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  1. I have 2 pod racers assemblies WITHOUT the engines. the pod racers, 2 figures, bases, decals and one set of instructions looking for revell 32 sedan and 32 roadster kits. I'm also into early hot rods, early drag and land speed cars. early style customs, custom trucks, etc etc.
  2. appreciate it, but Im looking for a new one to build my version of a survivor I have
  3. Ive never been a big Cobra fan (always liked the gt40 more) but a DRAG COBRA is killer. NICE SAVE
  4. NICE work. I miss beating on my 65. I really need to get it back together
  5. The 62 Catalina is one of my favorite kits. As is the starliner. OH and yours came out killer
  6. lowered OBS fords are about as perfect as they come. nice work!
  7. so I recently got this survivor and it needed a bath. Not thinking I washed, dried it and reassembled it...well now the pipe cleaner wire has rusted and I ruined it. I've tried everything... im disgusted and discouraged so I'm gonna redo it as close as I can in a true @Snake45rebuilt/clean up... I THINK the original builder used 3mm pipe cleaner...anyone have a good source.. I don't need a lot and I'm thinking 3 colors. an off white, turquoise and a very light blue.. seems everything Im finding is 6mm
  8. let me look to see how much of the pod racers I'll have left. I bought them for the motors initially
  9. As the title states, Im on the hunt for a 1/8 scale drag tires like what is in the 1/8 Triumph drag bike. Id be interested in wheels as well. If anyone knows of someplace theyre available through the aftermarket, thatd work as well. THANKS GUYS
  10. it definitely brings out the color. Didnt late 50s GM have rugs like that as well?
  11. the metallic powder looks perfect for a custom interior!
  12. I think the key to realistic asphalt may be not to have a consistent finish. I think what you have looks good. I was looking at my long board (skateboard) grip tape the other day as a possible donor for something I have in mind.
  13. the modern 5.0 fits quite well in the fox platform actually.
  14. perfect. when I get home, I'll get stuff together and send photos. I'm sure I have the emblems.
  15. send me some photos of the bed sides when you get a chance. the tires are the same in both kits, I believe the rear and wheelbacks are the same as well. the wheels and dual wheel spacer are all thats different. Ill check my kits later today if the rear axle is the same, id do primed bedsides, a set of wheels, pair of tires and dually spacers for your bedsides and wheels.
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