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  1. The full size ones were a welcome sight. Your's looks like it could "bring the thunder from above" craig
  2. Perfect stance and an excellent choice of parts to make one great looking Deuce. craig cochran
  3. Tom, I made that addition and it is in the 2019 SA contest annual in the NNL Toledo section. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. "twopaws"
  4. That being said I am primarily a rattle can guy. Thank you for any and all suggestions.
  5. I received my first order of carbs from Fireball today and everything I had read on this board was spot on. They resemble jewelry work, I will be a repeat customer. Thanks.
  6. Way kewl, best build of this kit I've seen so far. Craig
  7. Sheldon Rothwell of Outlaw Sppieed Shop sell some resin copies on ebay. Cleanly cast and have the removable trans pan.
  8. Do any of you guys know if this fits only the MKI versions? I was wondering if it could also be used to convert a MKII kit to the MKI, not much of a sports car guy but have always admired the gt40 and want to build one. Also there was an article in something that gave a pretty detailed description of using the HRM stuff does anyone remember where it appeared. Thanks for any and all help.
  9. finally going to make it. Cross one more off my bucket list. Plan on being at Houlihan's and look forward to renewing friendships and meeting some new friends. Look for the gray haired guy with a gray beard. LOL I will be wearing a name tag so come up and introduce yourself.
  10. Do any of you know of an injector manifold for the SOHC found in the willys kits. Kit sourced or resin are both ok. Guess if one is not out there I will have to scratch build one. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  11. Godspeed Harry and my thoughts go out to family and friends.
  12. I am looking to update the promo style chassis found in this kit, any suggestions, all answers are appreciated.
  13. Had this problem earlier in the year, called BMF and was told that it is a glue application problem. He replaced the three sheets I had purchased from them and the replacements are ok. No matter how or how much you burnish that alligator finish will not dissappear. Craig
  14. For a good reference Google Bob Lambeck's 1957 Jr. Stocker, one of the best in it's day. One of his 57's was a 150 with FI and a four speed, I built a replica of that car. Craig
  15. I'm looking for suggestions on how to recreate the chrome wheel well trim on this model. I am already aware of removing the trim left over from the 68 and the vent windows. But want to recreate a proper look for this kit.
  16. Bought two sheets from local hobby shop that has a good turnover of products, they each contained miniscule, almost microscopic lines. I called Randy at BMF and was told the roller appling the glue caused this. I ordered three sheet direct from them, they arrived and each had the same texture issues. When applied to a model, no amount of burnishing will remove these fine lines, the surface now has the texture of 1/25th alligator skin. They are all over the sheet, not like the big wrinkles I have seen before. Anybody else having this issue?
  17. I am looking for a Ford kit engine with TPI or EFI, what kit(s) would include this. Any size engine is acceptable. Thanks guys.
  18. Thanks for posting Tom, we were pleased that you could make our show. A pleasure meeting you and Micheal and congrats on taking home some memories and awards to both of you.
  19. I too use the old spoon test, besides providing a great couple of surfaces, you can also write the combos you are trying on the handle.
  20. Some of the calipers we sell at Grainger, have a decimal to fractional conversion listing on the back. Some but not all.
  21. The center of the chrome cap is to be body color with the iconic Merc. emblem still chrome. They offer decals for the emblem but would like to save the actual chrome one. Thanks for looking.
  22. Tamiya is great to include masks for painting window trim, my question for all y'all is, do you paint the inside or the outside of the plastic window. And do most of you spray or brush paint the exposed surfaces. Thanks for all responses.
  23. Won this kit in a raffle, am thinking about a two wheel conversion. Do any of you have a suggestion on a way to do this? Thanks for any and all suggestions.
  24. thanks alot John for the box art. I guess over the years I have shied away from those versions. Built some of the Pro Modeler and Revell releases. Appreciate the extra work.
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