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  1. Kinda surprised Smokey and the Bandit hasn't been mentioned in this thread. The Trans Am is actually listed as a character in the credits (at least in the the 2nd film). And I will throw out The Great Race with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Some cool brass era cars. One other thing...someone commented on the cars being shiny and pristine in "period" films. Has anyone noticed that whenever Cuba is depicted on film, it seems everyone is driving immaculate mid-50s convertibles instead of the cobbled-together death trap sedans they have in reality?
  2. Actually, yes. Nothing as monumental as the tv show, but I did get air with it a couple times, just because...😲
  3. Very cool collection of Dukes stuff! For what it's worth, I got so fed up a few years ago when this whole thing blew up (and they took the reruns off TV), I painted up my daily driver in protest. Surprise, surprise...I got compliments and thumbs up (pretty sure they were thumbs) everywhere I went. FYI, that's all just rolled on house paint from Wal Mart...didn't want to spend a fortune on it, but it came out ok.
  4. Three very lame name suggestions: 'Caddastrophic' , 'Killdozer' , 'What the hEcto'...I'm here all week! Enjoy the veal. Seriously cool project! Love what you are doing. Anything Hearse/Ambulance/Ecto 1 is just awesome!
  5. Monogram also did a rear engine Scarab slot car and model kit (I think it was a Buick engine), though the actual car and model is/was nowhere near as beautiful or graceful as the car in this post.
  6. They made great Figure 8 racers, though! 😲
  7. P.s. Any chance you have a Lister Knobbly in your collection of 50s sports cars?
  8. That is neat! Motor Max did/does have some interesting subjects. As Robberbaron noted, most were a bit off, which is a shame since a lot of their products were never available in any other form (seriously? Who else did a Chrysler Le Baron wagon?? 😂). This Comet looks to be the best of the bunch and you did a great job with it! Wish they'd do it as a 4-door.
  9. That's cool. What did you use for the gold tint on the bumpers?
  10. The "winking" headlights are the ultimate smile-maker. Too funny! Great work. Anyone remember seeing one in metallic raspberry (or whatever that shade of pink was called)? And is that a Saturn front plate?
  11. Lance Reventlow would be proud. Incredible build! The color, those wheels...everything spot on!
  12. The Gremlin kit has a dirt track chassis that was also used on the Mustang Modified and the old 40 Ford, Chevy, and Plymouth modifieds. It's different from the Pinto and Vega modifieds. It also has a truncated multi-piece body. You could always chop off the fenders of one of the recent stock Gremlin releases. There's also a resin Gremlin asphalt modified body available. It would be nice if they re-released the "Slammer Modified" since that came with several different hoods and firewalls, unlike the Pinto and Vega, as I recall.
  13. Nice build! The rear profile looks kinda 67 Olds Cutlass with those radiused wheel wells. Excellent work!
  14. That green is AWESOME! That is going to look great with the tan interior. Have you got a scale 8-track player to complete the soooooo 70s vibe? This Vette is sweet. Outstanding work!
  15. That's a bummer when the good ones go away! I got a couple AMC Hornet wagons a few years back...and then the seller just vanished. Would have bought more if I'd known. Really hoping this guy will go pro. If this is the quality of his test shots, actual production should be incredible.
  16. If you look him up on ebay, he's really good to communicate with and may give you some heads up when stuff is available. I think the next batch is January. Again, please note I'm not him, and not trying to solicit business for him. He just seems to be a friend of the hobby and is worthy of our support IMHO.
  17. Ok, so here's what I got for test shots. The Matador pieces are so well engineered, they basically snap together. As much as I want to build an Adam-12 police car, I'm thinking I might use the Matador nose on one of the Rebel Machine bodies to make an original Matador coupe. I will probably use one of the Ambassador noses on a sedan body to make a 70 Ambassador. Who knows. I tried to take some close ups so you all can see just how smooth the castings are (with only slightly more flash than the last of the original Johan kits 😊). And fyi, I am not the same Rob that produced these pieces. Cheers!
  18. Hey Mr Obsessive! That's exactly how I got the AMC test shots! I will try to upload some pics. The guy really seems to know what he is doing and he has some very cool subjects, like your Buick wagon. Wishing now I had bid on it. It's beautiful and can't wait to see your build if you care to share! I agree 100% that 3D printing is the wave of the future! Maybe we should keep this secret so there's not a bidding frenzy the next time he lists stuff. 😆
  19. That looks great. Very sinister in black. Definitely does look like a pre-nascar moonshine runner.
  20. Well, as usual, I am way late to the party on this topic...anyway, for what it is worth, I just got a few test shots off ebay from this seller and they are fantastic. According to his listings, he may go pro in 2020. I think the test shots are darn near modelhaus quality. Cheers
  21. Sorry, I'm a bit late to this party...I have found some great stuff at general flea markets (not necessarily toy shows, but sometimes you get lucky). Often at general flea markets people will have an eclectic collection of stuff, and if they are dealing in old teacups, books, tools, etc a model kit is apt to mean little or nothing to them. I'm sure we all have stories of great deals we've gotten. In the last year, I got an unbuilt Jim Hurtubise NASCAR chevelle and a 1960 Corvair 4 door for $1.50 each because the seller found them in her attic and assumed nobody builds model cars anymore. She thought "kids" were only interested in "video games". I also come up with crazy ideas just about everywhere...plastic coffee stirrers make great drive shafts, exhaust pipes, axles, etc (though we may not find those anymore...thanks to anti-straw protesters.) Another bonus...they are free with a cup of coffee. I have also used medical tape to make grill screens, the texture of the mesh looks to scale by my eyes. Plastic prescription bottles can be cut to make wheel arches or wheel tubs for drag racers. Those little round price tag stickers make great roundels for sports cars, and they're less than $2 for like 100 vs $12 for a single decal sheet. These are just some ideas. Be creative, let your mind go wild. I'm really not nuts, but I have been modeling so long, I swear that I think to myself "gee, that would make a great (fill in the blank)" with just about everything.
  22. Looking forward to watching the progress on this one! You are off to a great start!
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