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  1. Such a very kool build Bruce!! All the details and chopping, and cutting, and dicing!?! Man-o-man!! I'm just eating it up with my eyeballs, I am!! I am building a `32 3 window on TRaK forum right now, but this . . . . is next level crapp! David S.
  2. Here is what I am throwing in the ring! -- 2002 Camaro -- 1948 Lincoln (sealed) -- 1990 Mustang
  3. I would like the T Taxi Keith! I will take a pic this afternoon! David S.
  4. Welcome to a future of fun here Bill! David S.
  5. Bill, What I always say is- "Better to have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy"!!! David S.
  6. I have the Fiskars tweezers version tool like that! But I have not really used it all that much.
  7. Wow!! Ray, that is such a drag sir! I truly hope your over-all loses here were not too bad!?!
  8. That is indeed a great idea! I have looked at builds of models many times and wondered if it was a kit I could still get, or a hard to find oldie, or what . . . . David S.
  9. mod3l Lover


    It's a bicycle . . . . . right!? Hmmmmmmm?
  10. I have wanted to do that with the Phantom Vicky kit myself for quite a while! Nicely done Stuart!!! You made it look pretty easy the way you did it also! David S.
  11. Pat, someone will likely have a set of the destruction sheets for one of the March 86C kits. They are the same except for the decal placement! David S. That is if the motor is the same!
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