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  1. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic Lloyd Ruby's 1970 Mongoose Indy Car   

       This is going to be a very fun to watch build!
    Was that car a turbo 4 popper for a engine?
       Nice job of opening the vents, looks great!!
         David S.
  2. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic Fixing up the Cobra   

      Sorry for the delay on the parts, I have not been
    able to get anywhere for a while.
      David S.
  3. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic '25 Chopped Coupe - Street Rod   

    It's gonna be sweet indeed!
        David S.
  4. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic my merc woody   

       X2 or 3 even on this one!!
  5. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic Bumblebee - 67 Camaro   

      This is going to be very cool !
        David S. 
  6. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic '23 Ford 'T' Carny Wagon   

        I remember this one very well, I just loved it!!
    You really went the extra mile to make all the
    details pop on this beautiful and very cool
    build  you have here.
          David S.
  7. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic Did a bit of work today on the new AMT 55 Corvette   

       I just dug out the similar '53 AMT kit from 1990 and looking through
    it just last night.  I like the Blue Flame engine in the kit, but would
    rather see it in a Hot Rod or Rat Rod build!
      So I might just do something like this myself. I like the way it sits
    and look forward to seeing more!!
                David S.
  8. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic 1970 dodge truck 3d print   

       You have to make a mold of that truck, that's all
    there is to it!!
       I look forward to seeing the progress on this one.
              David S.
  9. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic MPC Dodge Deora   

       This is going to be cool Patrick!  I have one of these
    with the camper also, I have no good ideas like this
    for mine, that's for sure!!
          David S.
  10. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic 1954 Maxim 750 Pumper   

       Wow-Wee!!!  Nice scratching work!
             David S.
  11. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic TAT Kenworth W9 Bicentennial ~Update 02/01~   

      Are you thinking of opening the doors on
    this truck?  It's just all those details that
    make me think that!!
      Nice pile of goodies there, I look forward
    to what comes of this.
        David S.
  12. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic TAT 2017 MACK A   

        Way too cool Jacobus, I will be watching!!
                   David S.
  13. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic 57 Caddy-Setzers Santas Sleigh   

         I like it! Are you going to have the "Kool Kat" himself up
    in that rig?    It's Krazy Kool !!
       I'm looking forward to seeing the paint on that Kar!!
           David S.
  14. mod3l Lover added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Merry Christmas to everyone
        I hope everybody has a good Christmas and keeps
    their sights on what truly matters at this time of year!
       Call someone you have not seen in years and tell
    them Merry Christmas!  And most importantly, hug
    the ones you love!!
       And after that you can get drunk if needed, and
    maybe Styrene-o-claus will bring you some rare kits
    or some such thing!?!
          God bless,
           David S. 
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  15. mod3l Lover added a post in a topic Anyone in Modelville 1/32_1982 Malibu cop car   

         First off, welcome to this forum!!  I do still
    like to build 1/32nd scale kits, and have like 20
    or more of them.
      And buying diecast cars for parts works out
    quite well if you plan ahead!
        I have that same monogram kits as you do.
    There are a few things I can tell you that
    might help out a little.
        If you buy a diecast for it's wheels and tires,
    you can always replace the wheels with a set
    from one of the kits wheels.
        I have a pic here for you that also shows the
    wheels and tires from a Corvair kit in 1/24th.
       But the diecast car is just 5.99 at Walgreens
    if you have one near you!?!
          David S.