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  1. Very nice projekt... BTW: The Speedline Wheels with the Big and Little Tire combination is also available in the Shelby Series 1 Kit from Revell. The European Version #07039 is very cheap at Amaz.... at the moment. I bought a couple of these for the wheels and the 4,0L V8 Engine which is also very nice... Cheers!
  2. This is perfekt hot rodding! Awesome!
  3. Very cool! How can i miss that thread?..I love the custom style...can´t wait to see it finished
  4. Great Collection..very clean builds!
  5. Very cool! as said the color is perfekt...love it
  6. Very cool! i have one on my shelf too because my step dau wants it. She drives a 695 in real life...so i think i have to leave the road of building american iron for some hours...
  7. Amazing work...so much to learn here...more than in school in my younger years..:-))
  8. I love this thread...amazing work...
  9. Thank you all! I appreciate it very much...
  10. Stll one of the coolest cars ever...very nice build...i like it...
  11. Thank you...i thougt it would give it a more realistic touch...maybe engine runs a little to "rich" 😉 Thank you! Thank you! That´s what i think...anything goes..:-) Thanks! I cant tell anymore where the manifold is from. I found it in my partsbox. The stacks are electronic ferrules...also on the exhaust tips... Thanks! Thank you!
  12. Nice! Really cool Charger..also a very nice workshop by the way...!
  13. Very cool! Awesome...love the color combo...
  14. Wow..love it...really cool!
  15. Hello friends, i hope all of you are healthy and enjoy your modelling time... I have a couple of the Revell Hertz Mustang and after the Stock one i decided to build something different. Just a car to get out and drive. No trailerqueen 😉 It´s not an original car i build. It´s all fantasy. And i have to say i have no idea about dragracing. I just love it. So sorry for some incorrections maybe like the "SS/A"-Class or something... Paint is Tamiya Hullgrey with Vallejo Flat Clear. Decals, Wheels, Seats and Intakemanifold from the Partsbox, Rollcage and Exhaust scratch. Removed the rear Seats for the Tires. Some wiring and a mesh Grill...thats all... I hope you like..let me now..good or bad... Cheers!
  16. Awesome! Love it...
  17. Awesome Models here...this what i call a dreamcar..i visit in the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia this year...the spirit of Nuvolari is incredible...i would love to have such a model on my office desk...really cool...
  18. wow this thing is awesome! Very cool...the engine bay is fantastic! Love it
  19. Very nice builds! I also build a black one...but now i think i should do another one in white...really nice
  20. Great job...i need to copy that style for my next custom interieur...😃
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