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  1. Yes, I want to see that also!!
  2. Yeah, I have to agree with Roger on this! This way you can add a little tab to attach it to the rocker cover, etc.!!
  3. I would like to also Carl !! But ever since the dreaded Dr. Devil (or whatever) came around!?!?
  4. You can buy the empty markers also! I have a few I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby a year back, or so!!
  5. Well .. .. .. that's kinda mean, don't you think!?! LOL!!!
  6. I have to ask this! Did anyone think that maybe he is not well, or something like that !? He is likely a older gentleman, like me!! LOL!! David S.
  7. Hey Les!! How are you? That's a 1/32nd scale diecast model that were sold in bulk package displays a few years back. David S.
  8. Thanks Jim!! I do indeed love my showrods! I added a couple since photo was taken, and looking from there yet!? 😉
  9. I thought it would be fun to jump in here!? Sooooo . . . . here we go-
  10. Well now, . . . . . here is a good bit of fun!! I will tag along and see where this goes! David S.
  11. I love the idea about popsicle sticks for sure!! I will try this very soon. Often I need a grit that I don't have, or can't find in a sanding stick!!! For metal files I like using a old stiff bristle toothbrush. And I would never guts making my wife mad with the 'ol laundry trick there!! LOL!!! David S.
  12. Do you still have the fender unit from the Monogram `30 Ford coupe kit? I will shoot you a PM sir!! David S.
  13. 5 Weird-ohs kits for a buck each at the local Dollar Tree store!
  14. Wow, cool project Dann!! And now you know what kind of rear diff. your gonna need too!?! It kinda looks like a `40 Ford rear end? LOL!!! David S.
  15. The color is stunning indeed!! And the details seem to really pop on that car!?! I LOVE IT!!! And your test driver seems to work part time as a "Storm Trooper"? I love them little Hiro-Boy resin goodies, but have not yet scooped one up. David S.
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