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  1. Joe Weatherly NASCAR '61 Pontiac

    I love the looks of this kit. Your work is inspiring.
  2. 25 Ford TROG Racer

    Gotta follow the TROG rules. Here they are: Year: Car bodies must be 1934 or older, American made only. Engine: American made 4 cylinder and V8 flatheads up to 1953. Fuel: Gas only, NO ALCOHOL OR NITRO! Running gear: 1953 and older. No modern transmissions, disc brakes, alternators, etc. Wheels & Tires: No 15 inch wheels. 16, 17 & 18 inch only. No widening of wheels, stock only. No aggressive knobby or paddle tires. Paint: Period paint that emulates the early days of racing. No late model graphics, No vinyl stickers or emblems, etc. Cars can be shiny, primered or have old paint. No sponsorship/advertising allowed on cars or bikes without written consent. Additional requirements and restrictions: No headlights, no white wall tires or aggressive tread, no Fenders on hot rods (some very early-teens racers and speedsters may be exempt but must be pre-approved). Cars must have visible race numbers. *Notes: Vintage reproduction parts are accepted. i.e.; frame rails, intakes, cylinder heads, ignition systems, Stromberg carb's, etc. Converted 12 volt generators are ok, no alternators. Absolutely no fiberglass bodies. My goal is to own a motorcycle to race in this one day.
  3. Eldorado Brougham, Foose?

    I love the looks of the old Caddys. You have done this one proud!
  4. My father had a 1975 Monte Carlo, fire engine red with a white vinyl roof and white interior. It only had a 350 in it, but it had the Rally Wheels. Boy that car looked good from every angle. When is rusted away (Pennsylvania winters take their toll) Dad was going to ask $800 for it. I told him to hold off and let me do something first. I went out and got steelies for it. Had the tires switched. Sold the Rally Wheels (even the spare was a Rally Wheel!) for $2250 (The spare didn't have a cap or I would have went for more). Now you could get a lot more for those wheels, but Dad was happy selling for getting $3050 instead of just $800.
  5. Decal application question

    Now all the cars are vinyl wrapped. The decals and graffics are all part of the wrap so there is no bump from the base to the decal. This is hard to replicate on a model but base coat, decals then clear comes the closest because the clear will typically level things out. In the old days they would put the stickers on right on top of the paint. No clear was ever used. So I don't clear my NASCAR models. I paint, polish then apply the decals and it is done. Supposedly the vinyl wrap saves weight. So they don't even use primer, they just shoot a thin layer of color, usually white, or black and wrap over that. If you ever get a chance to visit a NASCAR shop and you can see the cars really close up it is amazing how bad they look sometimes. After the race they look like trash even if they weren't wrecked. The Stewart-Haas shop has cars in the lobby that you could touch, if they would let you.
  6. Pete Hamilton Road Runner

    The older and obscure NASCAR cars are my favorites. How many 2016 cars can you build before you get sick of them? They are all the same. Very interesting car, great paint and a stunning look in the end. Great job.
  7. Neil Bonnett's Armor All Olds

    That car was a stunner. Great job.
  8. 1970 Buick GS

    Looking great, those were very cool cars.
  9. David Pearson Ford

    I built one of those for a friend. Didn't get pictures before I gave it to him.
  10. 2018 Jimmy Johns K. Harvick Build

    Amazing work. Looks fantastic!
  11. Fabulous Hornet

    I have really wanted to build one but I haven't been able to find this kit. Looks like a great build!
  12. VW Bug 1303S and the Gooseneck trailer

    I concur with the post above, a white stripe on the trailer would look great.
  13. ALPHA ROMEO 8C 1931

    Two Questions: 1. What is the scale? Seems bigger than 1:24 to my eye. 2. It seems to have some metal pieces as well, diecast and plastic?
  14. 1966 Chevy Nova pro-street

    Great looking build!
  15. Boss 302 Mustang

    Really nice job, and the fact that you had one arm tied behind your back makes it even more impressive! Great work.
  16. Ferrari 275P/360M Restorod

    Red Bull started the Matte finish craze in F1. I can see it though, aerodynamics is so important in F1 that any tiny advantage helps.
  17. Toyota Gazoo Racing

    I love those Tamiya kits. Must resist the urge to order I have a ton waiting.
  18. VW Bug 1303S and the Gooseneck trailer

    I had a '72 beetle. Clutch would have been fine, highway speeds however would have been suspect. Same as any actual hill.
  19. Tamiya 2017 NSX with LB Worx kit

    Great start. Engine looks fantastic. Console looks great too.
  20. Some of my Dad's bikes

    Your Dad's bikes seem to all be 1:12 scale kits. Tamiya made them all. I like how he built two of each, one faired and one unfaired. They are a little too expensive to me to do that. I have built or own almost all of those kits. He does great work.
  21. 1/6 Moebius Models Robot B9

    OK, if no one else is going to say it, I will, "Danger Will Robinson, Danger!" Great work.
  22. EPSON NSX 2005 (Super GT) by Tamiya

    Just curious if you washed your model before starting the paint. I never did this, but once I started I discovered it made a huge difference. Tamiya uses a mold release on the plastic that needs to get washed off. I generally use Dawn dish soap. Put all the parts in a Dollar Store plastic shoe box. Just dip the parts in swish side to side a bit, then rinse gently. (I also have a sink strainer in place to catch small pieces that may come off of the sprue). Let them dry a day or two and you should be in really good shape.
  23. Ferrari 288 GTO Fujimi EM

    I love blue Ferraris. I built my Enzo in Blue and I think it looks awesome, especially with a tan interior. One should never be shy about using different colors on a Ferrari, they will build you one any color you want, with any color interior as well. Great job, I like the opening headlights as well. Is that easy to do one the model is finished?
  24. Here is the box front. Not all that interesting, I typically only build race cars, so I turn the box and look at the side. OK, that's better. A full out race variant, something I can sink my teeth into. That is a big Ford V-8 stuffed into a tiny car. Seriously cool stuff. Kind of proud of this touch. There was no grill. So I made one out of leftovers from my Peugeot rally car build. Looked good in the end.
  25. Hey Look!!, Its Another Ford GT

    I really like that color. Great work!