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  1. That's a cute engine! Good job. I like the colour choices, and the spark plugs in of themselves are nice.
  2. Oh boy... that does sound like an interesting experiment to try out. Thanks for the welcome!
  3. I appreciate that! Although, I have never much followed the instructions anyway... Driving is on the right side. I never got to the point of driving, as I moved when I was younger.
  4. Hello! Brand new to this forum! I have searched through a lot of the WIP and I really really enjoy looking at all the awesome and creative builds you guys do here! Hopefully I can add some of my own stuff onto here eventually (when my skills are ripe enough). A little info about me: I recently owned a 1986 Dodge 600 (2.2l) I am a younger guy, so I do not have the first hand experience with a lot of older cars that a lot of people here do. I do want to get into REAL mechanics sometime soon, and honestly modelling cars has really helped me understand engines more than I had before. I actually started off doing aircraft models, but my focus now is Sci Fi and cars. (Big trekkie). I used to live in Australia, I now reside in Canada. I am excited to get to post some of my stuff, and even just get to know the group! Thanks for reading, Cheers,
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