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  1. Testor's Citrus Yellow metallic lacquer. Inspiration:
  2. Got the body done and paint on. Finishing the bumpers. It needs to be detailed and then it is ready for a mold.
  3. 1966 GTO had a 115 inch wheel base. Revell makes a very detailed chassis similar to other GM A bodies. The 1977 Monte Carlo has a 116 inch wheel base. Difference in scale is around 1 mm. Any kit small block could be adapted to this if you want some detail.
  4. Yes, when I get it all finished.
  5. This is my latest Buick project. I have completed a 76 Century Indy Pace car, 77 Century fastback NASCAR, and just finished the body for the 77 Century formal roof NASCAR car. This one has been in process for a couple of years and I am determined to get it done this summer. The interior is down to final putty and sanding. The body is shaping up and Is being final tweaked for body lines. Then it needs details: door handles and locks, marker lights and so forth. I am also working on bumpers and tail lights. For some odd reason I always have the hardest time with bumpers!
  6. Revell Monte Carlo glass will fit. I have a vac forming table-I may try that.
  7. Got the formal roof style 77 Century mostly set. I need to do the fine detailing and make a mold then I can cast copies. Going to do a couple of cars. Earnhardt and Buddy Baker.
  8. Send me your address again and when I cast the Buick I'll send one.
  9. Gerald, when I was doing the Herb Adams Grand Am I had a chassis totally plumbed and complete. Then I found more pictures of the car in the Petersen Archives and realized he used basically stock frame and suspension. So I had to start all over from scratch. I'm feeling your pain. BTW the formal roof Buick Century is done-just need to build the mold.
  10. I just finished this one up. Next: 1973 Buick Gran Sport.
  11. There is a new caster on EBAY who says that he is resin casting to pay bills because he is out of work. He has done some Collonade GM's like a 73 Cutlass, Can Am and now a 74 Regal. Bodies are a little rough looking and the interiors are all wrong for the cars. The Cutlass looked like a re-cast of the Jo-Han Olds Cutlass and the Can Am has outright copies of the Jo-Han Cutlass interior and chassis. The 74 Regal he just posted has interior that is all wrong for the car as well. It is an outright copy of the Revell 1977 Snap Kit Monte Carlo interior and chassis as well. I'm not slamming the guy because he is trying to make a living and it's a free market out there, but if you are looking for a kit that accurately represents the actual car, the interiors are all wrong. Some of you may know that I also cast Collonade GM's, mostly Pontiacs but I am working on two Buicks, so don't take this as a dig on someone doing the same stuff I am. I just want to point out caveat emptor-"buyer beware" in terms of looking what you are getting. If you are trying to be accurate, the interiors are wrong. If the Regal was built from the same Revell Monte Carlo, keep in mind that the Monte Carlos has a 116 inch wheelbase while the Regal had a 112 inch wheel base. The Montes had the same wheelbase as the other Colonnade sedans. So if that body was not shortened it will also be too long. Again, if you want accuracy the interiors are not.
  12. I'm calling this one done. Revell 1966 GTO frame and floor pans. Tbird front clip and truck arm rear suspension, modified. Engine/trans from a Sunoco Olds Cutlass kit. Scratch built drive shaft, oil tank, remote oil filter and braided plumbing. Fireball ModelWorks Holley carburetor. My own custom cast resin body. Testor's Revving Red and Graphite Dust colors, Testor's wet look clear. Gold metallic 1 mm nail tape for pinstripes and Speedway decals. Monogram 1/24 tires and wheels. Acetate windows. Dash and cage from unknown sources, mostly scratch built.
  13. True. That's why it has replaced duct tape as my tape of choice! How do you attach the foil?
  14. You could also probably use aluminum foil tape used for heat and air conditioning ducts. It is pretty shiny, though but it does have adhesive and cuts with scissors. I use that for all kinds of stuff.
  15. I had the chassis photos from the same place posted earlier in the thread.
  16. The photos, like Tim said, tell the story. The top two were from Nichels. One is a Plymouth Road Runner (unit body) and the other a Pontiac GTO (full frame). The Plymouth has reinforcements in the rocker area to strengthen the unit body and the GTO has a front clip welded to the factory frame. The last picture was from a California chassis shop (Stock Car Products, I believe) in 1973 and you can see all of the elements of a "clipped" full frame: reinforced factory Chevelle frame, Ford Galaxie based front clip and Chevy truck arm rear suspension.
  17. Here are two vintage late 60's early 70's pictures, one Chrysler one modified GM:
  18. Rickey Rudd 1987 T Bird if it helps:
  19. Very clean build.
  20. Make that an earlier model.
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