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  1. That red covers well over black
  2. Like the tan color. BTW. Your heater hose are routed wrong. I believe one goes to the intake manifold and the other goes goes to the water pump, but the nipple is on top.
  3. Added some surface rust to the manifolds. Fooling around, misted it with spray adhesive and then sprinkled some rust over it.
  4. sak

    1966 chevy II

    Pretty badass. Had lots of problems building this one too I think. The thing I hate most is when the tops edge of the interior does line up with the top edge of the doors. If I recall I had to grind off the top of the firewall and inner fenders to get things good.
  5. Pretty badass I guess. Never could understand why anybody would buy a post coupe when a hardtop was available but perhaps they had theyre advantages.
  6. Looks like "evening orchid" a chevrolet color.
  7. Some progress finally.
  8. Badass color. Tan like color is nice but seats should also be painted.
  9. model car garage sells those things in sets for particular kits. I'm not sure about those hotrods.
  10. I understand a company makes a resin Malibu..but I yet to see anybody actually build one on this forum at least. So yes..future classic, but no market.
  11. That coronet looks badass. But most of those subject matter don't seem mainstream. Like not the prime time barret jackson type cars. Which is good, but instead of a 61 pontiac, a 61 cadillac coupe would have real cool.
  12. Badass. But I believe the torsion bars were not bare steel. I believe they were painted black with a stripe.
  13. Don't go with the" restored" look. Not that its a bad idea..but no reputable restoration shop would let it leave with those inner fenders...which are completely incorrect.
  14. Only unusual thing might be the color. I hate decals and those wacky early seventies chrysler colors and thats the way 97% of them are built. BTW.. a little assistance I might need. Does anybody keep in touch with anybody from "bandit resin"? Looking for a non "sharktooth" grille. He includes one in the resin scamp model. Hopefully he would sell me a grille.
  15. Thanks Mopar-D. Nothing special. Stock with Chrysler rally wheels and hubcaps. Going to add some chrome to the engine and basicly thats it. Color is going to be that modelmaster "bronze" color. Not sure about interior. Maybe a light brown or beige? Also it will be a hardtop.
  16. You know what would be unique? Adding a benchseat and hubcaps for making a base model
  17. Is that kind of kandy orange topcoat?
  18. I believe the sub-frame was painted black as well. I believe the only thing that wasn't black was the lower control arms.Foil looks good too.
  19. Newest project. Nothing to show. Only found some chrysler rally wheels and had to modify them to fit the smaller tires. Drilled out the holes in the hubcaps as well.
  20. Awesome.Is that a "promo". And if so..how hard are they to dissasemble?
  21. Said this before but.... why remove it? Scuff it a little and prime right over it. Thats what I do and my alclad turns out great. If all those chemicals won't cut through it, no hobby paint will a effect either.
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