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  1. Offensive line is actually pretty good. Need to figure out how to replace Thomas! Modell fired Bellichick when they moved to Baltimore.
  2. They were fun to watch back then. It's been pretty rough since.
  3. Unbelievable. A parade for my beloved Browns 0-16 season. Truly sad !
  4. Cool! Kind of. Barretesque with some recognizable original lines. Great project!
  5. Totally agree. One more than I got done.
  6. Since this is for finished projects, here is my year in review. Thanks for looking! Bet I'm not the only one.
  7. Funny how things work. Thank God you stopped by that day. Bless your family and speedy recovery to your mom!
  8. I actually had one. My second car. Two tone green with a green interior. It had an intake leak. Little shot of ether and it would run all day! L. O. L.
  9. Fun thread. Wish I had something to share.
  10. How have you been Kevin?

    1. bismarck


      Working WAY too many hours to make ends meet, as usual. Lol. Been trying to get a small hobby corner set up in the spare room, but it takes time and money, neither of which I have much of, but I'll get there eventually. What have  you been into man?

  11. If you have stuff to trade this forum is great. Trading post and wanted are excellent. MOST of these folks are awesome to deal with and quite helpful. Check great traders list if you're not sure. Hope this helps.
  12. If you hit the right arrows inadvertently when trying to go to the next page it will take you back to the first page. This is true on mobile anyway.
  13. If you have another disintegrating decal problem, I have sprayed the sheet with one or two light coats of testors dulcote with good results.
  14. Happy to say, I gave this to my friend this week. He is quite pleased and has it displayed in his establishment quite prominently amongst his other memorabilia. I model for my own enjoyment, but it is still nice when other people appreciate your work!!
  15. I'll post some more soon. Still got to get the engine in and a few other things. Thanks guys!!
  16. I haven't been building much lately. My interest comes and goes sometimes. A friend of mine recently gave me an old glue bomb and said have fun with it. He has been driving in derbies for about 30 years. This is where I'm at with it. Just having some fun.
  17. Sorry to hear about your mom. Best to you and yours.
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