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  1. I will tune in and check it out. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Thanks for giving this a test. I was able to spray a test body last night and I liked what I saw. Covered extremely well, but I haven't had a chance to check it over today. Definitely looks promising.
  3. Charles Grodin was my favorite guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Always hilarious.
  4. I was in Harbor Freight and found 10oz cans of Iron Armor primer for $4.00 a can. They have a filler version and a sandable version. I bought one of each. I was wondering if anyone here has tried them. The only thing I've been able to do is prime a couple of plastic spoons. It seems to cover well but it feels a little grainy; not rough, but not smooth. I haven't had the chance to put any paint over it yet but I have a practice body that I hope to test it out on soon. Do any of you have any experience with this product?
  5. It took my wife and I 9 months to find a house in central VA. Beginning of January 2019 to the middle of September. And it was supposedly a buyer's market in our area at that time. We know all too well about the frustration of seeing a house go on and off the market on the same day. Makes you wonder how other people are able to put in an offer that fast.
  6. The first car I drove after getting my license was my dad's '74 Pinto wagon. That pos was indestructible. The first car I bought was a bright yellow '70 Torino GT with a 351C 4V and FMX transmission. I bought it in '84 and I remember it being around $1,000.
  7. My 2 year old "reading" the latest issue of Hot Rod.
  8. I use something very similar to this. It's a little heavy, but at least I can see. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075WR4M99/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_7YM0856QCQ2722Q2YSE9
  9. Thanks for all the info, Dave. I will give it another try using my H and see how it goes.
  10. I used a Badger paint mixer and mixed it in the bottle before trying to use it. Maybe it's really old or I didn't thin it enough. Maybe it's the crappy airbrush. I have a Passche H and a Procon Boy PS 290, but I didn't want to use either of those until I knew how to use the Stynlrez.
  11. What lacquer thinner do you use? I tried Stynlrez for the first time recently and it did not go well. I tried straight out of the bottle. It didn't flow and gummed everything up. I tried Kleen Strip lacquer thinner and ended up with a giant booger ball in my mixing cup. Windshield washer fluid seemed to do the best but everything still got gummy. And like Mike, the stuff that did make it to plastic had a rubbery feel. I was using a .5 mm needle in a Master Airbrush G233.
  12. I always thought she was pretty hot, but the beat down she gave Chuck Finley is what I will always remember her for. https://www.cleveland19.com/story/730693/indians-pitcher-misses-start-after-wife-allegedly-attacked-him/
  13. If you can find a copy, I recommend it. It's been a long time since I've seen it but I remember liking it. Your '55 is coming along nicely.
  14. I know you had some doubts about the color combo, but I think it looks great.
  15. I don't have a tv or radio in the hobby room, but I do have a baby monitor so that I can hear if my 2 year old wakes up. I have to wait until he's in bed before I can even think about doing any building. By then I'm usually wiped out and fall asleep myself.
  16. I bought a '90 Super Coupe in '94. I loved that car until everything went to heck at the same time. I'm looking forward to your finished build.
  17. I know a few myself. And getting paid more to stay at home than to work doesn't exactly motivate these people to get a job.
  18. Two things help with this. 1) If at all possible, have the booth set up in a place that isn't very dusty. 2) Turn the booth on and let it run for a little while before painting. Hopefully any dust that is floating around gets sucked into the booth filter. This is how I do it since I bought my booth that is similar to the one from Micro Mark. I haven't had a dust issue, but my painting skills are so bad that dust would be the least of my problems.
  19. I have a Dark Shadow Gray Mach 1 that I bought new in October of '03. I'm never selling it.
  20. I learned in my grandparent's '68 or '70 (I don't remember which) Impala when I was 14. They let me drive it up and down the dirt road they lived on. Behind the wheel was done in an '82-'83 Cutlass Ciera. I remember that the car had a brake pedal on the passenger side for the instructor to stomp on in case of an impending crash. One day the instructor took us to an empty parking lot and set up cones for us to drive around. There were three of us in the car. A good friend of mine was at the wheel, I was on the passenger side, and the other kid was in the back. My friend got his learners permit the day before we started behind the wheel and had never even sat behind a steering wheel to that point. So the instructor gives us the instructions and tells us to stop when he signals to stop, and go when he signals us to go. My friend takes off and is driving extremely slow, almost comically slow. About the time that he starts picking up speed the instructor raises his arms as the signal to stop. My friend slams on the brakes and almost throws me into the dashboard. Remember, hardly anyone wore seatbelts back then. I was a 15 year old goofball so I thought it was hilarious. After a few second the instructor gives the signal to go. My friend starts to press the gas, but nothing happens. He tries it again, still nothing. He's looking around like there's something wrong with the car. I ask him if the car is in Drive. He says yes. So I tell him that maybe he's being too delicate and needs to give it more gas. He proceeds to really press on that pedal and all of a sudden that thing takes off with squealing/smoking tires and almost jerks the wheel out of his hands. The instructor was none too pleased and let my friend know. To this day my friend has no idea that I had my foot on the brake pedal and pooped it off after he floored the gas.
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