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  1. Professor Peabody set the way back machine for the 60's and brought back this gem: Yep, that's 28 pennies. greg
  2. Just to add a little bit more of history regarding this show are these facts. The late Jim Paige of EMS history was a battalion chief in the LACoFD and was an onset/scene consultant when they filmed the show. The late Tom Showers who built model fire apparatus was the designer of the rescue truck bodies that were built by the fire departments shop. This picture lifted from the internet shows the original rescue squad from the 50's. Prior units were panel trucks, and the equipment evolution required more room. This unit also has what was called the 'platter' The emergency lights and siren were on a plate that could be removed for easy repair or replacement without putting the unit out of service for a long time. With the introduction of the 'paramedic side' of the squad, the spare air bottles, fire extinguisher and K12 saw was relegated to the walkway of the squad body. greg
  3. You mentioned kit: which one is it and what scale? Hope you're not competing with Charlie in the military vehicles. greg
  4. PROGRESS 2: In primer, finish up putty work. bumper on shop floor, I took headlight cluster from another Harley.need to make up exhaust, trying my hand at hand rails. Cheated on frame by keeping frame and used box sides to hold axle. greg
  5. The old MPC 'Wild Ones' 1929 Ford pick-up had along with the bike a character called 'hot Curl' that held a surf board. greg
  6. Progress: Roughed in box and mocked up bike. I got different taillights that I've gotta fix. Next hurdle is frame greg
  7. UPDATE: Thanks to a fellow member This truck has a new fire department. greg
  8. Took measurements of Maisto die cast model and reduced to 1/25th scale. so far I have roughed out the deck lid. greg
  9. This is what I am after: Using Yat Ming Mack and Monogram AC front. Front would be 5 spoke w/o brakes and rear would hold dual tires. The pictures are Danbury Mint 1/32 scale and Yat Ming Mack pumper which has front brakes on rim. greg
  10. Nice job. Good looking radio/siren console. Where did it come from? greg
  11. Now that Atlantis has brought back the Monogram Mack AC bulldog logging truck is there any chance that someone could 3d or cast a set of pneumatic tires and rims to modernize the trucks? greg
  12. Helpful hint: find a model or die cast military model and rescale the dimensions up to your scale. This helped me when I built my Hummer ambulance in 25th scale. I found this site: Online Scale Converter Tool - Scale Modelers World greg
  13. Like Neil Young sang 'they paint my car like a target." Crime in the city. greg
  14. Nice job, ever wonder what it was? A black car with white paint or a white car painted black. greg
  15. Nice job, Just FYI star of life was not around in 1957, would have been a red cross. What color is the red? greg
  16. Sorry folks no other car show pictures, unable to get to other show. The Ford can be reproduced in miniature: greg
  17. Held at the National Packard Museum, Warren Ohio July 23, 2022 Fotki album: https://public.fotki.com/GLMFAA1/2022-mahoning-valle/ Coming attraction: Another car show tomorrow. greg
  18. Now we know where the lake Mead water went. Very nice job on the rig. greg
  19. I am so sorry, I read the bio too quickly. Yes, he is alive it was Walter Becker's death date I saw. Gee I was just at the eye doctor two weeks ago, I guess the bifocals are bad as was discussed. greg
  20. Tired of doing red so changed up to Tamiya orange on this one. AMT ALF Aero Chief 'quint'. Quint is 5 functions: aerial, ladders, pump, hose, and water tank. Modified cab with roof removal, extended side panels using evergreen sheet and half round. Added pump portion from pumper kit, modified side cabinets from kit, added dual rear axle from AMT Ford LNT. Rear fenders fabricated and round rod for trim. Rear stabilizers extended for greater stance. Boom has added tubing inside representing hydraulic lines, I added folding ladder, pike pole and extinguisher to bucket. Original kit against modified kit Lengthened body works, booms are same length. This the modified Aero Chief- MPC Dodge van mirrors. Electronic siren from AMT police car. Open roof, extended sides of cab, keep the vent windows in the side windows rear view of boom and ladder racks Interior shot of open cab, double windshield wipers-interior and exterior. Response along with pumper. Going on top to take a look The orange units in the department. greg
  21. Try the late Donald Fagan's 'New Frontier' from Steely Dan: greg
  22. YEA! Another Buckeye, welcome greg
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