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  1. Great work! Sometimes it's hard to believe that Fujimi and Aoshima are Japanese brands due to the carelessness coming through the kit.
  2. Something that I can't understand is that HD is offering $120 pre-order price to both open public and resellers... Who's going to buy them for $150 if everyone else already bought them for $120? I think they should reorganize their sales strategies to protect the resellers.
  3. Thanks for the support Steven! You should give them a try! Let me know how they go!
  4. Hi Scott, I can send you an invoice for cheaper shipping solution. $33 shipping is priority mail and covers up to $150 worth of paints. Please email us info@splash-paints.com
  5. Unfortunately no we do not. We specialized in color matched automobile and motorcycles colors only.
  6. I don't see no van.... Hi Jon! Thanks for your comment! We will always attend the big shows around the country. I will be at Phoenix IPMS Show. Unfortunately no taking paints down there but will be there to promote!
  7. Tamiya's belly is full.... They don't invest a lot in 1/24 and 1/20 kits..
  8. Can't forget about the bikes!!!! Thanks!! Hehe Ferraris are bad too
  9. Flat colors are my go to when I am fighting for time to build... No need to polish things out This one was their "final" improved kit so definitely better than other ones but not the best fitment compared to Tamiya.
  10. Never seen that company before.. Can anybody help me? $90 for camry kit haha! I am so getting them along with civic type r
  11. I will try on green if I can. Don’t have any blue background haha! Car is looking great.
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