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  1. Thanks, i like the Tamiya rally set best still.
  2. Thanks, i'll give that a look, but i'd rather trade for them if possible.
  3. Thanks, Alex, but truck drivers wont work for me.
  4. I prefer the modern one, but i think i could just modify another set...what sets are you referring to?
  5. Dann Tier

    1/24 figures

    Hi!, i am looking for these figures, or a set thats similar....thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the quick replies, guys!....he's looking for the Ecto 1, not the 1a....i didnt know one existed...is there one thats not a 1a?....
  7. Hey, everyone!, i am i need of an Amt Ecto 1 for my brother whose a massive GB fan...thanks for any help! God bless!!
  8. Hey, everyone! I thought i hadnt finished any builds in 2021, but then i remembered my Fujimi Aventador Miura edition...hope you like it! God bless!!
  9. Thanks, Simon!, i'm glad you're liking it!...i'm still working on the next update -soon!
  10. Love this kit!, and yours is looking Great!!
  11. Great restoration!! I used an XKSS to make a D-type before, and i have this Lindberg version as well to build some day...its a simple, fun kit.
  12. Wow!...what a Great job on the cars, and diorama!!
  13. Nice looking builds -love the D-type!!
  14. You are very welcome, Anton!, and thanks...its good to be back!
  15. Thanks!, missed you as well, and Congrats on your retirement!!
  16. Love those beasty builds!!, and the colors suit them!!
  17. ALL Fantastic builds, but my favorites are the Porsche's, and Audi!!
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