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  1. That whole "blah blah blah" thing doesn't work when it's a picture of a T-shirt.
  2. Yes, except that model doesn't look like either unless you welded the Mustang wheel lips on a Capri.
  3. Not exactly. It has the wide Capri fenders and quarters but also the Mustang wheel flares.
  4. Yes there have been a lot of adult oriented ads lately.
  5. I saw on a program that in China or Japan they have stations that swap out the dead battery packs for charged ones. Takes about as much time as filling a gas tank.
  6. Lol,tubed out. Sorry, I read things as they are written. Makes me smile every time it comes to the top.
  7. The S10 Extreme is within the body style for 2001 also.
  8. Colonial Photo and Hobby, Mills Avenue downtown Orlando. Been there a long time. Model stuff, train stuff, camera stuff, etc.
  9. I've been wanting to build a '75 Monte Carlo for a long time.
  10. Yes, wipers are opposite on RHD vehicles.
  11. Electric works great for trains. Make them like that.
  12. I was just trying to explain how "profit" works.
  13. If you factor in costs of time and materials that's a loss.
  14. Basically, it's what each of us picture in our head when someone says "model".
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