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  1. The only one currently on the market is the MPC Godzilla Army Jeep.
  2. Meeting is this Wednesday 6:30 in the Games rooom. Hope to see you there.
  3. Help , three months ??? God Bless you and yours ..John JR

  4. Hi Randy ; I am still waiting for the '49 Chevy . I tried to contact you through the addresses listed here . Like the kit , ........

    God Bless you and yours ..John JR

  5. Hey Randy , am after somethimg you have previously cast . Do I still have to wait until late January ? Thanx ..God Bless you and yours ..John JR

  6. Hi Randy ;

    We had a discussion about the remaining '49 Chevy at your resin business , Perry's resins . You requested $55 for one of these . I put onto your Pay Pal that amount . I am not hearing back from you . Is there a problem ?

  7. Perry's is still going. We had put things on the back burner for a while, but as of this week we will be up to date. New Products coming shortly. New Catalogs being sent out today. Getting the store up and running took much more time than planned, but it's holding it's own now. Biggest problem has been making/finding more space.
  8. I hang a large part of the failer of our hobby on the blue tube glue. I've heard over, ond over again how ones model fell apart before it was even finished, making model building too hard to do. And theses days most people get exposed to the hobby through the big box stores, and they for the most part only sell the nontox stuff.
  9. Still have that one in production, it's on the web site.
  10. Phil Your order has gone out. I'm down to my last 8 (which required new molds), then I'm right up to date. Trying to balance the store, and Perry's the last 3 years has been hard, but now that I have staff for the store things are getting back to normal, maybe even better. I now have room to build an inventory so that all items will be in stock, and ready for shipping. I'm also getting ready to release several new items, some all new, some repops. As to small parts, they're all still in the catalog, but I'd like to be e-mailed before an order is placed for them. Taking them off the web page had more to do with control, and flow. As to my e-mail, if you don't get a responce, try me here. I find too many e-mails to me in my spam folder, or they never come through.
  11. I'm not set on a price yet for the crew cab. It will have an interior, and we're also doing a frame. Randy
  12. Crew cab is in this batch as well. The Topkick will come later. Randy
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