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  1. What is there looks good to me, but.. Is there a well detailed engine compartment, and only half an engine?
  2. If you say so. Chew on this one instead then; So what if I threw a party and all my friends were there?Acquaintances, relatives, the girls who never caredYou'll have a host of rowdy hooligans in a big line out the doorSide by side with sister barbara, chief wells and bobby orr
  3. But she just couldn't stay she had to break awayWell New York City really has is all oh yeah, oh yeah
  4. There is these guys. I don't know if they are deemed to be too professional, but here goes.. ..and if so, you can enjoy these guys instead. They sing in Swedish, but the tune should be well known to all of you. Alternately you can skip forward to 1:40 or thereabouts to hear the vocalist try a verse in English. The lyrics themselves is not what pulled me in into this one, but rather the sound and - should I say vitality - of the music produced.
  5. The fire"truck" is 1/24. The 1917 WWI model T ambulance on the same catalog page is to be 1/35 armor scale.
  6. WOW, now that is an unexpected entry! I love it, but you have a fair amount of work ahead of you my friend. I respect the choice though, it was a fast car. For it's time, on asphalt, on the track. So it does still have attributes that should come in handy in the outback. Such as reasonably aerodynamic shape of the body, low weight, low centre of gravity. If you can make it reliable, it could well become a strong competitor. Good thing the deadline is far ahead.
  7. There is a picture of it in their 2016 catalog. I couldn't figure how to pick up the image and post it here, but see for yourself. It is a ways down, on page 26. http://www.icm.com.ua/news/422-catalog-2016.html It looks kind of funny for a firetruck though. As it is a red roadster complete with turtle deck and all. The turtle deck holds a metal basket (presumably for firefighting gear) and a ladder strapped onto the side of the body. I don't know, maybe it would be adequate for small fires.. And also I guess I should remember that automobiles for firefighting were a fairly new science back in 1914, so it is fair to assume that the firetruck as we think of it today had not quite found it's shape and form yet.
  8. I didn't get to start on my Ventura yet, but that is good information to have. And also; Thank you for coming out with the alert ahead of the storm, rather than waiting until somebody notices and spread the word (usually in an unkind manner) or just pretending everything is fine. Actually, your interactiveness and accessibility is one of the things I really love about your company :-)
  9. Spyker, Bristol, SEAT, Gurgel.. We could make a long list of these.
  10. Let's try another one; Sometimes it's like someone took a knife, baby,Edgy and dull,And cut a six-inch valleyThrough the middle of my skull.
  11. Answer; Beethoven 9th symphony, also known as "Ode to joy". Kind of outrageous to think that people who like music doesn't know this one...
  12. Hint; These lyrics are not in English, but the English-speaking part of the audience doesn't seem to mind and we all on here like good music, yes? I'm sure you know this one. The creator is recognized as a musical talent arguably greater than that of all the Beatles-members combined. Unfortunately though, he never got to actually hear this one being played..
  13. This band saw only modest commercial success, but were very influential. So they were not Beatles or Rolling Stones big, but they nonetheless got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and got a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
  14. Deine Zauber binden wiederWas die Mode streng geteilt;Alle Menschen werden Brüder,Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.
  15. #4 They only hit you until you cry Suzanne Vega - Luka
  16. I would have Revell AG make a Fiat-derived Russian Lada. Both in VFTS and civilian guise.
  17. No you don't The old Esci is a mk.2. Belkits is the earlier mk.1.
  18. The funny thing is, Ferrari is not solely in the business racing and selling sports cars. They are also selling dreams. All the thousands who know they can never afford to own a Ferrari sports car buy into the dream by spending their money on Ferrari hats, Ferrari t-shirts, Ferrari bath towels and ballpoint pens and whatnot. And the size of this end of the business should not be underestimated. I would not be surprised to learn that they make more money off these sales than off their road cars. So it is only understandable that they are protecting their assets. It sure can be annoying to us, but their brand logo is probably the most valuable thing they have. So they can't just let it go for free
  19. But she just couldn't stay she had to break away Well New York City really has is all oh yeah, oh yeah
  20. My official entry just arrived, so now I can start for real. The tires are Bridgestone Mud Dueler out of a (actually two) Toyota RAV4 kit(s). Of course I will have to beef up the suspension, and fashion a number of bits and pieces, and sort some details in order to make it into a competitive contender. I think I will leave the engine alone. Group A trim should be sufficient. If I stress it even more it could develop reliability issues. What I will do is to install a efficient air filter though. Right now I am torn on what to do with the body. I could leave it as is, and use the cool decals that came with the kit. Just the decor, that is - and skip the sponsor logos. But then again, I could use some more suspension travel. Especially at the rear. That could be achieved by adding a bump on top of the rear fender "blister", but if I do the decals won't fit. Ahh, decisions!
  21. I don't know too much about them, but sure - bring it on, if that's what you want.
  22. I didn't intend to hijack the thread. If this turns into a long conversation I might start one of my own to discuss things, but anyhow; My booth at the moment does not have a pre filter on it. It is nothing but an open box with a furnace filter which purpose is to keep paint from building up on the blades of the squirrel cage fan attached to the back. I am wary about having a real filter filter as I in previous exploits have found them to be very restrictive to the volume of air moved. I have been toying with the idea of installing a screen door in the (door)opening into my room, and use fine mosquito mesh or bridal veil material to stop the offending mess from entering my room altogether. I am not too concerned about the micro particles. It is the 5mm and larger textile fibers that does the most harm in wet paint. Sorry Erik
  23. Say, wouldn't it be better to convince Tamiya to reissue their Cherokee than to convince Moebius to cut new tooling? And also, Revell's Jeep Honcho seems to have a lot in common with the Wagoneer. Maybe we just need THEM to tool up a long roof and a new interior bucket. I'm not out to rain on anybody's parade, and I like Moebius's kits as much as anybody else, but it seems to me that they are more willing to venture where nobody has been before. In that light I think we are more likely to see a bullet-nose Studebaker or '57 Oldsmobile than these Jeeps from that end..
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