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  1. when I got it from the original builder, it was just the body and a shortened frame. It needed more length to look right so out came the truck beds in the stash. the T bed looked right, esp when I move the rearend back. I envision it as sort of a WW2 ration type car that got turned Into a 60s era hot rod. tje paint job on it will be stripped and something more appropriate will go on
  2. thanks! it's a cutdown 32 3 window that I put a cutdown T bed onto. I didn't start the project, I got it in a pile of parts. I think there's a few photos in the Hot Rod mock up thread
  3. time will tell what goes in there. I have no issue cutting to make something fit. haha
  4. I'll see what I can do. I almost made it narrower but decided the width of the cowl was enough. Next I'm planning to narrow a deuce frame for it
  5. the 40 isn't the prettiest girl at the dance BUT she's a piece of modeling history I feel needs to be saved. If I had built the 49 coupe, I would have sectioned the nose pf the hood to drop it down, but I don't really want to cut it all apart so I'm gonna tweak both hoods alittle and see how bad I can mess it up haha
  6. I'm not done with the rollpan area, it will all blend seamlessly eventually. It's always been on the to do list, Just ran out of time before the show and now that it's been seen, I have other things to attend to. Trust me when I say it was an unfinished area from the start
  7. THANKS! it's an AMT 40 Ford. if you go to the WIP forum, I have a bunch of photos in my mock Mock Up Custom
  8. DO IT!!! Id love to see another take on it. My friend Collin did one, @Bullybeef has one or 3 in the works, and I stole the bed idea from @Mr. Metallic The primered coupe is a Scott Colmer body that he did for me. I first saw his build in the May 93 Street Rodder and it stuck with me. I had started a few of my own versions when I found Scott online and asked if he would be interested in doing a body for me. I still have the original photo, the one I blew up, and now the body. My goal was to build it as a real land speed race car and go 250 on the salt with it. The model though has seemingly taken on a more 60s drag influence at least for now. I want to get it fully blocked and in fresh primer since I chipped the primer thats on it.
  9. still not happy with the chop, I took another break from it and messed with some survivors. I loved the overall direction the truck was going though, and with a local show coming up, I decided to give it another go. This time I sectioned it about 3 inches. Nope. not what I want. My friend Collin told me I HAD to take it to the show, so he literally 2 day shipped me another cab. This time I opened the roof up more, and I sectioned it approximately 4 inches. FINALLY the look I wanted! In order to get it ready for the show, I made a sheet styrene floor, and threw in some Cobra buckets. So it sat on its own weight, I modified some wheelbacks, cut the front spring off the front axle and slid the kit rear axle under it that takes us to present day. Hopefully I can back on it sometime soon. OH,The last photo is what I took to the show, a mixture of survivors and projects since nothing I build is "finished" haha
  10. I decided a Revell parts pack 354 would be the powerplant, but I didn't want it to look like a chrome blob in the engine comparent. I stripped the block and painted it Mystic emerald. the rest of the motor and transmission will be detail painted, semi dull and dull coated to make the motor look more realistic the body will be Mystic emerald, the belly and accent will be white lightning. The rug will be green tinsel embossing powder
  11. I had to do something, so I started by reshaping the rear fenders. It seemed my build has inspired a few other guys to build the kit...so I dug out the canted quad headlight from an AMT 53 f100 and got to work. I frenched one light assembly into the grille shell, the other into the bed of the truck. I had a plate box with a long curve so I molded that to the box, It was at this point I cut the trailer lid off as well. we now have lights and a plate box! In the last photo you can see the Revell inner fenders I added to make the fender, well a fender. They needed almost no modification to blend, and it gave them a finished look
  12. as you can see, I cut open the roof so I could show off the interior more...because, well of the HEAVY CHOP... and I HATED IT. the Lindberg body isn't symmetrical and it fought me. I actually stopped and took a break from it....
  13. the blue survivor is the one that started this mess. haha I bought it off a good friend. had to have it as soon as I saw it. While studying the Lindberg kit, I decided I hated the bed and back half of the truck. The front is curved and has some cool rounded styling.I bobbed the rear fenders, modified a mullins trailer that was incomplete, and used a model A roof for the roll pan.. Lil coffin rear wheels,slicks and some AMT 62 Catalina custom front wheels and tires round out the rolling stock the bed idea I saw somewhere and it turned out to be our very own Craig / @Mr. Metallic.
