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  1. It’s definitely a very specialized finish and what I mean by that is I’ve only used it as a clear for bodies 3 times. Once on the car above that is molded in color and I like the color, the other 2 times were on cars I painted a long time ago and wasn’t happy with the shine and couldn’t remember what type of paint I used and I knew the future wouldn’t react.
  2. I think I like it myself We’ll see if anyone else chimes in so it might be worth his while to do
  3. I would be interested depending on price of course like I said I’m a cheap B@#$&#$$..... interesting, hole don’t look as big as a standard rally though...
  4. I would say it’s definitely better to paint it and use a gloss white acrylic like said
  5. On a 4 door? I didn't think they put them on 4 door cars factory...
  6. I guess I'll just have to look for a Chevy cap I like on it, I usually like to stay as accurate as possible but I'm not so pick as to spend a fortune to make it exact. I'll have to find a poverty cap I like since I've always liked that look anyway...
  7. I have the SS version and I'm pretty sure mine only came with the Rally wheels...
  8. I recently picked up the supernatural 67 Impala 4 door kit and the only wheels it comes with are the ones from the show. By chance does anyone know if there was a 67 Impala release that had factory hubcaps or something close, full caps or the dog dish poverty caps?
  9. Yeah purposely didn’t order another one because I didn’t know which kit I would get I just got lucky this time and did get one I wanted... it does suck they are like that especially since I think most everyone I know who builds picks there kits by the kit subject
  10. I ordered 4 kits on this last 40% off deal with the free shipping and actually kind of lucked out. I ordered the Chrysler from the movie Christine because I don't have it and want to build it but I didn't notice it was one of the ones they have marked as "This item comes in assorted styles" as they usually have more than one kit pictured but it only had the one so I didn't catch it. But with I guess some luck they sent me instead the Supernatural Impala. I'll just have to pick up Christine later LOL...
  11. This is cleared with Pledge on a molded in color car, brush applied.
  12. One of the best movies I've ever seen was "Shattered" I did check it's on Amazon prime right not. It's from 1991 and has Tom Berenger, Bob Hoskins and Greta Scacchi in it. I think its a lost jem that no one ever knows about it.
  13. I worked in a body shop years ago we had a 2 way 64 Impala, I found it on google. They also had a Luv P U that was 2 cabs with a tiny bed in between..
  14. I have those ones from the 55 Stepside on a Bug I built way back, this is what they look like out of the box
  15. Just finished up a great trade with Oldcarfan27, I’ll trade with him anytime. Thanks Patric....
  16. I stopped in the Ollies in Elkton MD today on my way home and they had pretty much all the vehicles I've seen offered. They had the big red T, the 2009-2010-2012-1955 corvettes, the escalade, 62 t-bird, 75 gremlin, 06 camaro, the diamond reo, the cab over Kenworth, the international, the tank trailer and the flatbed trailer as well as some of the planes and stuff. I was shocked, I picked up the Gremlin, T-Bird, Diamond Rio and the flatbed to complete the ones I wanted.
  17. ok let me give this a shot What makes you decide to buy a certain model kit, is it? -subject matter/theme; muscle cars, sports rally, cars, pickups, hotrods, racing, classics, boat, plane, other...? Pretty much always subject matter. I really only build cars and trucks -does the box art sometimes make you purchase something you really didn't plan to, if so, give an example of such a kit? No -does the manufacturer brand influence your buying choice, and if so, which is your preferred and least preferred and why? Only if there is 2 kits of the same subject but difference makers, I tend to like Monogram/Revell kits -what do you love about building a model kit and what's the least favorite part of the process? I've always enjoyed painting the body and never cared for doing the body trim and chrome -does a high parts count scare you as too much of a challenge, or does a low parts count make you feel the product could be toylike? I never check the parts count -what type of kit do you prefer (glue, snap, full detail, curbside)? I prefer full detail glue kits -do you like building options, and if so, what (engine upgrade, choice of wheels, decals, other)? I like having the option but rarely use that to chose a kit unless I have a plan for how I want to build it already. -if you wish to give manufacturers a "non-subject matter" suggestion what would it be? Double check your details 69 Cougar Eliminator 70 Javelin Mark Donohue Special 71 AMX 73 Mustang Mach 1 71 Hemi Cuda 66 AC Cobra 69 Lincoln Conv.
  18. I was in mine today and picked up the Kenworth, International and the 55 Vette... I would love to get the Cutlass and the flatbed trailer...
  19. Starting in the 90's all chassis' are grey as stated, before that it was kind of up to them, examples- Dale Earnhardts Wrangler car had a blue interior and Mark Martins Folgers car had a white interior. It will probably tell you right in the directions the color they used but definitely search for info and pics on line. The chassis' are close but you will find little differences between the manufacturers mostly in the engine but I have noticed the floor on the Monte Carlo and the Grand Prix are a little different where the seat sits. As for trading I learned also unless you have odd kits there is not much want for them, I did learn however (I noticed you have 2 of the same kits) you can get decals from somewhere like Mikes and make them 2 different drivers cars or even a car they never made a kit for. I just recently did Rusty's 1989 Kodiak car that way.
  20. Would you be interested in any of these, 1 is basically a body and chassis and the other 3 are started but complete. I also have a der beetle bus that is missing the colored glass but still has the clear
  21. Nice!!! That’s an awesome idea, thanks for sharing...
  22. Interesting idea, how do you have it attached to the holder?
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