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  1. Shame on you, that's an insult to MPC! Actually, I can see quite a few variations between the two kits. Look at the firewall and rear tail panel areas, the details are different. If Palmer cribbed MPCs kit, they didn't do a great job at it. Maybe they just used it for "inspiration".
  2. Round 2 has the Lindberg/ex Palmer Corvette, Challenger, Mustang hybrid and 40 Ford with the one piece bodies. Lindberg issued them before they were sold to Round2. I don't know if they have the others with the multi-piece bodies - Don't really care, anyways.
  3. Maybe try to make a copy with sheet plastic, using the other side as a template. It's pretty flat and square. At least it'll get you by until you find an original one.
  4. This thread should've been titled "Meet the Flockers" 😃
  5. Also found on Stevens International. AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1262 1/25 1971 Ford Mustang Mach I $40.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1283 1/25 1962 Chevy Bel Air Don Nicholson Super Stock Race Car $36.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1265 1/25 Foxy Box 1975 Chevy Custom Van $37.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1284 1/25 Coke 1971 Volkswagen Beetle Superbug (Unity Graphics) $40.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1289 1/25 Sunoco 1934 Ford Service Station Pickup Truck $38.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1326 1/25 Ford C600 US Mail Truck w/USPS Trailer $70.95 TBA I wonder if #1262 is going to at least have the correct Mach 1 hockey stick stripes?
  6. Here's one no one guessed yet. What if it's this? Even though Lindberg called it a '70 m/y, it is a custom.
  7. Mmm, makes me think of 50/50 ice cream. 😋
  8. Wow, really? Thanks for the heads up. I guess I'll have to see one in person before laying any $$$ down. 🙁
  9. I absolutely remember that hot rod! I was about 5 or 6 when I saw them in a race with the old lady. My dad was building one at the time and it was an exact match. Found out years later it was the Lindberg 1/8 scale Hot Rod T. Gumby probably had this one. Colors even match!
  10. I just found this on Ebay. 1/24 scale. Any takers? I may have to ask Santa for one of these.
  11. Because we don't collect coins, stamps, autographs or gold bullion, so the short-sighted movie industry paints us as anti-social, miscreant losers, without any concern of life or world events. To add to the thread, I just found a quick scene in "Courtship of Eddie's Father" TV show. Looks like an MPC 70 Corvette.
  12. I so remember that CUCV from one of your write-ups in one of the old model car magazines in the 80s. I seem to recall a yellow, rusty, beat up, 4x4 1972 Chevy pickup with a horse rack and tobacco droppings. Wasn't that yours too?
  13. Looks great! Doesn't look like 17 years has reduced your talent. Welcome back!
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