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  1. The French word is Corvair now where have I heard that name before... go figure eh? LOL
  2. Mazda RX = Rotary Experimental MX = Mazda Experimental GM was real good about ripping off stuff all the time Grand Prix Le Mans Boniville Corvette GTO Can Am Trans Am Grand Am Tahoe Montana Malibu Camaro, which was made up out of thin air was about there only original idea
  3. nothing more expensive than a cheap Porsche I have a 911 that has put a pretty big dent in my modeling. I could never quite figure out why they finally got the 944 all sorted out (968) and then stopped making it.
  4. It made some ridiculous 2.9 bar (40psi) of boost
  5. so somewhere between 3.5 million and 7459 modelers.
  6. Revell claims to make about 10,000,000 kits a year. there are about 1,000 kits in their product line. That makes for about an average of 10,000 units per product item world wide. 1 in 5 would be 50,000 1 in 10 would be 100,000 1 in 100 would be a million, world wide which I what I guessed before.
  7. Even at that number which seems high that is still only 0.15% of the population of Columbia.
  8. IMPS only boasts 5000 members across the US and the bulk of those are military modelers.
  9. In metro Denver of 2.7 million might, might, have a 100 regular active modelers. And I have little doubt there are places, towns and cities that just don't have any modelers. .003% if you use that as a base line there is 10500 in the US. I don't think there are that many active modelers around, really. I can't imagine it's anything close to a 6 digit figure much less 7. Maybe in the entire world there is a million.
  10. Could be, I have no way of knowing. I do know that I work in a couple hobby stores, one was one of the biggest in the country and a handful of modelers made up 80-90 percent of the stores business. 5-10 were travlers who heard of the store, were in town and wanted to see what it was all about. and the balance were one time modelers, need to do one for a shcool project or just always wanted to take a crack at one. So I don't know how you calculate that. I do know there is no way there is 3 and half million modelers.
  11. A distributor or marketor guesstimated 17,000 in the States which made up 10% of the world modelers in 1998-99 and that the in the States that number was shrinking where in Europe and Asia was growing.
  12. I have carpet now, but plane on going to laminate.
  13. I have an Fujimi opening door Diablo which came long after the Countach
  14. No hording here. I only have 400+ kits. I knew some one with 3,800 kits, which I kind of class that as hording.
  15. Yeah, unless they were Magnesium.
  16. I donno, seems pretty normal to me for an Italian sports car.
  17. Not everything. Some things are lifetime some things are 30 days.
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