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  1. The old built-up model I purchased turned out to be beyond salvation so I'm no longer in need of the bumpers at this time.
  2. That is simply stunning! Beautiful paint and a terrific combination of components make a gorgeous GTO . . . no matter how many years it took!
  3. I just purchased an old built-up AMT (SMP?) 1960 Corvair which I’ll be restoring to replicate a full-size one I owned many years ago. Both front and rear bumpers are broken and I’m hoping someone has a set they’d be willing to let go or trade for? Any first-gen (’60—’64) Corvair bumpers would work. Thanks!
  4. Super nice MG Trevor – the interior, paint color and trim work are all exceptional. Great piece of modeling!
  5. Thank you gentlemen . . . appreciate all the kind words. I probably never will go through the work to save something that rough again (fixing the pillars was pretty much beyond MY skill set when I tackled it, but necessity is definitely a mother . . .) anyhow, my original notion was to build a replica of the 1:1 '69 GTO I owned back in the '70s. It came to a sad end (see photo) and I've always wanted to do a full-detail tribute model. Luckily, I recently found another one of these MPC bodies in great shape so . . . stay tuned!
  6. Thanks guys. I'm grateful for the kind words and taking the time to comment. Appreciated!
  7. Thank you Philippe, the kind words are appreciated.
  8. Thank you Mario! Glad you liked it . . . as I frequently enjoy your many builds, the compliment means a lot.
  9. Thanks . . . appreciate the kind compliments! I’ve been using wheels & tires from discarded die-casts for a while. IMO, a set of nice aftermarket resin or 3-D print wheels is costly when you can sometimes buy a whole car for fraction of that and the die-casts offer some unique designs that aren’t available elsewhere. Glad you guys like the look.
  10. Thanks Brandon! It's fun -- I've almost slipped into restoring old styrene over buying new these days.
  11. Thank you Tom. I think the MPC promo body was re-released at least once in a Model King funny car but it'd be nice to see Round 2 reissue the full stock kit.
  12. Thanks Craig. Wish I'd taken some pix before I went to work on it but I wasn't even sure it could be rescued when I got it.
  13. . . . and I had no idea what Snake-Fu was at that time. Thanks for compliment -- means a lot coming from the master of rebuilds 👍
  14. Thanks for kind words David - much appreciated.
  15. Thanks Trevor. You're right, getting the roof pried up to stock height again was a real chore. The styrene “memory” kept trying to force the top back down and bow the new pillars out. Finally reinforced them with brass rod and called it done. If you look at the roofline closely, it’s still just slightly lower than stock in the front – sort of a very subtle angle-chop appearance . . . which I decided was okay and I ended the struggle. I’ll never tackle anything like that again but I’m glad you appreciate the work.
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