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    1941 Lincoln

    Love it! Man, do I wish they would do a metal roof version of one of these. One of the most beautiful cars ever.
  2. Tyler62990

    Model a

    In the vast sea of chopped A's dragging their oil pans across the pavement, it's really cool to see a stock roof height highboy Model A. Does it still have the little 4 banger in it?
  3. It's always a treat seeing what comes off your bench. Everything works together beautifully on this one.
  4. Oh yeah, that's my kind of car. Very interesting color combo and a lot of eye candy under the hood and on the chassis. Really nice build.
  5. I'm working on Revell's 77 GMC now. Should be done in a couple of days or so. Once you get rid of that goofy injection system, it's really not a bad little kit, especially for getting out of a slump.
  6. Extremely well done Caddy. I had to pick one of these up today after seeing this one. Definitely one of Revell's better kits in terms of underhood detail, that's for sure.
  7. I really love that finish. Very realistic.
  8. Looks like a good little kit, especially if you're trying to work on your weathering skills. I think they're supposed to be doing an old Deutz tractor at some point, too. I saw a picture somewhere but was never able to find it again.
  9. This project was recently done for a "rat" group build. It started out as Revell's 37 Ford pickup, then slowly morphed into the build you see here. The idea was that a farmer left his old pickup in a barn for parts after buying himself a nice, new '56 to use for the next twenty years. Fast forward to the present day, his grandson asks what he's going to do with that old, stripped down pickup that Frank the barn cat has been using as a litter box. After explaining that he wants to learn to do custom body work, his grampa gives him the go ahead to start chopping it up in the garage. Armed with nothing more than a cutting wheel, torch, and welder, he starts chopping into the old wreck using tips from some old magazines for guidance. We'll start with the easy stuff, bobbing the box. After a quick confidence boost, he decides to try channeling the body, z'ing the frame, and the last daunting task of chopping the top. With all of that hard work behind him, it would be a shame to not get it running. The only problem is, the V8 found it's way into a tractor back in '54. Luckily, there is an old engine from a 29 Ford pickup stashed away in the corner of the barn, and all it needs is an intake. The old 4 banger is hardly a speed machine, but an old two carb intake from a swap meet should make a bit of difference. Now for the finishing touch... the grill. Since the old painted lettering survived over the years, and the truck was his grandfather's trusty pickup for two decades, the grandson decided to pay tribute to his grandfather's farming heritage by sticking a grill from an Oliver tractor up front and a piece of old tractor shed on the box for a bed cover. Turns out Gramps isn't a fan of the lack of leg and headroom, but seeing what used to be his pride and joy back on the road after 60 years and his grandson's hard work pay off was enough to put a big smile on an old man's face.
  10. Very cool truck, man. Those old Chevy's really look great scraping the pavement. I always liked the beat up paint/fresh wheels and hubcaps look, too.
  11. Ok, now that we've seen the pictures of the real truck, how about posting some of the model? Lol, amazing job as usual. This is just too cool.
  12. This one started off as the Revell F&F 70 Charger, but took on a new role as the famous Hustlin' Hemi Dart's bigger, supercharged brother. I have a thing for "what if" track cars. Anyway, aside from your standard extra detailing, mods are pretty sparse on this one. I'm one of those types that actually enjoys wiring, so a dual plug Hemi for my first Mopar muscle build was a no-brainer. MAD supplied the valve covers, distributors, and coils to make it happen. The alternator had to be moved to clear the new wiring setup, so a piece of plastic rod was used to extend the pulleys a bit and Detail Master's provided a new alternator and tensioner bracket. Harnesses were made from Tamiya tape colored with a sharpie and some homemade "buckles" were made using bits of plastic. The color is MM Hemi orange with Duplicolor clear and Valspar satin black interior. Slixx beautiful Hustlin' Hemi decals finish her up. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!
  13. Wow, yeah, I give up lol. Your work is seriously unbelievable.
  14. That's an odd color, but a really cool one. It really goes good with the black wheels.
  15. Thank you. Yep, you "nailed" it. Don't mind me, too many adult beverages this evening.
  16. Thank you! No, I just popped it in there. I had a look at the box, and it does seem rather low, but it looks fine when you build it. It wouldn't be the first time Revell screwed up the box art lol.
  17. Here's my 2018 builds in a nutshell. I only managed to get six done this year, but the complexity of each build is higher than most I've done in previous years, so I'm pretty happy with that number. I'm slowly learning the value of quality over quantity lol
  18. Well my plan to get this one done by the end of 2018 didn't work out, but no big deal. Here's where I'm at now. Pics are kinda self explanatory, so I'll spare you the long write up.
  19. Same. The Deutz, Porsche, and MF that Heller just repoped are on my "stuff to buy after Christmas" list. Weathering heaven lol
  20. So here's where I'm at for today. Well, so far anyway. I'm trying to get this one wrapped up for the last build of 2018, so if I really grind on it and all goes well, I just may get this done and clog this post up over the next two days. Anyway, I got the engine done with the exception of the blower hat and linkage. I had to kick the belt forward a bit so the alternator would clear the dual distributors, so here's to hoping final assembly goes to plan. Otherwise, this one may be running without a fan shroud. Weight reduction, right? I also tried my hand at making a racing harness from strips of Tamiya tape and plastic strips. It doesn't look nearly as good as the photoetch stuff, but it should add a little interest to an interior that will probably be difficult to see anyway. Gotta love modeling on a tight budget lol.
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