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  1. There used to be one here in town a few years ago. I only saw it on the road once. The other 3 times I saw it it was on the back of a rollback!
  2. I came close to buying a Focus. Even went as far as renting one for a few days while I did some traveling. Enjoyed the car immensely- except for the dual clutch automatic. What a schizophrenic thing that was.
  3. Went to one of the local HL's earlier. Found 2 '62 Deuce & a Quarters and a Toyota truck in the clearance section. Left one of the Buicks for the next guy. Picked up the '29 Roadster with the coupon. No Land Rover though.
  4. Perhaps I'll hit my two local HL's up Monday and see if anything changed. Ican always pickup a botlle of Tamiya Extra Thin if they have nothing else lol.
  5. Every day! If he's doing that for a profit he's sure going about it the wrong way. Sure is alot of time & fuel for a couple of discounted kits.
  6. When the local HL's mark kits down they usually leave them in their respective slot on the shelf. Paint I have found moved to the clearance section more often than not. Another thing to keep in mind- most HL's have more than one clearance section and they are not all in the same place. Some of their stores are laid out differently than others.
  7. Went to HL looking for clearance kits. Found none but had a 40% coupon burning a hole in my phone. Picked up the VW kit since it has gotten good reviews here. Got the fine grit paper at another HL. Should have some more goodies by the weekend- ebay had a few treasures I've been looking for.
  8. Hit up both local HL's and no joy. No clearance kits. At the first store, I asked the gal working that section and she didn't know but would find out for me. Told her I'd stop by later in the week.
  9. I'll have to check my local HL's and see if they have any kits on clearance. Not that I need anything, but if it's marked down.........
  10. One of my favorite actors! Fun fact- Wilford Brimley worked for Howard Hughes before going into acting.
  11. There used to be 5 hobby shops in my town up until the late 90s. 2 catered heavily to the model railroad group, but still had a good selection of kits. Now there are none and only HL. My "local" LHS is 50 miles away and even he is going more towards R/C cars and so forth. I have pretty much consigned myself to ebay and online vendors.
  12. If you're looking to exactly duplicate the car in the photos, you'll need a 1928 or 29 hood & radiator. The wheels are 21" in 28-29 and 19" in 30-31.
  13. You hit the nail on the head! I was fortunate during my married life, my wife would ride in most anything except the station wagons. It may have been the fact that I worked at a mortuary back in the day and I used one of my old wagons to transport a 'customer' more than once. I just never told her which one.
  14. I used to think it'd be fun to have a bunch of cars. I was up to 9 at one point nothing newer than '62. I'm down to 2 and if I can find another '62 Galaxie 390 or 406 4spd convertible I'll be at 3. Good enough for me. Here's a couple wagons I sold recently. '56 Ranch and '69 Falcon
  15. The '56 was my daily from 2003-2017. At one point it had shiny paint and all that. LOL I do a lot of travel in my side business and it was just time to have a/c and disc brakes & other safety features.
  16. I'm down to 2. Sold my Falcon Wagon and some other cars. I haven't driven the '56 in a while, been too busy. My daily is a 2019 Jetta. Incredible fuel mileage and is a pleasure to drive. Carried a bunch of kits in both trunks!
  17. I bought some black foil not too long ago but haven't used it. Reckon I won't be now. Thanks for the heads up!
  18. Steel and Jet Exhaust are probably two of the most universal & my personal favorites in the Model Master line. I use Jet Exhaust on every genre of kit I build. In fact bought two more bottles at my LHS today. Get it while I can. The brass and copper are equally good too.
  19. Very nice! A clean build. Rockford Files is one of my favorite TV shows, even if I wasn't around when it originally aired. Supposedly the "OKG" in the license plate stands for "Oklahoma Garner" since he was from Oklahoma.
  20. Here's an example of the new market Testors is trying to chase.....
  21. Sounds like they took a notion from Squadron on how to run a sale!
  22. They'd probably sell a ton more of the back issue disc if they put them on a flash drive instead of archaic CD's. Some newer computers don't have CD drives. In fact when I bought this laptop 3 years ago I had to hunt for one that did have a CD drive. A lot of my older photographs are on CD. I may be in the minority but since my subscription to FSM lapsed, I haven't subscribed to any modeling magazines. I do pick them up at the newsstand if they have articles of interest. Airfix Model World is a good example. They cover a spectrum of modeling(yes cars and trucks too), It is printed across the pond, but one of the few magazines that can hold my interest.
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