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  1. I have that also, got two for two lane blacktop. greg
  2. Always wonder what the MPC judges thought what models should be, I submitted my 'squad 51' back in 1973 at the Cleveland auto show. That was a 70 miles one way trip in two days. How easy was it for them to take the Dodge pick up kit and get the Universal studio license and have a great seller. I had no intentions of getting any award just dropping the idea to MPC. greg
  3. AMT PP032 -- Classic Emergency Flasher Parts Pack: They probably going to use the sets from the Linberg Dodge Charger that had 8 different light bars. greg
  4. Use of Easy Off: It will strip paint from models, it will strip chrome parts. It will remove the tint from old Johan tinted plastic parts, ie the red and blue trees from the Plymouth police car and tailights. It will not effect injected colored plastic, Injection plastic starts out as beads which are heated and injected into a mold. The coloring is in the beads injected so the amount of coloring effects the chemical composition after heating. The color does effect the process as different colors need different temperatures to melt. If you have an old military or silver airplane kit you might find veins of color changes in the plastic. greg
  5. Finished the rehab ambulance. Based on old AMT pick up kit. hand made rescue body that was a mistake build. Testors guards red is the color, MPC lightbar, Aurora 1/32 ALF fire truck rims, and tires from AMT pick up, and mirrors MPC Dodge van. Third brake light is piece of red tree from AMT ALF kits. Light pods made from 3d printing I had commissioned. Mishmash of parts No No interior detail just a curbsider. greg
  6. With a different floor pan, engine and emblems you could make it a Mack (N Series) garbage truck. greg
  7. Does anyone know of aftermarket resin/printed grilles to change the years of the AMT Chevy van? greg
  8. Dave: Nice job. When I was a kid my good friends dad had a 59 4 door Bel Air. If I'm not mistaken the interior is 2 door, Was the base kit the Monograsm 59 Chevy? Did Modelhaus make a 4 door tub to go with the body? greg
  9. Wasn't really happy with the telephone booth door so I modified it, Getting close, I think it's going to be painted red with a ems/rescue motif due to the roll up exterior cabinets. Temporary light bar.
  10. It looks like a 1/32 Merlin/RollsRoyce engine, I cant identify the large bell shape housing in the rear. the round part lying behind the engine is wheel hub from a WW2 plane. The tranny is a truck kit tranny. AMT's Allison, MPC/Airfix spitfire merlin and Hawker engines in front of Bandi P51 greg
  11. I might have been a little harsh, but with a little modification other cabs could be used. Mack R and MR cab come to mind. The spread between the Ford cab and the body looks like it is for the tilt of the cab. I built these commissioned builds years ago using Jim Etter's cabs, forks and copied out of evergreen plastic the compacters body. greg
  12. Pretty neat and hopefully concepted without the aid of pharmaceuticals. greg
  13. If they went to the trouble of making the garbage unit, why not take the time and add a little extra to the cab details, Like emblem changes, marker light and non marker lights on the emblems, vents where they should be, Nice trick take the fire truck wheels and throw them in the kit. It looks like too much room between cab and body. Watched the video and lots of details and working parts, greg
  14. I'm an old guy and Kojack drove a Buick. Wouldn't you rather have a Buick. The one that the model company missed along with the Tempest. Kojak: Season 2 - Clip 2 - YouTube greg
  15. Just got this gift from my brother's friend whom I built a replica model of his old Chevy pick up. I remember loaning this book from the Library years ago, now I have my own copy. greg
  16. Updating old Ford box ambulance that was damaged from house fire. Using a home made rear box that was a mistakenly made when making another box for another model. Somewhat shaped like old Braun body. greg
  17. A AMT Mack Cruiseliner into a day cab. Original AMT release built many years ago. Was going to be the base for a fictitious upgrade of the FDNY Super Pumper. greg
  18. While we digress, May I offer the Alan Parsons Project. Alan Parson produced the Dark Side of the Moon album with Pink Floyd. ALAN PARSONS - THE TIME MACHINE - FULL SOLO ALBUM - YouTube. This album version was only released in Japan as it has the Alan Parson excerpt from Austin Powers. greg
  19. When I send packages to other members I get a receipt from the Post Office, scan it and then enclose it in a PM to the receiver to let them know when to expect their surprise. greg
  20. until
    Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Hall Rte 88 3600 Library Rd Castle Shannon, PA 15234
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