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  1. I built his kit about 25-30 years ago. So, my memory isa bit fuzzy, but as I recall it is a good kit. I had no issues I remember. While I like this kit, and would not turn one down if I had a chance to get it, they are very dated. The car was done in the 80's and reflects that to the extreme. Billet everythnig, colorful stripes, very dated wheels, etc. All in all a solid kit, just dated due to the subject matter.
  2. I have these tires. There is no markings, but they could be scaled to 1/16. I think they are Michelins, but not marked.
  3. If you can live with the 77, I have one. If it needs to be an earlier one, be prepared to spend big money to get one. I've been looking and it's a lot for such a poor kit. They changed the molds to make the 77, so the older ones are bringing big money because they are all old and no new ones will be made.
  4. I have done 3D modeling and have designed a tire with that tread pattern or close. The issue I have is that I can't make them bulge. I wish I knew how, I love the look. Maybe blender?
  5. Looking good. If you are interested there is at least one guy on here that is in need of some intakes.
  6. No, it is a simple flat part. It will be a good simple project to get back at.
  7. I am hoping to get back at it after some family issues. This Ford Louisville is a grill I can get started on as I have at least 3 of these kits unstarted.
  8. I am really surprised at the positive interest in this kit. Its not my thing, but I think it is great that they are making it. Everyone here seems to be into the classic stuff, maybe stuff like this will spark interest in the younger crowd. Either way, I am glad they are making it, even if I never buy one.
  9. WOW, I thought all those went the way of the manual transmission. I have not seen either available in a long time.
  10. So, let us know what you are looking for, it may help.
  11. Sounds great for wide white walls, but he asked about the thin/narrow white walls. I don't think your method would work without an inner washer too.
  12. Same, pure fantasy, but a fun movie to watch. Assume everything is fake or wrong and just enjoy it for the entertainment value and you will like it.
  13. I sometimes think that we are missing the point. Isn't this a hobby? Don't we do it for fun? In a hobby we don't have to do anything. We can choose to buy a kit we like, or not too. If the cost is more than we are willing to pay, don't get it. I know $30-80 is a hard price to swallow for a box of plastic. But so is $1100 for a stupid IPhone or Galaxy and how many of us have those? I almost bought a new car a week ago, when I sat down and figured out the thing was going to cost me $1000 a month, I said I will pass. $50,000+ for a car or $75,000+ for a pickup? We complain about $30 for a model kit. Everything has gone up, when model kits were $6, gas was under $1 and a new car was less than $10,000. Back then the average new house was about $50,000, now it is $500,000 in many places. So, I would love to spend $10 or less on a new kit and have it be perfect. But its not going to happen. The kit quality is the same as it was in 1975, why expect it to be better now? Oh, and if you think Round2 or Revells stuff is expensive, try to buy any of the Italian or Japanese kits. If you don't like the kit, don't buy it. If you can't afford it, find a different hobby. I dare you to find a cheaper hobby.
  14. I would love one of these. I already have a file I made for the wheels shown. I made them for the Revell Bronco dune buggy.
  15. I guess I am the odd one out here. I just ordered a new Subaru Ascent. I ordered it with the Onyx package. It is all black trim. It has black rims, I like the look on this car. I plan to replace the wheels a I am going go with black. I am also reducing the wheel size from 20 to 18in. Normally I would not like the black wheels, but on this car it looks right to me.
  16. It all depends on the kind of resin it was printed with, if it was fully cured, properly cleaned, etc. There are resins that are rubbery, they are supposed to be that way. There are currently so many different resins on the market, you can print many many different end products. They have everything from very rubbery, stretchy resins to very brittle hard resins. Some are more durable, others harder. They even have many different clear resins. I have been playing with mixing resins lately. I have been adding some durable rubbery resin (Very costly) to some more brittle but high definition resin to get something that is a good blend. Its working well so far.
  17. These do turn up on Ebay being parted out all the time. I have most all of the RM 1/8th kits and any parts I need, I get off Ebay. I am a huge fan of the 1985 Corvettes, Mine has been in work for a while. Only down side to these kits is the space they require to build and display.
  18. So, maybe one of the 6 spoke styles. The other disk types already exist in other kits.
  19. I have the metal tin recent issue of the kit. PM me if interested
  20. Looks like it's made by Excite. I found it on Ebay.
  21. That is a very different way to go about it, however, if it works keep going. It looks good.
  22. This is all i have ever seen, 1:18 scale and its not a kit, just a die cast/plasitc toy
  23. That is all on him. You will need to ask him as it is his business and we don't even live in the same state. I just draw stuff for him sometimes.
  24. I'm not sure how he is making any profit off of those with those prices.
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