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  1. Revell 1/72 Millennium Falcon

    I had my eye on this kit when my local hobby shop was closing. Someone else scarfed it up before I got it. May the force be with you on this build.
  2. Monogram IMSA Zakspeed Roush Mustang

    I have this kit. Your build has inspired me, it might get bumped to next in line.
  3. 1/20 Ebbro McLaren Honda MP4/31

    Nice to know that there are other F1 kits out there rivaling Tamiya. I have built a lot of Tamiya F1 kits, and I only have a few left to build. Great job of the CF. I know how tiring that can be. Apply one decal, set aside, wait. Repeat 400 times!
  4. The Fire Chief

    Curious about how you made the light. Came out really nice.
  5. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312B

    I built that kit. Really fantastic. Great work!
  6. 1/20 Tamiya Brabham Alfa Romeo BT46 clearveiw

    I have this kit, but I have not built it because I can not decide if I want to build it clear, or paint the whole thing.
  7. The Roswell Rod

    Out of this world! Sorry, couldn't resist. Very nice job. The paint is excellent.
  8. '60 Starliner mild custom

    Love the piping, I may have to try that some day.
  9. Glad the can is going to such good use. Your paint work in amazing. The engine looks real, like really real. Amazing.
  10. Camp Racemore- AMC Pacer Wagon Canyon Carver

    I love this. Everything is so wrong. A diffuser, turbo, raft on the roof, rusty, graffiti, and those wheels and tires! It is all so awful, but it works so well and it is very cool. Your ability to blend it all and make it seem so real. Very cool photography, it does look 1:1 in that setting. I know if I saw that on the street I would have a huge smile on my face. Keep it up!
  11. My local club has an upcoming theme, "Anything 1967". I pretty much only build race cars and unusual subjects so when I saw this AMT kit I snapped it up. The Sunbeam Tiger was produced from 1964 to 1967. 1967 was the only year that the Mk II was produced. While the body remained the same for the Mk II the engine was upgraded from the 260 ci engine to the 289 ci. Luckily the blocks were the same size so the 260 engine that came with the kit can be build as the 289. I plan on plumbing and wiring the engine as well as scratch building headers for this one. I plan on drilling out the spark plug holes before painting the engine. While this is a more modern version I will use this for the wiring diagram and location of the spark plug holes. Here is the engine at home in the Sunbeam. Being a race car the engine bay will be a little cleaner and more sparse. Here is the box art. But it also comes with the "custom" pieces to produce this: I will most likely scratch build a roll cage instead of the fiberglass version. Also the body will have all of the side stripes and markers deleted. This should be a fun build and I m looking forward to it.
  12. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    So if the curvature isn't right, could I heat it with a heat gun and bend it some more? Has anyone done this? How do I know when it is hot enough?
  13. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    Finally got some build time tonight. I have decided that this will be a full out race car. Meaning that all this stuff needs to go. Door handles, trim strip, the tiger on the side and the side marker lights need to go. Also the Sunbeam on the front and back of the car. Gone. And so now they are. A lot of work, about two hours worth. I have not done the finer sanding yet. Then puddy in deep places then primer. Then fix up the bad spots that primer didn't hide. I also took the opportunity to deepen the door lines. There was a lot of flash on this, and that had to go too. Down the top front the fender was basically pointy from the flash. Not sure how I am going to tackle this. I already sanded down the back of the hood and it still isn't sitting right. I do not think the hood is curved properly. I may be able to trim down some of the apron. I was thinking of building this with the hood opening. The Sunbeam hood is hinged at the front, so if I display it this way I would not have to worry about it too much, but that seems like cheating. Helpful hits would be very appreciated. Side before the sanding. Top before the flashectomy.
  14. Wooden Russian submarine 1721 kit. Done !

    Amazing work. I have tried a couple of wood kits, but haven't finished one yet. Maybe someday!
  15. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    There was a little bracket holding the battery, but that was it. Nothing covering the top either. Point was it was designed for little people in the back not adults.
  16. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    The battery was under the back seat. Caused me some issues when I had a couple of 200 pounders in the back. Seat started to heat up and I had to remind them to "roll the cheek a bit" to get it off the battery. The seat spring were making contact. Yikes!
  17. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    I typically save all the instructions from past builds for just this purpose. Let me look through my stash and see if I have them, if so I will scan them in for you.
  18. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    I have built that kit. It is excellent. That blue is a really nice color. I painted my 1:1 bug powder blue, then when it rusted some more I painted the bottom a royal blue, nice two tone scheme.
  19. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    Thanks for that info! I guess I will need to add a filler to the valve cover?
  20. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    I have discovered that, but thanks for the heads up. I usually put everything together before glue just for those reasons.
  21. Sunbeam Tiger MkII 1967 Race Car

    I will most likely be deleting the headlights and just blanking them out. The grill for the MK II was basically a straight up and down waffle pattern. I am searching for something to replicate that, I think fiberglass screening may be the best. Because I am building a race car I do have a lot of freedom to vary from the original.
  22. Revell Stearman PT-17

    The very first time I flew was in a vintage Stearman, like the first one. Awesome flight. There was a grasshopper on the wing at take off. He was there when we landed, we never went fast enough to blow him off. Really nice models.
  23. Arctic Rat

    It is like Mad Max meets North of the Wall. Very cool stuff!
  24. Need a 1967 car

    So my local club is having a contest in a couple of months, "anything 1967". I typically build race cars and I have poked around on the web but nothing really peaks my interests. Any ideas? The more unusual the better.
  25. Zvezda Star Destroyer

    Really cool work. I have seen the larger Ban Dai kit at my local hobby shop but the price tag scared me off. After seeing this, I may make the investment.