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  1. RIP Harry. Condolences to his family. I never met Harry, but was always watching for his latest builds online here.
  2. Hi Dan, I live in the Ottawa area and get MCM from my hobby shop. Not sure who he gets it through, but if your local hobby store can't get it you can always subscribe.
  3. Nice work on that. I have one of these in the stash and a 1/32 HK Models kit...that has a wall hanging bracket in the kit that attaches to the wing strut through the bomb bay...neat idea, I thought...big plane though! I plan on doing the 1/48 as Little Miss Mischief, so will be a fun one to weather. The 1/32 will be Sentimental Journey. These are some cool planes that brought back a lot of service men that other planes would not have. True work horses!
  4. Thanks, Gary...appreciate the update. MC & RA are my two go-tons for models.
  5. Anyone have any insight into the current outage? (Sept. 2015)
  6. Well done...wow! Love the details...plugs for the machines even!!
  7. Very nice build so far! Thanks for sharing the history and your tips and tricks...always a treat to follow your builds!
  8. Sorry, can't help...but neat kit...haven't seen it before. Good luck, though.
  9. That's a whole lotta oars! Coming along, even though it is kicking and screaming...you're doing an awesome job on this! Keep at it!
  10. Very impressive work so far! I hope you resolve your eye issue.
  11. Awesome build! Will check out the WIP thread and will watch for progress on the 1/8 SBRR!
  12. Beautiful boat! Glad you got the parts you needed...very nice build!
  13. Thanks! Was a fun build and I learned a few things in my research, too!
  14. Harvard trainer, originally RCAF3312 which was transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy and assigned NAVY 827. 1/48 scale Texan kit used, with Tamiya yellow, cockpit green and flat black used as main colours. Decals from a few sources but mainly a Belcher Bits sheet. This was built for a friend at work who's Dad had flown these in his career with the Royal Canadian Air Force and Navy. His Dad passed a couple of weeks ago and I managed to finish the model and display base before his memorial last Sunday. It was an honour for my model to be displayed along with other mementos honouring this man. My friend was very pleased with the model, thankfully! Enjoy the pictures. The PhotoBucket album is here. Comments welcomed.
  15. Not sure what you mean by dihedral, Snake. Can you elaborate? I have another Harvard on the bench right now...
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