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  1. never spray lacquer over enamel.
  2. I drove ,owned, one of those back in the 80's. I had built a replica of that car out of the new ( at the time) AMT 62,converted the roof from a monogram 58 bird to fit as my car had been a hardtop. Short story, I would REALLY like to get my hands on one of those early t bird kits. can't wait to see this .
  3. I've always overlooked any snap kit, but these look great.
  4. I'll be in for this,,,, if the deadline were for the end of THIS year,. nyuk nyuk . I've got a couple of dead but not buried cant,did,its a revl 64 imp, or a gahk Lindburgher 63 mustang II. kitbash with an amt 67 mustang. But it's just so UGLY
  5. Looks like it might work. You're pretty brave trying something with paint that old, but if it does work you can always drop it back in the tub. Unusual subject .
  6. I've got a set of those foose caddy wheels n tires i'll send u if u r still interested
  7. WOW lots of help, loads of information. Thanks again. I still need to learn to navigate this site, so I can find these things on my own. ,err threads. Someone once told me I had never had an original thought in my life, and probably never will. seems I'm late to the party,,,,,by a few YEARS !!! RumpleZZZZZZZZZZZZZz
  8. Thank you gentlemen .I have some ideas swirling around in the wind tunnel between my ears. Custom, or maybe a Kustom? RAT,? Trog? Hmm think of all the possibilities.
  9. Thank you sir. I saw them on the AW sight, and thought the Admiral might be an interesting subject, something different.
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