ford Falcon. Check out the listing on Hemmings for more pictures: https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/pontiac/unspecified/2360809.html?refer=blog
  7. ... are missing? Looks like your sentence was cut off. If they're gone, you could post in the Wanted section.
  8. Did you try MEK, like for gluing Plastruct?
  9. Or - Brown with a satin finish is definitely smooth: Very comfortable to wear when you're degreasing the garage floor, putting up wallpaper or just taking out the garbage.
  10. French Silk! Can't get much smoother than that - right, Brett?
  11. Mike, I have one of those in the pipeline too. Are you thinking about fixing the door pillars/window surrounds? It takes a little work but it really improves the look: Take a close look at the hood, too - it's wavy from the louver cutout lines underneath. I filled them with UV resin which made it stable enough to sand down the waves. Good luck with it!
  12. I built one as a junkyard mule years ago and put in an FE - the stock 390 engine/trans from the '61 Sunliner; I don't remember any fit problems. I'm gathering parts for a custom now; I have the Y-block from the '63 Ford pickup with a big Paxton (?) supercharger setup lined up for it. Mine's unbuilt but here's a built one:
  13. I've had one of those Pintos. It's a bit smaller than 1/25; maybe check out the rear wheels/tires from the Surfite, or some larger wheels/tires from a 1/32 scale street machine?
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