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  1. I find myself taking it a step further, thinking ahead to the parts left over. " Let's see, if I use this engine on this kit , I can take the left over engine and put it in here . . ." Maybe that's why I get so few finished. I also find myself going to the parts box to eliminate the possibility of ending up with kits with missing parts.
  2. kinda like looking for something on the interweb, just meanders off in all directions. MPC vs AMT '32 Chevrolet ?🤨
  3. sometime back in the seventies I was going into Kmart. there was a guy coming out holding a Pocher kit. I ask where he got it, he just pointed inside with a big grin. Needless to say I was on it. just inside the door there was a table full of Pocher kits, all at $20. yep, got one (Alfa Romeo) all I could afford at the time
  4. some of My Jigsawplanet Puzzles I've been doing this for years, enjoy
  5. I thought I remembered this being posted here before, with the extra chrome tree and the three different frames included in the tin one is able to build three complete vehicles with the addition of a few crossmembers.
  6. Interesting these aren't mentioned in Tim Boyd's new book
  7. I've got two. they're all expensive. Goes with the marque
  8. Yes. Revell dropped the ball there. They had a good roll on mustangs then just stopped
  9. You're kidding, right?! Nope. I taught high school auto shop in the late seventies. This was certainly one of the most popular cars, being cheep and available to my young students. Have you tried building that AMT promo chassis poor excuse for a model kit from this era lately ?
  10. on the topic of redos or bring em backs these have to be on the top of the list
  11. Of course the Ubiquitous AMT '53 Studebaker
  12. the lists are really building up, with lots of cars to chose from. However at this point I see nothing that even begins to peek my interests.
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