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  1. I got a bit more done on this 1 in the last few days,pre wired dizzy,resin pulleys,rubber-band for blower belt and some T-bolts for the covers.I still need to do the other side.
  2. some great detail going into this,you must have a steady hand.....and good eyesight.
  3. they do look good,how about some photos? cheers.
  4. I will be watching this build,with your skills it will turn out great...
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys, Ken,the full build is in the drag racing section. Bill,i don' won't to be horrible but this isn't 1 of there better castings.
  6. What is not to like?Its looks so sweet,you have done a great job...
  7. that engine is great.nicely done...
  8. should be awesome,although im not a fan of those big wheels,these 1s look good.
  9. Thanks mate,a bit of work should see it lookin good. Thanks Todd....
  10. great work Jason,i got a soft spot for these cars.
  11. Thanks guys really appreciate it...
  12. Thanks Joe and Tim,pitty its such a bad casting,its proportions are all wrong...
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