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  1. Hey everyone!, this is gonna be my first ever large scale build......and my last. A friend of mine gave me this kit, and I said that I don't normally do large scale, but if I did, it would be a Countach, so here I am! I say "upgrade", because EVERYBODY builds this kit as the kit specifies...….NOT me, I will be turning it into a later model 500s, while getting inspiration from the lesser-known Twin Turbo prototype, so there will be a TON of scratchbuilding involved! -thanks for checking it out!
  2. Hey, everyone!, This is my Fujimi Lamborghini Reventon build......obviously...lol, Even though its only a curbside, I will be detailing the interior to make it look like the real car, since things are missing, or not done right. I even have a technique that replicates Lamborghinis special leather called; Alcantara. I will also show how I take a one-piece engine, and still make it look convincingly real. Hope you enjoy!
  3. SB automotive trolley

    Hey, everyone!, I almost forgot to finish this, but it is finally finished!....its still totally adjustable, and has pads to grip, and keep from damaging the car. My inspiration is from the ones that Pagani uses.
  4. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    Teaser photos...
  5. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    Hey, everybody!, i'm happy to say that the Reventon is all done!!, thank you all for following!!!
  6. Lamborghini Aventador : Extra detail

    Thanks a lot, Chris!!...it was a really fun build!...i'm currently trying out Fujimis version.
  7. I think the Aventador is Lamborghini's last beautifully designed car- everything else has been a freak show of cars. This is the Aoshima full detail kit, which is actually what I refer to as a 3/4 detail kit, but with all the wiring and hoses I added, it looks like a true full detail kit. I knew I had to do it with a stealth like look, but the down side to it is that it is very hard to see all the detail and work that I put into it. For example, I painted the interior using 6 different shades/finishes of black, and it took a LOT of careful masking. Body details: I used a different mesh pattern , 3D badging and center caps, blended one piece hood, valve stems, door and hood latches, prop shocks for doors and hood, scratch built hood hinges, and deleted the third brake light and tail light lenses (I think it looks much better without them). Interior details: Seat belts, scratch built floor mats with raging bull emblems, velvet carpeting, door reflectors, anti-theft towing switch, door weather stripping, and photo etch radio face to cover up the weakly detailed molded in one. Engine details: Radiators/inner coolers behind side vents, numerous wires, hoses, wrapped wiring harnesses, compression fittings, heat shield, and cooling fans behind the rear mesh. Hope you liked it! ......thanks for stopping in to check it out!!
  8. Porsche 911 Turbo

    This is one BEAUTIFUL work of art, bud!!!....my favorite Porsche of all time!!
  9. 71 Satelite

    WOW!!...that's held-up GREAT!!!!...great detail too!!!
  10. Project Nissan Skyline R32 GTR ,Red/White/Blue

    Very klean…...VERY nice!!!
  11. SB automotive trolley

    Thanks!, glad you like it, bud!!
  12. Looks AWESOME, bud!!
  13. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    I have a great update here!!, the body is now on the chassis, and all I have left to do are the following; 1) paint the speakers on the door cards, 2) install the rear Tri-window, 3) attach front, and rear light lenses, and lastly; 4) a couple door-jam decals.
  14. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    Thanks a lot, bud!!
  15. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    Thanks a lot, bud!!, i'm glad you enjoy them!
  16. Fujimi Lamborghini Gallardo

    Now that is one KLEAN build, bud!!!!
  17. SB automotive trolley

    Thanks, bud!!, its an old Protar kit that I've been tinkering with for a long time now....I have a special purpose for it.
  18. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Looking GREAT, bud!!, cant wait to see more!!!
  19. SB automotive trolley

    Thanks, bud!, but i'm not into that sort of thing....too lazy, lol
  20. SB automotive trolley

    Thanks a lot, guys!!
  21. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    I don't mind at all, bud!, that's a great example of the transformation of a VERY basic, and boring part!...NICE job!!! I've built the full detail Aoshima already, and I have one of these Fujimi ones in the works now. I'm doing a "Whose Part Is Better" post as I go along. I cant believe that there is NO coil spring detail!!!, must be the same guy who designed my Reventon kit!
  22. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    -Photo 6; The next few photos are of the engine in different angles, showing that it CAN look great!.....well, that last photo is rubbish, but I will take a better one with the next update!
  23. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    -Photo 5; There is such a huge difference in the look after I opened the two sail panel vents on each side!...I still cant believe they were molded shut!
  24. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    -Photo 4; Here you can see more of the weatherstripping, and the hinge mount that I painted.