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  1. For the wheel disks, sharpen a brass tube thats about the correct diameter, (i.d.) and then punch them out! Because you need the disk, bevel the outside of the tube. This way you can make perfectly round disks!
  2. Looks good so far. I built an original parts pack mooneyes chassis many moons ago and it was not an easy feat! With some replacing of the cross members as you have done and patience welded a very nice model however! I did my body from brass though choosing to split the body at the cowl as it should be. This was a parts box model so you can only imagine the nightmare that was lol! I cant wait to get my hands on one or several of these kits to build up! Paul
  3. Thanks Dave! I'm going to need all the luck I can get haha! Major undertaking is putting it mildly! I am learning surfacing as I go which is making it difficult to get the required results.
  4. Slowly getting there! At 1:1 scale currently! Orange line in the rear view is the 1/4 panel at the middle of the rear tire. Tim, thanks. Not going to use that wing though. Rendering pulled from the internet and sized 1:1 scale from some minor dimensions.
  5. Working on a new body. Eff the tdr un accurate body!
  6. Haven't touched this in a while but this is where I'm at now. Probably going to wait for house to be finished to continue on. Its too difficult to build something this complicated in the trailer! (41' fifth wheel)
  7. Thanks Tim, It's getting there and I am glad I have gone back in a reworked much of it! It's severely pushed the project back however. I got involved with a little detail contest online where it was just a section (engine or interior) so it's pushed me to get it done. Thanks Dave, I still have some issues on occasion, especially when changing types of resin. Printing in the trailer has also added to the difficulties of it all as it is not easy to print where we are now! (dirt lot and the printer is in the basement lol) I did have it at work for a while but printing at work had it challenges too! Like if there is an issue I can't easily correct it since the computer is here at home. Also, I appreciate all the help you have given me with this project! Much of it couldn't happen without your assistance! Paul
  8. Thanks guys! So I decided to cut the mid plate out. I did this one in plastic but will cut the final one in aluminum. It is actually sitting on the bellhousing dowels in the block! So with all this hard work, I had to mock it up in the chassis to see how it looks. Well....BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH...... Color me motivated now! 😁
  9. I am getting seriously close to printing all of this thing! New timing cover since I chipped the other one. Injector spacer printed awesome! Kinda surprised it printed as its pretty thin along with the blower belt!
  10. Getting further along with this engine! Valve covers have been covered in carbon fiber from scale motorsports and semi gloss cleared. Just gotta drill for the hardware and install the bolts. I chipped the front timing cover drilling for the hardware and had to print a new one. Its been printed and is ready to prep and paint. Hopefully this one goes better than the last...🤣
  11. Thanks everyone! Sobi had a couple of mishaps. The timing cover chipped while drilling and there's an issue with the front end. Discouraged but not swayed, this model will still get done. Just gotta concentrate on the engine for now and go from there. Head studs are in and I'm making new gaskets for the heads. There are "dowel pins" that properly locate the heads to the block so I had to drill the holes first then cut the gasket to shape....
  12. I don't know Tom, maybe this year I won't have to 2k clear model parts on the road! 😄 Every year, every model has been built or buttoned up on the road. Hmm, I wonder if my 2k clear is still on the driveway covering.....wait....what.. .. I mean allegedly😁
  13. Shortblock is about put together now! Nee to do the hardware in it now!
  14. I know I'm not complaining about the extra time one bit! I've got a ton of work to do and time is going by fast!
  15. So lets all show up at his house next year and be like we are here for the contest. 😆
  16. Thanks Tim! It was definitely a move in the right direction even though it was a giant pain in the rear to go back in a modify it all! I can't wait to print it and see how it comes out. I have some new precision model resin coming next week to give a try! With all these engine parts nearing the end it's going to be time to build soon! Paul
  17. played with the scoop some more! After several more hours of changes and fixes I am now going to leave it and get it ready for printing! I did leave the spacer alone instead of changing it. Changing it would require a new supercharger print as I'd have to change the flange at the supercharger to reflect what Matt Bohr had posted. Assembled with the supercharger and spacer.
  18. I had some time to fix the injector hat tonight. Looks much better I think. When mocked up with the old one it looked to wide. Still need to change the spacer to look more like Matt Bohr posted a while back. Paul
  19. Little bit of mock up using blu tack! Getting there! Need to locate some carbon fiber for the valve covers still. (Hence the black paint)
  20. Yes i know. I was referring to the 66 car is the one Roger and Rich built.
  21. That would be the 1966 car he built.
  22. We are! I've managed to get some paint on a few of the parts. I need to break out the lathe and get busy with the air servos and the adapter ring in-between the lenco cases. I may still machine the rear lid for the lenco but not sure yet. I will probably have the lench assembled this weekend.
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