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  1. Excellent build. That's how I build most of my trucks. Like the box art. Just wondering, did you use glue for this kit?
  2. Same thing happened in "The Truck Stop" section. There was the B.R.B.O. topic pinned at the top and it's gone now.
  3. I did search and asked but nothing on credit cards. I'll find out in a couple of days.
  4. I'm in. I'll go straight to the link above in a few days. Put this in God's hand Harry. Does goefundme accepts American Express?
  5. For touch ups, I spray a little paint inside a plastic cup and apply the collected paint with a small brush. I do the same with the clear. I only use spray cans.
  6. I use mostly flat colors. They are much easier to apply. I then put two or three coats of clear. For dark colors I use Testors High Gloss enamel. For lighter colors I use Testors Wet Look lacquer or just Clear. I don't buff or sand. If I did the results would be better. The truck you see in my Avatar was done with flat green. Click the Avatar to see a bigger image.
  7. You do it online. And get the parts number and description from their PDF instructions. http://www.revell.com/support/parts-request-2.php
  8. I just received one today also, along with a fith wheel I requested a week ago for one of my trucks, free of charge. They have great customer service. Makes you want to keep buying their kits.
  9. You hit a jackpot here. You planing on selling some? I can use a Great Dane Dry Van trailer.
  10. Anybody knows anything about Sean (Old Buckaroo).? Haven't "seen" him here since April.
  11. Any updates Matthew? I found this old post by J Quinn.
  12. The more I see this kits, the more I like them. I've done like four of these. One suggestion if I may, you can remove the sprue around the sleeper step.
  13. I never heard of washing after painting. Seems to me another coat of color will be needed. If you clear now, the spots might still be visible.
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