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  1. Bill is oh so right on this!! I have a table that works, and I also have a bench that I can stand or sit at in my hobby room. I can hardly explain how much that helps me!! David S.
  2. Very kool Roger, I look forward to more!! David S.
  3. mod3l Lover

    Mopar Kits

    PM sent JC. 🚗🚓
  4. That is truly superb Patrick! Nice work sir!!
  5. We just don't see enough of this kind of cool stuff much anymore!! S.F.D. you have done this justice sir!! David S.
  6. That trunk looks just right!! David S.
  7. Well, . . . . I'm pulling up a bucket to sit on, but I will try and stay out of the way!! This will be a joy to watch Jesus!! David S.
  8. Looks really cool!
  9. You used to never put motors in your cars, that's why I kept the motor when traded the `71 Mustang for my `69 Chevelle that you did as a Yenko! But it is great that you started doing motors, that very cool!!
  10. I think maybe a gold sharpie!?
  11. Wow!! I didn't see that coming! I love it, and it is the perfect execution on that type of build too. Where are the plaid decals from, I like 'em!! David S.
  12. "Holy Crup"!! That is super cool indeed! Great paint and a great piece of modeling inspiration sir! David S.
  13. Well that's a stupid question!!! Obviously not, but it would(as I said! ) become a Cadillac POWERED Buick, yes!?! And I am sure you don't have a `38 Buick kit!!! David S.
  14. Chuck put a Norstar V8 from Oldsmobile in the car. ie- Olds powered!! By the way Chuck, awesome build of a rarely seen model car!!!
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