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  1. The lovers are from a '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery kit. I always thought it was odd that neither the AMT or the Polar Lights kit came with the lovers.
  2. I built this Eldorado from the Johan kit. I added some swangers and Vogues to give it some slab style and I made my own plates.
  3. The only car to ever beat the General. Nice work!
  4. Thanks. While doing the chrome foil on this one I realized it might be time to update the prescription on my glasses.
  5. I've built several versions of this kit, but this is the first time I've built it as Ecto-1. I used an extra antenna from an Ecto-1A, wider axles to push the wheels out a little farther, the hood and rear door louvers are from a Revell '54 sedan delivery and I made my own plates. Everything else is box stock.
  6. I built this from a Fujimi kit. I stanced the suspension and used wheels and tires from Eternity Hobby Supply. The paint is Duplicolor Quasar Blue. I'm not sure what happened to the mirrors, I'll add them later if I ever find them.
  7. When I was planning the build for my other '68 Cadillac http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/171623-68-cadillac-deville-convertible/#comment-2575330 I couldn't decide between 2 different styles. Luckily I remembered I has 2 in my stash, so I decided to build them both. This one was already built too, but not as badly as the other one, in fact, I liked the engine so I put it back in just as it was. And I remembered to get a before picture this time.
  8. That turned out great, nice job!
  9. This is the JoHan Boss man kit. When I got it, it was the definition of a glue bomb. It was built with way too much glue and not a drop of paint. I wish I had thought to get a before picture. I was able to get it apart without too much damage. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get the windshield out without destroying the windshield frame, so I cleaned it up as best I could and did paint and chrome with the windshield already installed. I lowered the suspension a bit and used wheels and tires from a Revell Monte Carlo SS kit.
  10. Thanks. The trim around the windows and rockers is BMF and the belt line and wheel well trim is a Molotow chrome pen.
  11. "Your old red Charger is there, but it's new, brand new." I built this from the Revell Foose kit. I sanded down the fender mounted turn signals to make it look more like a '66 and made a screen correct license plate. The movie car has spinner hubcaps, I don't have any, so the Magnum 500 wheels will have to do until I get my hands on some.
  12. I built this from the Revell kit. I redid the door trim to look more like a '59, I ordered the interior decals from Spotlight Hobbies, and I made some screen correct plates.
  13. avidinha


    Thanks. I didn't know that, I have a later release that I'm planning on making KARR with.
  14. avidinha


    Thanks. The kit I used to build K.I.T.T. was the old MPC kit.
  15. avidinha


    "I am the voice of the Knight Industries Two Thousand microprocessor...K.I.T.T for easy reference, KITT if you prefer." I bought this kit partially built years ago. When I finally decided to pull it out and rebuild it, I noticed that the interior was missing. I honestly can't remember if I got it that way, or if I took the interior out to paint it and misplaced it. Either way, I decided I'd make lemonade out of lemons and made some side windows, then blacked all the windows out. I think I remember an episode where all of KITT's windows were blacked out. Anyway, here's what I ended up with.
  16. I prepped and painted the parts from the other kit at the same time and they turned out fine, I have too many parts painted and subassemblies put together to swap colors now. I'm going to give it one more shot and see what happens.
  17. I am using lacquer, it's Duplicolor primer and paint. There's got to be something embedded in the plastic, that's the only variable.
  18. #15 I'm having trouble with the paint on the bed. This is my second attempt. Everything I've painted from the van kit is fine, it's just the truck parts that are giving me a hard time. If I can't figure it out, I'm not going to make it across the finish line this year.
  19. It looks great murdered out, nice job!
  20. Thanks. The wheels were great to work with. No clean up required. I painted them with a Molotow chrome pen.
  21. Thanks. In all honesty, I didn't chrome them because I didn't think my hand was steady enough.
  22. I built this from the Imex kit. I lowered the suspension and used some 3d printed wheels and tires I got on eBay. It had some fitment issues, but it ended up building into a nice model.
  23. I grew up hearing stories about the '56 Chevy my dad's family had when he was a kid while grandpa was stationed in Japan. My favorite story was when they went fishing it was part of their routine to outrun the cops since the Japanese police didn't have anything that could keep up with the Chevy. I didn't know that it was a wagon until we moved grandma in with us so we could take care of her and I saw this picture of her and my aunt next to it. It doesn't seem like anyone currently makes a 4 door conversion and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it myself, so I built the Nomad out of the box. Grandma said the car was yellow and black, but couldn't remember what color the interior was, so I guessed. I added some Japanese plates out of my parts box. Grandma said that when grandpa got his orders to go back stateside, they sold the wagon to a funeral home who planned on reupholstering it then using it for the car that transports the mourners.
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