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  1. Well I know what I' ll be asking for Christmas.Are these available now?
  2. Is there any special prep need on the resin body before starting painting.
  3. Outstanding craftsmanship.
  4. Great build once again. I always enjoy your builds. What paint did you use for faux c/f ? Thanks
  5. great looking build.this makes me want to pull my kit up and start building.
  6. really like your workmanship. the interior is awesome .what color is the interior painted?
  7. WOW nice detail right down to the new tire stickers. well done.
  8. really nice love the different shades of green
  9. really liking where this is headed .nice craftsmanship.
  10. great job bringing this caddy back to life.
  11. nice job what color is the interior painted?
  12. nice like the color choice
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