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  1. It's all the little details that make it come to life looking really nice
  2. Last Sunday he crashed his plane was taken to the hospital where he died later of injury complications. 9 time Nascar/Whelen modified champion. Started running the Nascar/K&N East series cars last couple years. Richie Evans will have someone to race with now RIP Mike.
  3. Thanks GT fan will have to get some
  4. Cool looking car what blue did you use nice color. Those pencils work pretty good.
  5. Take a good look and you'll see the grill is from the T680. I know i drove a T680 very nice truck the T680 but i'll still take my W900(L) anyday
  6. Mine was a W9L in black with purple & white stripes chrome & lights out the wazzu. C16 Cat 675 horse, 13 over, 86" studio, big gears, Really miss that truck. So your into skateboarding huh fun fun.
  7. Thanks gang but if the worst happens with racing i don't want to burden my other half with what to do with my stuff. The only thing i'm going to keep for sure is at my uncles in his garage waiting to slowly be finished. That's my 49 Plymouth special deluxe sedan out of the 4 doors the driver side rear door which used to be a suicide style has been welded shut and blended with the body lines. Just so you know this thing was a basket case needing all new interior sheet metal from sitting in a field for 20 plus years only paid $500 for it. The rear door on the passenger side is still stock and opens suicide style as i plan on adding a horseshoe style rear seat and a bunch of other stuff to it. When done it'll be HOK Candy Brandywine body with a HOK rainbow metal flake clear coat, fenders and running boards will be HOK high gloss midnight black with the same rainbow clearcoat, gold trim and pinstripes. Then to build the Flat 8 under the hood for cruising. That's my retirement hobbies. Like the Jonny Cash song. I built it one piece at a time
  8. Dammnn rock haulers. My favorite is the Bull wagons gotta go. When I had my own W9 one thought he was faster than i was because i was doing a swift trailer recovery. Middle of da night in Texas that good ole boy found out that he had a "SWIFT" trailer he just couldn't get by. Left him talking to the rabbits stopped at a Loves fer some chow Bull boy came in with his buddies talking about how swift blew his doors off his buddies giving him grief hehehehehehehe. His buddies were razzing him about how slow his truck was. I covered him saying that's how they got their name in the day. His buddies told me to flake off. Okay but as I walked away I said to his buddies there ain't no way a bull wagon is getting around my Swift trailer (crickets) then I heard them tell the waitress to keep their food warm till they got back in. They followed me out to my pride seen the 10" big pipes, 22" front Texas square 212 led lights on my kid and chrome for miles. These guys said i was full of it until I asked the original bull hauler what was scrawled in the dirt on the door he told them I said go look at the trailer doors. I had scrawled Bye Bye Baaaaaaby on the back as that's one of the very few times a swift 53 gets to go that fast. Miss those wild days but don't miss the chance of getting caught doing a $ & change. Miss that truck loved messing with the bull wagons lol. I think rock haulers are born with 1 brain cell I don't care.
  9. @VetteGasser my favorite saying is I didn't know there was a boom between the truck and trailer. Western millipede rockwagon lol also drive-in old cat powered L9000 rock bucket you had to hold the stick into gears 7th-9th otherwise it popped out of lock.
  10. And foil a 58 during a pit stop bad enough trying to eat ice cream. Hehehehehehehe 😂.
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