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  1. With all due respect, I must disagree with you. Tamiya tape is probably the best available in my humble opinion. I have used it with all types of paint with no problems. Are you sure it’s Tamiya tape ? If I recall I purchased an unknown brand one time thinking it was Tamiya after getting home I realized it was not Tamiya.
  2. Oops ,I’m not too bright when it comes to copying and pasting and all that crazy computer stuff, sorry about that , here’s a screenshot of the listing
  3. Saw this on Amazon, seems like a fair price to me. I have one of the motorized versions that didn’t turn out so swell 🤪 Lindberg Big Red "T" ROD https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000MNIVP6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_CZVX42Z8CNETJBNKEXHV
  4. I have tried to create my own decals in the past without much luck. My issue is scaling down everything including lettering and logos. Im only working with an iPad so I don’t have any access to a lot of programs. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks Ray
  5. Mine fits pretty good, didn’t make any adjustments at all
  6. The under side of the roof had this sticker on it , maybe to signify it had been checked for previous issues Body and chassis parts are red. Everything else is molded a very light grey color. Nice set of decals also. I’m no expert but it looks good to me, lots of details, it will be my next build. I’m happy 😎
  7. Got it.!!! It’s red. Haven’t opened the box yet
  8. I was reading another thread and saw it mentioned that Michael’s has them in stock now. So I just ordered it for same day pickup. Website says limited quantity. I have been waiting for this model forever lol. I would have never dreamed that I would be getting it from Michael’s but who cares where I get it 🤪 Hopefully all issues will have been fixed
  9. This guy has been around with this “car” for a few years now ,he just keeps adding to it, today is the first time I have seen it in quite some time.
  10. Saw this at the local fitness center today
  11. Very nice work Michelle. Do you ever sleep ? Lol. We have been seeing a lot of your great work lately.
  12. Got an email from Jack at Model Roundup , mine will be here on Friday. Now I have to find a tractor to go with it
  13. Dave, I’m using an iPad. It can get a little frustrating, but I guess it’s a necessary evil,lol. I can live with it. I don’t post much here but I have been a member for about six years. I visit the site a couple of times a day and have benefited so very much from listening to you guys.
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