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  1. Looks real good man. What did you use for tarp material? How about some photo's of the Bottom/Hopper's? God Bless
  2. Looks real good and clean,nice Truck man God Bless
  3. Looks like you got off to a good start when you stopped on it. The colors are a nice combo. I'm not sure if you know this but wet sanding as you go while painting is the best way to get a good paint job. If you need tips on anything just ask on here, there's a lot of builders that will help any way that they can. God Bless
  4. Mark this is one very nice custom rig man,like all that you did with it. God Bless.
  5. I build mine the same way Brian and yes it takes time but as you can see its the results that count. Marks came out great looking.
  6. Welcome Kevin you can a lot of good help from people on here build and enjoy.
  7. That is a real big load and a nice build project however the Load would be the easy part the money come's in with the tire set's and plastic. If I built one I would use Moebius Wheel and Tire set's may not match your photo but I think they would look good. God Bless
  8. As Chad said any updates? I saw this a long time ago and lost track of you Bill. This is the best scratch building I have seen anywhere. Now I plan on following this till you finish it. My scratch building has got better and your detail work on this one will help me build a 1/12 using what I see you do to yours. God Bless
  9. Those are very nice man. God Bless
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