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  1. I wonder why the "Roadster frame" tree was included ? Are there any parts necessary to build the Mooneyes Dragster ?
  2. I was thinking, there are so many "57 Chevy kits out there and companies are always looking for ways to get just one more shot out of their old molds. What If one of them did a Popular Hot Rodding Project "X" kit ? It would have all of the options to build anyone of the many variations PHR did through out it's life. Hot Rod Garage has returned it to it's Hollywood Knights version.
  3. Sure is great living here in Phoenix, 100+ temp. and all. Oh did i mention the several trips to Andy's these past two weeks ? Great stuff. Didn't get out the door without some great stuff each time. Like I said, great to live here in Phoenix. Hmmm ? I've got some free time this afternoon.
  4. with these parts packs being available to them , one might wonder what is next ?
  5. Seeing how they are doing all of the work and have fronted the money, how else would YOU do it?
  6. Parts Packs these are the parts packs that will make up the new Mooneyes Dragster kit from Atlantis. C1101 283 engine C1102 392 engine C1131 Mooneyes dragster frame C1124 Dragster Parts C1141 Wheels C1143 Tires check them out in the link above
  7. Monogram, finish up your great 1/24th scale series on '65-'66 mustangs with a '65-'66 notch back coupe
  8. The 427 Ford is 1/25th scale, same as parts packs. the other two, the Aurora Racing Sceans are 1/16th scale.
  9. Nope. I disagree. 😄 My first thought was this one . . .
  10. I am working on a Hubbly Model A and could use some in 1/18 diecast scale or 1/20 scale that the Hubbly kits are close to
  11. Not many. and there in lies the problem. along with the fact that few builders would even notice.
  12. Hard to imagine this hasn't moved forward
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