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  1. Retired for 3 years, on disability, so for me, things haven't really changed. No stimulus cheques, no Emergency Benefit cheque... what I got is what I got. Luckily, it's enough. I still walk the dogs daily, but the only real differences are very little traffic, and very few people wanting to pet the dogs. I'm a people person, so that took a bit of getting used to. We've always stocked up when buying groceries and supplies. Years of living paycheque to paycheque taught us how to stretch the funds and minimize the trips. We both know how to cook and bake, so we've got that going for us, which is nice. Lots of booze in stock... The scariest part for me is that my wife is a RN in a long term care home, and with her being immuno-suppressed to a degree and me being compromised in various ways, if she gets the bug, we're in trouble. So... we do all we can to stay safe, which is the best anyone can do.
  2. SHE takes great offense! Just kidding... Lola loves to ride in the Bug, but knows enough to not jump on the paint. Thankfully.
  3. Dragged this out into the sunlight on the weekend... The 24 year old paint is needing some attention, and has a few rust bubbles popping out around the rear window, so it's due for some attention this year. I daily drove this bug through the months betwixt snow seasons for 6 or 7 years. Most fun car I've ever owned. Slowest, too. Don't think we've put more than a couple hundred miles on it in the last 10 years.
  4. Excellent! I've had quite a few of those hammers over the years. Sold most of them off since retiring. My one criteria for buyers was whether or not they professed to wanting to actually use them, as opposed to collectors and re-sellers. The folks who said they would use them got first dibs. Still have quite a few assorted body dollies, some bought, some home-made. Very few people nowadays seem to know what to do with them... everyone seems to think they can make beautiful shapes with an English wheel and everything else is too hard to master. All my shot bags and wooden mallets and slappers were made by me. They're the true work horses of sheet metal forming, something I wish I would have had more time to learn more about.
  5. I like the planning stages best, determining what will go with what else and how it all should look. A close second to that is body prep and painting. Least favourite... probably when doing an old kit and fighting with decals from start to finish. That takes all the pleasure out of it, for me. ...Till it's done, then we're good. I'm not wild about applying BMF, but seeing it done gives a great sense of satisfaction.
  6. I watched 10 minutes or so of a Nascar irace... not for me.
  7. restoman


    Thanks for the comments! This was a bit of slump-buster for me: nothing fancy, a relatively simple kit with plenty of build options, and a very satisfying result. Thanks.
  8. restoman


    Built largely box-stock,with the addition of a homemade Carson top, a continental kit and an extended rear bumper. The trophies all came from the parts bin. Testors Pure Gold with automotive clear. Comments always welcome.
  9. I'm not sure there are enough words to describe this build... it's simply one of the best I've ever seen. WOW!
  10. In the last 25 years of my working life, I did resto/custom body & paint work on 1:1 cars and trucks... for "Hobbyists". The final invoices on some of those hobby cars would hit well over $30 K, usually not including engine or drive train rebuilds, or chrome work, or up upholstery work, or... you get the picture. THAT was an expensive hobby! For the few hundred - if that - dollars I invest in each completed kit, I don't mind. It's all relative and as slow as my builds can sometimes go, I enjoy the heck out of them. One of my other hobbys is photography. I spent $500 just on an entry-level Nikon... and that is just the camera and a single lens.
  11. Love the flames! Actually, I love it all.
  12. Dug through the parts bins and found something a little more what i'm looking for... It also looks less like it's missing it's '70s shaggin' wagon
  13. Making the continental kit appear less huge isn't as easy as I thought... Comments always welcome.
  14. It's all from the kit. Thanks for the compliment.
  15. Same here. Though our '74 Beetle doesn't have 400 cubes, or a Rochester with secondaries, I'd drive it year round if we didn't have road salt. ...And if I could still drive... I'm one of those kooks that love the feel of being in charge of what I'm supposed to be operating. Having it all governed by electronics isn't for me. Maybe I'm just old... I've spent just enough time dealing with modern vehicular electronics to thoroughly enjoy NOT spending time dealing with them. I know the day is coming when we'll have no choice in whether or not autonomous vehicles dominate the roads, but until then, nope.
  16. Excellent how-to! I've been using pretty much the same technique for a while,and it sure cuts the frustration levels way down! I used to use Tamiya tape, but was struggling to see the edge, let alone feel it with the blade. A switch to Painter's Tape solved that. I also found darkening the tip of the blade with a black or red sharpie helps old eyes, too. That Olds is looking sooooo nice.
  17. I was hoping to have this wrapped up by now, but, you know.... life. Putzing around with the Continental tire and bumper, but I did manage to get pic or two of other stuff on my phone. Comments always welcome.
  18. Yup, there's no doubt Alclad looks better. I'd be quite happy with this shine! I do use a 1mm Molotow pen and have had good luck with it on small stuff. Mine seemed to be tending toward silver more than chrome - it's over a year old - so I took out the tip, soaked it in 99% rubbing alcohol for a bit, blew it dry and re-inserted it, then shook the ever-loving-life out of the pen before trying it again. A good three minutes plus... Seems much better, but still on the silver side. Molotow airbrushes very well and with a bit of practice, can look almost as good as the Alclad pictured above. How long does it last? Who knows...
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