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  1. Randy added a post in a topic Durham Automotive Modellers   

    Meeting is this Wednesday 6:30 in the Games rooom.
    Hope to see you there.
  2. Randy added a post in a topic 69 Road Runner 440 Six- Pack hood   

    Perry's is still going. We had put things on the back burner for a while, but as of this week we will be up to date. New Products coming shortly. New Catalogs being sent out today.

    Getting the store up and running took much more time than planned, but it's holding it's own now. Biggest problem has been making/finding more space.
  3. Randy added a post in a topic Testors Non-Toxic Cement For Models   

    I hang a large part of the failer of our hobby on the blue tube glue.
    I've heard over, ond over again how ones model fell apart before it was even finished, making model building too hard to do.
    And theses days most people get exposed to the hobby through the big box stores, and they for the most part only sell the nontox stuff.
  4. Randy added a post in a topic box style s-10 ext. cab   

    That would be stock.
  5. Randy added a post in a topic box style s-10 ext. cab   

    Still have that one in production, it's on the web site.

  6. Randy added a post in a topic Perry's Resin   

    Your order has gone out. I'm down to my last 8 (which required new molds), then I'm right up to date. Trying to balance the store, and Perry's the last 3 years has been hard, but now that I have staff for the store things are getting back to normal, maybe even better. I now have room to build an inventory so that all items will be in stock, and ready for shipping. I'm also getting ready to release several new items, some all new, some repops. As to small parts, they're all still in the catalog, but I'd like to be e-mailed before an order is placed for them. Taking them off the web page had more to do with control, and flow. As to my e-mail, if you don't get a responce, try me here. I find too many e-mails to me in my spam folder, or they never come through.

  7. Randy added a post in a topic box style s-10 ext. cab   

    I'm not set on a price yet for the crew cab. It will have an interior, and we're also doing a frame.

  8. Randy added a post in a topic box style s-10 ext. cab   

    Crew cab is in this batch as well. The Topkick will come later.

  9. Randy added a post in a topic box style s-10 ext. cab   

    It's coming too.

  10. Randy added a post in a topic box style s-10 ext. cab   

    I'm just getting ready to bring it back out, first half of the mold is already poured. Body, interior, and frame extention will be $28.00. We'll also have the early style grills.

  11. Randy added a post in a topic Perry's Resin ?   

    You can get me on the board message system, I'm on here at least once a week, or try perrysresin@sympatico.ca
    I think a lot of people type ".com" out of reflex.
  12. Randy added a post in a topic Another Casualty Of The Economy   

    40% in the norm. Figure that if your rent/costs are $2500 a month, and you want to pay yourself $2400 a month, you need to average $18,000-$20,000 a month in sales just to break even with a paycheck and replacing the stock. With the risks involved with running your own business $28,800 a year doesn't sound so good, and if you want a day off, you need to hire someone, and that comes out of your pay.

    As to his prices.....
    '57 Chevy for $65.99.
    MSRP $79.95
    Trumpeter ALF Pumper was priced at $75.99
    MSRP $99.95
    Prices are from Stevens International

  13. Randy added a post in a topic Revell '57 Chevy 150 "Black Widow"   

    Well the 6 bolt wheels are there, seat will need to be cut to make the race version. One thing I didn't find was rear seat, which I would like to have, but is not offered in the 150 utility version.
  14. Randy added a post in a topic Revell '57 Chevy 150 "Black Widow"   

    I've got them in stock now, I'll try to get pictures and such up tomorrow. Quick review........, don't think anyone will be disappointed.
  15. Randy added a post in a topic Announced - '09 Nissan GT-R   

    Got the GT-R kit in last week. Molding is typical Tamiya with everything being quite crisp, and true to pictures I could find. I'm not really up on this car, but it sure falls into the super car class.
    Body is molded with separate front bumper, and opening hood. The engine is molded into the open bay, and appears to be very well engraved, with sharp details for painting, and a few add on parts to give it depth.
    Interior is good, with both left, and right hand drive dashes. Door panels are molded separately, as are the seats. The kit also has left, and right cowl area, with optional wipers.
    Chassis is nicely done as well, both front and rear suspensions build from several pieces.
    The lights may be the highlight of the kit, and I'm sure they will bring the kit to life.
    Window mask is supplied to mask off the window trim
    My only real beef with the kit, it they keep showing you how to use the photoetch in the instructions, but it's not in the kit. It will be available shortly from Tamiya as aftermarket. You'll need to get the etched parts as they add detail that would normally be engraved in the kit, like disk brake surface. Tamiya does give you rub down badging for the car, as well as the mirror faces.
    I really like the kit, but it may be priced a little high for a kit without separate motor.

    I go into more, but we got a big storm near by, need to get off of here. Try for pictures later.