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  1. I'm looking forward to watching the progress on this one.
  2. That looks awesome! Got any pictures of the suspension? I'm working on a similar project.
  3. avidinha

    75 Caprice

    Thanks. I found the nose on eBay a few years ago. I'm looking forward to seeing your 73 when it's done.
  4. avidinha

    75 Caprice

    I used a resin nose to turn this MPC '76 Caprice into a '75. I thought it would be fun to build it as a high rider with some wheels and tires from a Revell custom Cadillac. The paint is Kia alien green.
  5. I started this one a couple years ago and finally finished it. It's a resin kit from Page Resin. I painted it Duplicolor Royal Blue, used some wheels and tires from my parts box and plates a friend made me. The bumpers were chromed with a molotow chrome pen.
  6. That came out fantastic! I also have a love for Cadillacs and have bought a few from Pedro, in fact I just finished one and I'll be posting it soon.
  7. I saw a chopped '32 woody high boy in the background on a TV show and I thought it looked awesome, so I decided to make something similar from the Revell Speedwagon. I cut pieces out of the rear fenders to fill in the wheel wells and added prostreet wheels and tires, everything else came in the kit.
  8. Thanks Bill. Honestly, I just guessed, the movie was real slick about not showing where they were in the car.
  9. Thanks for the comments. During the movie he mentions that it has the original paint.
  10. This is a replica of the '57 Chevy that Michael Knight installs KITT into in the TV movie "Knight Rider 2000". I built this using the newer AMT tooling mostly out of the box. I added a scanner to the grill, a bar code license plate and KITT's voice modulator and other items to the interior.
  11. That looks great, I like the colors.
  12. No, I thought about it. I do have a couple of shot guns I might stick in the back seat though.
  13. I recently finished this replica of the '67 Impala from Supernatural. I used an AMT '67 Impala and a resin transkit.
  14. That came out really well, good job.
  15. I found this picture with a quick Google search.
  16. That looks really good. Would the Imex '58 Cadillac boot fit?
  17. That's wicked cool! Mini vans have a lot more potential than most people think. I built a pro touring style one a while back.
  18. I'm excited to see McNally back and I love the 2nd gen Escalade. I just happened to pick up 2 copies of this kit last week. I checked the box, and sure enough it says molded in orange. I opened one of them and it's molded in white, just like your kit. I guess using the ESV on the box art wasn't the only mistake.
  19. Nice! We need more Cadillacs around here.
  20. I started on the frame. I'm going to try to make a buck so I can heat up the square stock and curve it over the axle, we'll see how that works out. I still have quite a bit of body work to do, but I got the first coat of primer on and I got the wheels and tires painted. The rear wheels/tires are still a little too tall so I might have to do some creative sanding to get them to fit. I'm not sure which grill I want to use, so I went ahead and prepped them both. I got started on the interior. The interior is definitely the weak point in this kit, hopefully I can think of something to add more detail. And I've narrowed it down to 1 of these 3 colors. More next time.
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