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  1. Hopefully this is s related on topic question. Some of you store models in a shed, how well do they do in the heat? What is too hot? I too am running out of space and have plenty of room in a shed. However summer can get very warm here and I don't want all my kits getting warped and ruined. I've been thinking about stuffing them under the house, it's a lot cooler down there(no basement)
  2. It is no longer available on cults. Please see Texas 3D Customs for a high quality print.
  3. With the upcomming issue of the Garwood C series Ford, I was thrilled to find this gem in my local area. I talked to the mechanic and it seems it is still working and used as a back up when needed. It is showing its age, but it is still in good shape, nearly all rust is surface rust, other than a little on the compactor. A tag in the window says it is a 1978 C8000 (emblems confirm this), engine is a Cat see picture, something ending in 36. I took a lot of pictures, if you want more, let me know.
  4. This is the transmission with the offy. Found on the H.A.M.B. It is a Model A Ford Transmission. see this thread: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/offenhauser-racing-transmission.1088178/ It seems this was a comon trans to use behind these engines in the early years. That is why it is the trans modeled to be used with it. While any trans could be adapted, and many were, this seemed the most era correct one to include. Any others would have been latter and not correct for the era.
  5. I tried to get a front axle from KFS and they were out of stock. So, I made my own. I also made the Rockwell T-138 transfer case to go with it. These should be available very soon from Texas 3D Customs.
  6. I agree, top notch products. I have their stuff on several builds. I love this truck, I love how simple the old tow trucks were.
  7. I knew what is was right away. The C4 Corvette and the Volvo P1800 are 2 of my favorite cars. However, when you stick them together it just seems to ruin both of them.
  8. Every printer is different, however any prints I do are printed at .0035. It takes forever, but the layer lines are so small, it takes very little to remove them.
  9. My buddy said he would check it out this week. It seems legit from what I can see.
  10. That is cool. I'm build a motor home out of one of those. I love the ambulance idea.
  11. My Ice Cream truck. 1950 Chevy with custom rear cooler box.
  12. In Tacoma WA? If so I have a friend that lives there who is into modeling, I'm sure he knows.
  13. I too love building Italeri Kits. They build so nice. This turned out great, very nicely done. Cool Truck.
  14. I have the first print of the frame for the 60-72 Chevy trucks. Ascan be seen in the pictures below, it is a great fit for the Revell 65-66 trucks. The frame fits great with te interior on the 72 Chevy trucks. If you are doing a long bed 4x4 1960 AMT, it will work but it is not "Correct" as they had an X style frame due to the torsion bar design. The 1960 is also wider at the rear. I am not sure if this is an early frame thing or an AMT thing. I modeled the frame straight off factory service manual drawings.
  15. Awesome idea. Next time try and draw around the intended subject and fill only a little past that line. It should save epoxy and save a lot of sanding.
  16. A few completed prints. 33-12.50 16.5 on white wagon wheels 20in Saltflat custom wheels dana 60ish center sections for making your own axles. Heavy truck driven front axle for 6x6 conversons, for use with the Rockwell T138 T-Case.
  17. Well I got one printed. I had to go back and up size the tie rods and arms as thy were just too small. I used the Pete Tow truck as a model and these are the front drums from it. Total axle width is the same as the Pete. It is steerable. If you would like the file let me know.
  18. Its just sheet plastic I found at Hobby Lobby. I have also seen it at Hobby Shops in Evergreen or Plastruct. Its better to find it in person, you can order it, but they offer several sizes and it is difficult for me to gauge what scale the pattern is.
  19. I am attempting to get the most out of my printer by stacking the prints. Has anyone ever done this? My printer is large, but I still need to tilt these full size long-bed truck frames to get them on the bed. Have you tried it and if so, what was the results? Here is my plan:
  20. I really like the 190, good looking car, but the features of the resin body all seem a bit "chubby". Like it was meant to be a 1/32 scale and was just scaled up. I am sure that you will make it into one great looking car.
  21. I just wanted to show you the results. I printed both the wheels and the tires. I wanted to show you the differrence between kit tires and the tires in scale you have on your truck. Kit tires are barely a 31-10.50-15
  22. I tried to buy one of these a few months back and they are all out of stock. So, I drew my own. The tie rod will need to be made out of wire. It is in several parts so it will steer. I WILL NOT BE PRINTING THESE, However I will offer the file if you are interested.
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