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  1. Hey, everyone!, This is my Fujimi Lamborghini Reventon build......obviously...lol, Even though its only a curbside, I will be detailing the interior to make it look like the real car, since things are missing, or not done right. I even have a technique that replicates Lamborghinis special leather called; Alcantara. I will also show how I take a one-piece engine, and still make it look convincingly real. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Hey, everyone!, i'm trying to see if I can get this VERY basic kit done in one month. I started it on March 1st, and I think I may be able to do it! My hardest challenge was to NOT fix everything, but pick and choose what I NEEDED to do. The interior tub was an embarracement. As you can see, all the white bits, are the things I needed to SB. The interior doors weren't even scribed!!!
  3. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    Hey, everyone!, I got all the black, and gray trim done on the body, all that's left now is to cover it all with semi-gloss clear!
  4. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Heres how the interior looks now...all those new bits did the trick! todays list is; flocking, door release handles, power window/lock switches, and seat belts.
  5. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    LOL, thanks, bud!!
  6. Automotive dolly

    Hey, everyone!, just wanted to share my SB automotive dolly. It was inspired by one of my top three favorite builders -JC, and was designed with the Pagani style. All that's left to do is to final sand, and paint. it is totally adjustable, but doesn't really roll...lol -thanks for checking it out!
  7. Automotive dolly

    The factory that inspired these would NEVER let them get dirty, let alone chipped and gunky...lol
  8. Automotive dolly

  9. Hey, everyone!, I recently had an old friend move here from Santa Cruz, California. We use to build together over a decade ago, and now he wants to start it up again! I asked him which car he wanted to build, and he chose AMT's 1970 Baldwin Motion Camaro, so that's what we're doing. I mostly build exotics, but I do have a TON of muscle car kits, this however, will be my very first GM build.....i'm pretty stoked!! The 1970 Camaro is my favorite year for that car, in fact, 1970 was the BEST year for muscle cars from ALL the manufacturers! If you are familiar with how I build, this will come as no surprise....its almost imposable for me to NOT change things. This is no exception, lol. He will build his in a more traditional Hot rod way, which I will also post here as we go. Heres a riddle for mine; what do you get when mix the following cars, and styles together?...
  10. Don't know how I missed this, JC......its OUTSTANDING!!!!
  11. Aoshima 89 RX-7 FC3S

  12. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Heres just a quick mock-up.....before flocking, and interior repairs... -Photo 2; Speaker pod bits to the left...door card pads to the right. -Photo 3; Floor mats ready for flocking. -Photo 4; I used the intercooler out of a rare Tamiya Lancia Stratos kit....it fit perfectly with no changes!
  13. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Thanks, bud!!...I will be leaving the ride height for now....may change my mind, but doubt it, lol
  14. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Much appreciated, Mark!!
  15. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Thanks, bud!!
  16. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Thanks, Curtis!!, I have a number of these Koenig curbside kits, but the testarossa version is pretty much more detailed than the rest.
  17. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Thanks, Mike!!
  18. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Thanks, Dennis!!...its addicting!!!
  19. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Thanks, bud!!
  20. Porsche 356A - Speedster Wars style

    I have the Fujimi speedster as well, but your Revell is looking pretty darn good, bud!!!
  21. Revell Audi DTM

    Looking BRILLIANT!!!!...love your painted CF look!!!
  22. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    Interestingly clever!!
  23. Revell Jaguar XK SS 1:24 Wheel Repair

    Fantastic save, bud!!!!...are you gonna add black to the tiny holes inbetween, or drill them out?
  24. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Here we have the interior bits in their main kolors...There is going to be Knarlwood accents, and I've decided to take out those PE speakers...I tried tamiyas liquid cement, and as you can see, they really look like a dogs dinner...
  25. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Thank you too, bud!!