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  1. Very nice work!!! I bought the Revell Trans Am, hoping to do the same with it. I hope my build turns out as good as yours. One of my all-time favourite TV shows
  2. I've been using my mini HVLP guns for years. Old habits and all that... 30+ years of 1:1 car painting makes it much more comfortable in my hand and mind than an airbrush. My favourite is an ooooolllllld MAC tools copy of a SATA mini, with both a .6 and a ,8 tip. Air pressure? Just enough to get the paint out of the gun with a droplet small enough to flatten out quickly. I've used it for enamels, single layer urethanes, bases, clears (all automotive paints), latexes, acrylics, & water borne finishes. I use my airbrush for smaller stuff like chassis work, engines, interiors... where the need to keep it all wet and not worry so much about melt-in isn't as great.
  3. I love it! Looks like something me or some of my buddies would have dragged home in the 80s. The pliers for the door handle makes me wonder if you hung around with us back then... ?
  4. Yeah, a few more from the seventies would be very welcome!
  5. I owned a '76 Charger (same basic car) with a 360 two barrel, and it,too, would spin 'em no problem.
  6. It's 1/25 scale. I used the '71 Charger for the chassis and suspension stuff.
  7. Thanks for the comments! I should clarify a bit: this was a fun challenge, and the flaws won't keep me from building another Airtrax product. I'll just know a little bit more about what to expect. This was a car I've always liked, they offered it, and I'm happy that I jumped in. It does look good in the cabinet,and that's what I was looking for. Thanks again.
  8. An Airtrax resin transkit, using the '71 Charger as the basis. I swapped out the Charger's big block engine and 8.75" rear end, and replaced it with a resin copy of an E58 small block ('71 Duster) and a more-correct 9.25" rear end. As there is no catalytic converter in the Charger kit, I'll say this 300 represent a very early '79 build. The wheels are widened Super Coupe-ish resin copies based on Fireball's excellent police car units, with his BF Goodrich TAs. Finished in Chrysler Cool Vanilla automotive base/clear, with Humbrol burgundy for the interior. The windshield is heat-formed PEP plastic, and the side mirrors are from Revell's '70 'Cuda. Bumpers are done in air brushed Molotow. I wanted to use Alclad, but an unfortunate butter finger episode didn't leave enough to get them done. I can't say as I'll miss mucking around with this. Been at it since 2017, and it's really been a fight all the way. This is my first complete resin build and it's been a learning experience. I'd like to think I now know a little better what to look for and what to do/not to do for any future resin builds. At least, I hope so: I have their '69 300 transkit that I'm anxious to get going on. For better or worse, it's done. Except for the terrible fitting and twisted front bumper, the twisted hood that refused to straighten, and the headlight bucket that broke as it was being installed, I think it looks ok. A friend says that he thought I captured the era perfectly, with all the flaws that the real cars had back then. Lots of flaws, yup, but it's safely tucked away in it's own little display box, so what is there, stays there. Comment s always welcome.
  9. I really like the new wheels. They give the car a bit of a sophisticated vintage Euro look.
  10. The stripes are not much fun...
  11. Thanks for the comments folks. I'm happy with how this turned out, considering the only paint work done this time around was on the engine and transmission, and a few small parts. The grill/filler/ bumper fit frustrates me a bit, but short of modifying and painting, it's as good as it's going to get. It looks great in its' display cabinet!
  12. It was a decent race. I felt so bad for Jimmie Johnson - he was fast. It was a bit eery with no fans, no pit reporters, etc, but I think Fox did a great job with what they had to work with. It will be interesting to see if getting out ahead of the other sports will be beneficial to Nascar. It's no secret that they've been in a decline for the last decade or so. ...And Harvick won and Kyle didn't, so that was good.
  13. It's not bad. I've seen better but I've also seen much worse. The body has a slight twist to it, some of the engine compartment detail is chunky and the hood has a bit of a downward bow, but none of that will prevent this from being a decent version of a '79 300. I'll not let those things keep me from looking at Airtrax again.
  14. Oops... could a moderator move this to Under Glass? T'anks!
  15. Back at it. Hoping to wrap it up this weekend. I'm losing interest...
  16. I first built this around 1995-ish. It looked ok in the cabinet, but there were a lot of things about it that bugged me, so... Done in Viper Red, if I recall. Single layer urethane. I think it's a little brighter than what is supposed to be on the LREs, but it worked at the time so I saw no reason to change it. The big block, four speed and floor shifter were something else. Little Reds came with the E58 360, four barrel engine and all were column shift automatics So away went the big block and in went a resin copy of the '71 Duster small block and a resin automatic. Added a column shift, and indicator, covering the floor with some red embossing powder. The proper pedals were added, too. Some underhood detail finishes it off to make things a little more believable. I lowered the truck to get a little more of street stance. The kit always sat so high... White letter tires give it a period look. Clear headlight and turn signal lenses in the grill, a shot of Dull coat for the anodized aluminum look, and some filler strips to set the grill out where it should be. The grill, front filler panel, and front bumper just never seem to fit right on these Dodges but short of surgery and repainting, it looks ok. I guess... Mirrors are in the works, just need to get some casting material whenever the world gets itself back together. A friend's Dad had one of these when we were in high school. I thought it was the coolest. Whenever Collin was lucky enough to borrow it, we had a blast! For a 6000lb truck, it was pretty quick and would light up the rear tires with little effort. No brake pressure was required to get a satisfactory pair of black marks. ) Comments always welcome!
  17. Close to wrapping this up. Yay me! I wanted the fresh air intake tubes for the small block 360, and was going to use Steven's trick to try and replicate them. Problem is, I didn't have any round tubing in the right size, and ordering some would put me two weeks out on finishing up... so, I used solder wrapped with some thin wire and CA glued in place. Not perfect, but good enough for this build. A coat of flat black completes the illusion. Just the front bumper and some tail gate chains, and it's good to go in it's display case. Comments always welcome.
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