  14. I was mocking up 32 Fords (mostly revell kits) but I have a killer lindberg survivor that got me thinking.. What could I do with this? Could I make it cool? its obviously not an accurate representation of a 32.... I LOVE tastefully done asymmetrical customs, and I love 60s era drag and drag influenced hot rods...so the ideas started flying AND A SHOW ROD IT IS! photo 1 is current day in 1st prime sitting on its weight. At this point, i have to move onto another build but I'll revisit this one here and there
  15. AMT SHOEBOXES I LOVE shoebox Fords.. these 4 found me recently. In the box is a 1962 NOS kit, the Tan primer convertible is an old survivor that never got any further than you see it. I plan to finish the custom body work and turn it into a late 50s custom, just as the original builder had planned. the other convertible has had what appears to be a 58 chevy roof heavily glued onto it, I like the concept, but I need to redo the work. Its on the back burner for now. Finally the coupe. came to me with the nose glued on, a pancaked hood hacked open, and a ton of sunken filler. I couldn't take looking at the hood the way it was, so I grabbed a corvette hood from the parts box and started fitting. still has some more work to fit properly, but it's a start. the wheels and tires are parts box pieces, I'm thinking about sectioning it, hardtop chopping it with coves behind the wheelwells, but time will tell so there is whats currently on the shelf. Sitting next to me are a testors version of the old IMC 46-48 convertible a Foose f100 (which will have its own thread and NOT be modern when Im done) and a pile of parts I need to go through.
  16. Lindberg 32 pick up I'm still.planning on doing a full thread on this one so I'll keep it brief. Not accurate for a true 32 pick up, this kit I decided to build as an asymmetrical custom rod. It's in first prime with a lot to go... AMT 40 coupe the kit we all know and love...I think we've all built several of these kits This found me on Ebay...no one seemed to want it but it was love at first sight. I only know the gentleman that originally built it has passed away, and that the nose you see in rough filler is the 2nd nose on the car. The original is still under there!!! what you see is how he envisioned it.. My plan is to block everything back down to unlock some of its past and I'll most likely put it back in a shade of red oxide. My only real modification is to lengthen the side windows amd MAYBE play with some skirt ideas. Otherwise I just want to keep the original builders idea alive.
  17. AMT 36 Fords I LOVE early customs and 36 Fords are some of the best platforms to build off. these 2 will be standard fare 40s/early 50s customs. Revell 40 coupe My goal is to build a chopped and sectioned late 50s custom. no skirts, custom nose and tail treatments etc. Plan is a bit of a tribute to the Ken Costello coupe out of Rhode Island. I fell in love with as a middle schooler in the very early 90s. I even searched for the car when I was in my late teens.
  18. ok guys. here are some individual shots. first up. Revell Willys. started out as the KS Pittman A/gas coupe but since that chassis is going under my ferrari drag car, I decided to turn the Willys into a custom. AMT 40 ford skirts, a Drag City no hole hood and Revell 40 Ford wheels and tires make up what I have now. as for the motor, I have a few ideas, a plymouth flathead 6, maybe the red ram from an Old Ala Kart, or maybe even a full dress flathead. time will tell. Revell 32 sedan this one started out as a pile of old AMT gluebombs I received. I collected the cleanest pieces and decided to use the Revell 32 sedan body as it's much nicer than AMTS body. itll have a Revell nailhead. wheels are from the American Graffiti kit, tires are parts box with the rears being AMT slicks. I think it'll capture the best of both companies
  19. I recently went to a show and showed some of my projects and survivors. Ive been on a customs kick since so I came home and gutted the mock up shelf... Heres what I have mocked up so far, I'll post individual shots later with more info. I kept my Scott Colmer 40 coupe, and my design study 32 windows BUT the rest are new.
  20. I grew tired of staring at hot rods so I decided to clear the shelf of everything other than my 3 3 window design studies, and my Scott Colmer 40 coupe. While organizing everything back into their boxes...this Drag City 32 pick up body called out to me and I knew what had to be done... A ONE MAN MODIFIED! Initial idea was a lakes modified, another is a 50s era drag car.. what will it become? idk yet, in the mean time, check out the new display in my Customs mock up thread!
  21. I dont have anything in my inbox Jamie
  22. Hey guys, I am searching for several sets of unused 36 AND 40 ford rear fender skirts. Let me know what you need for them and Ill search through my stuff. THANKS!
  23. I sorted everything, and sold/traded off what I didnt want. People sell boxes, instructions and parts all the time.
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