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  1. Before you get too far on that hood, shouldn't the grille slope back a little more? Looks too vertical too me.
  2. I'm sure you can find 4 cans of some kind of spray paint that you'd be able to use. Even if it's just primer, air freshener, deodorant or hair spray. Just be creative, you'll find something that will work.
  3. I have a suggestion. If you have an AMT 72 Nova SS and a way to copy or cut out the hood vents - they look a lot like those very same vents! Make the rest of the hood with squares of sheet plastic.
  4. That Bushwacker reminds me of the one I got as a birthday present maaaanny years ago. I love that boxart! I hope they reissue it, someday.
  5. Thanks for the tips, gonna improve the Camaro immensely. My suggestion for the window trim, bevel the trim to the glass and make the transition less noticeable. Question I have is, is there a way to improve the taillights? They're just too boxy and don't look right at all!
  6. Actually it would be perfect to put a PONTIAC into a DeLorean!
  7. I seem to remember reading about someone using small spray can caps cut down to make fenders like you're looking for.
  8. I have the 37 Ford pickup, but its the first issue stock one. Pm me if interested.
  9. Plus, if you don't succeed, it's not like you ruined something new.
  10. Ditto! Restoration is more fun than starting with brand new for me. It's like finding old treasure and bringing it back to life.
  11. Snake, How does the Krylon foil compare in sheen to Molotow? As reflective or no?
  12. Can you post pics of the interior? I want to read the mileage on the odometer.
  13. See, this kit CAN be made to look good! A lot of builders write this off as a bad, worn out kit. But in the right hands, it can shine!!!! Congrats on the great job.
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