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  1. Yep, I saw it too. I now want to build another one, but weathered like the movie. I did like the swing out chair, but not sure how to copy that.
  2. I bet if you to look at the real props used, they are not as nice as they look on screen. I’m sure the dummy props were rather rough. I think yours will look fantastic when painted and detailed. Be sure to give them a light dry brushing of silver or other metal color. The props looked a bit used and abused.
  3. If you compare the late SIIA to the SIII it is hard to tell the difference. Pictures are SIIA, Revells is a SIII. I’m sure one of us could pull it off.
  4. While the Land Rover SIII started in 1971, the late SIIA looks the same and was made up to 1970. I am sure there are minor details that are different, but these could be corrected to back date to a 1970 SIIA.
  5. I can’t believe out of all the kits that can pass for a 1970 that there is nothing that appeals to you. Nearly every car car, and truck from 70 has been kitted. I am also 1970 and feel like I have too many options.
  6. That’s what I felt. Here is mine in the 1965 Lincoln frame. I am using a stock MEL air cleaner from the Lincoln kit. I may give it a bit of dull coat to tone down the chrome
  7. Yes, one hub cap only. I bought 2 kits, so that gave me 2. The 2 fine people from here gave me each a hub cap from one of there kits.
  8. I got some work done on the Lincoln today. The interior is finished, carpet is flocked, engine is in. I need to touch up some paint around the radiator, but it is getting there. The engine is the Boss 429 with stock MEL air cleaner. I put some paint on the body, but with the cold weather I put the body in my dehydrator. I think it may be too warm as it caused some bubbles to rise up from the primer. So, I will sand it and hit it again next weekend. Should be an easy fix.
  9. Both of those are good, not perfect, but very usable. The AMT van is not a Coke version. It is sold as a Rescue van or Police van. The body is fine, hood is not open, and there is very little interior details. No door panels. That is not to say it can’t be made good. I won the Cannonball Run build off with one 2 or 3 years back, so they can be made good.
  10. Gofer decals. They came on a sheet with other Government decals. I got them for the Forest Service ones, and that’s when I decided to do the Pinto in USPS.
  11. Here is what comes in the AMT Galaxies and other kits.
  12. Don’t worry, the 55 Chevy truck is a good kit, the van is also not bad, much better that the AMT Chevy van.
  13. Words cannot describe how bad this kit is. I did what I could. I added inner fenders, blocked the gap under the rear fenders. I did what I could to make the hood fit better, but it is still bad. I brought in the bumpers so the don’t stick out so far. It took 4 kits to get the hub caps, I bought 2, 2 were donated. I went with the USPS theme, I saw a picture of one and it gave me the push to finish this thing. RD-14 is for Rual Delivery car 14. I cut them down from a UK plate. I added boxes and a mail pouch to add details. I upgraded the headlights to clear, some chrome stickers for the turn signals painted with orange gel pen. At this point I am just glad it is done.
  14. So I am making progress. I wanted to use the rounded windows, but I found it was near impossible to get the curves correct and constant. So, I am going with an older square style. I may go back and fix the lower door to make it square also. I also worked on the frame and holding tanks. I added a grey and black tank. I put a propane tank up front and still have to add a fuel tank.
  15. For some crazy reason the new 1970 Galaxie 4 Door has the Boss 429. Both the 007 Cop car and the Taxi. I just built one and the engine looks ok to me.
  16. Looks good, I have this one on the bench right now, the issues with this kit are many. You did a great job.
  17. And don’t forget the VW Bus T2 continued until 2013 in Brazil. 68-2013. The T1 from 50 something to 67. with the right engine swap, a VW bus could make a great CB racer.
  18. Well, anyone born 1959-2000 could build a classic Mini Cooper. Maybe not the best race car, but really cool project.
  19. Woo Hoo 1970’s club! Best year to be born, product’s of the 80’s.
  20. That is my exact plan. The 1970 Galaxie 4 door, either the cop or taxi version. I may even make it look like an ex-government or taxi car and make it a complete hoopty. Rust, dents, cracked window, and a few other things. But, those kits have the Boss 429 under the hood and I will do the interior with stuff needed for the race, extra fuel tanks, etc. So, my build plan was just fine for about 4 of the suggested themes. This will be fun.
  21. Ok, I’m in again. 1970 for me too, hope I can find something to build😜. I was very excited about the song theme, I liked Adam Sandler “Ode to my car” I may be able to combine the Birth year theme, song theme, and 4 door theme all in one build. I would post the words to the song, but it would end up Blah, blah , blah. I talks about how big of a pile of dung his car is. A pile of dung car would fly under the radar.
  22. This years entry is a 1960 Chevy Impala with a NASCAR chassis. Modifications include: 1/2 T-Bird 1/2 Pontiac NASCAR chassis Resin Chevy LS engine Increased fuel tank size Full interior except the back seat 4 wheel disk brakes Pegusus wheels with knock offs Lowered ride height. I am sure there are a lot of other mods, but I finished it 9 months ago and my memory is only 10 minutes. If I get back from my trip in time, I will add better pictures.
  23. I’m going in a different direction, so the brown works good for me.
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