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  1. For the mechanic. Never seen one in real life. I like this funny car Scott.
  2. I bet this is one of your best projects because you did it with your grandson. And it looks good too. Do you have the fith wheel? I have a spare one if you need it.
  3. Man you are multitasking! I'll follow this build. Coincidentally I pulled the same kit from my stash last night. Gatorfan69 (Mack) posted a Rubber Duck build last night and that inspired to do one using this kit. Not 100% accurate but close.
  4. I always have a hard time with black but not you. It looks great. Makes me want to see "Convoy" again.
  5. The wheels are actually good. The problem is the tires. Sometimes they are hard to make them look straight. And they lack the lettering detail.
  6. The box says it's a glue kit but it's actually a Snap Tite. I've done six of these kits and I did not use glue on any of them.
  7. I would go with the Maroon. Black is a tricky color. When I paint black I use flat black followed by a few coats of clear. Also remember that for this kit you don't need glue if this is the Revell of America you are talking about.
  8. I love vintage stuff! And speaking of tax stickers, did they put them anywhere on the truck or did they have to be at specific locations?
  9. Some times I say that: "All I want is a beat up pick up truck". Well, here it is. I like this a lot. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I have a few Funny Cars with diecast bodies. Go figure.
  11. I felt like that many times but I just kept going a little a at time and I finished it last week. Just hang in there! Angel (de Caguas)
  12. You have too many trailers. Why not sell a few? I'll take the black lowboy. Seriously, they all look great. You have a lot of talent. The Snappers look great also.
  13. This looks like an old timer job. Looks great! One of my favorite kits. I've done four of these without a drop of glue, except for the parts I broke.
  14. I just posted this on another thread: "I always use flat black (rattle can) with up to three coats of Testors High Gloss clear. Gloss Black is a pain to work with". But airbrush is different, so others will help you there.
  15. I don't think you have to apologize to anybody. We enjoy work like yours.
  16. I always use flat black with up to three coats of Testors High Gloss clear. Gloss Black is a pain to work with. That stance looks good. I did one just like yours but not a drop of paint (just like I did them as a kid).
  17. Good luck with them. I wrote them about a year ago and I'm still waiting for an answer. Revell is great when you request a part. Just post a request in this forum in the "Wanted" section and I'm sure you'll find that part.
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