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  1. hey now, dont be to rough on those elderly married couples why, just the other day me and the wifey had diner with a couple from our church who had been married for the better half of a century while we were having diner i noticed the husband kept using terms of endearment...constantly every time he adressed his wife it was huney, sweetie or pooky after dinner the women cleared the table and disapeared into the kitchen to make some coffee i commented on how impressed i was he kept the flame going all these years and still kept using those terms for her he looked over his shoulder to make sure the kitchen door was closed leanen in and said, sonnie, i'd love to call her by her first name but i forget it over 15 years ago
  2. Soren, that is looking very good allready one thing to consider, these cars are basically street cars which have been modded for the drag strip as much as the law allows in order for them to maintain thier street legal status they need to retain certain features like headlights, taillights, wipers and DOT aproved tires those slicks might not make the cut
  3. first house is almost done, all thats left is the front door and the chimney maybe do a little more weathering ive also started my second building (i'd imagine this is where i would live) i got to figure out how to the rocks to look right, maybe a bit yellow or brown? and this is where i got really excited i got some work done on the actual "track" i started putting up the incline to replace the plastic risers included in the kit bu building a section out of wood for now i put some brown paper on it but that will be replaced with paper mache (spelling) later i like the way it looks now and i hope i will be able to keep the same rocky look
  4. with it being a rice burner you can almost be sure that spoon is part of a spoiler
  5. nicest model ive seen ALL YEAR plus added points for this being the first time ive ever seen this car in a scale version period
  6. and thanks to every one who voted for you-know-who...so are ours pa-dum-pum
  7. ditch the rim Brandan not only do they look like pooh-pooh, if you hit a railroad crossing at 90 MPH and catch a few feet of air those rubber bands will disentigrate upon impact and you can forget about sneaking off the road and cutting through a cornfield to get past that 18 car pile up with those puppies
  8. they are the only place in town (though they are not what i consider MY LHS, that one is a 30 mile hike) and i buy more supplies there then anything else not too impressed with thier selection of kits, lots of the new re-issues but nothing that grabs my attention but i find it hard to believe they wont re-isue a new coupon once this one expires thats pretty much the way thier buisness model works without the coupon everything is overpriced
  9. the ones on my hemi ? out fellow member shucky http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32401&hl=turbo#entry323348 i dont know if he is offering them currently, the last run he made had such a large demand it wore out the molds
  10. im just waiting for someone to identify her as thier mother in law is she scratch build ? (yes pun intended)
  11. its one of the few rims ive seen where they managed to update the rim to modern standards while maintaning the classic look on a side note, i got my rims mounted aswell this is the way the model sits mocked up, it might stil just a hair higher in the front once everything is in place but the jeste is there im thinking of building a DOH style push bar up front to complete the look
  12. got the mill in today the longblock is soaking in ovencleaner to get the chrome off Roger, there are several good resin casters on here who make nice deep rims the daisies i have on mine i got from a fellow member, a second member hooked me up with some deep spyders and i also got a set of centerline
  13. i have a few differnt kits that i only bought as donor kits most of those are bought with a specific build in mind and even than only if i could get a good deal on the donor kit the only i would say for sure belongs on this list is the AMT 70 superbee pro stock kit and not because it is not a good build up, but because it is the epidemy off pro street donor kit with a minumin off effort this chassis and rolling gear can be adapted to just about any model you want AND YOU GET A DOHC HEMI IN THE DEAL this is the only kit i will buy when i get a deal on it no mather how many there are in my stash
  14. what if you were to just run manifolds instead of headers?
  15. after looking at the corvette i decided to keep the stok driveline in my 4-4-2 and enter a GTO later with the corvette runnings
  16. yeah, im pleased with it when i was shooting the first few coats of primer there were some pretty deep scratches visible as the paint was still wet but hopefully a few minutes of wetsanding will take care of those before i put more primer on
  17. here she is after about 2 weeks in the brake fluid and a final scrubbing with oven cleaner i had to reglue both skirts and when that glue dries shes going back in primer all in all im pretty pleased with how clean i managed to get her, thats mostly naked styrene again
  18. not a whole lot to show but i got the doghouse going (still waiting on that engine to get here, rear end will be from a lincoln so that should drop right in) now i know these are usually black but i wanted it to be a little more classy then that so i decided to match it to the body
  19. got this in the mail today still sealed inside im still not 100 %sure if i will mate this to the 4-4-2 or if it will be a second entry with a GTO body on it iether way, all i will be using is the running gear
  20. here is a quick shot of the house with a few coats of paint on it ( i even managed to get some of the trims paint on the siding, just like a real house) im hoping it will look better with a roof on it
  21. craig, i have that kit, if these are the NON STOCK bezels im sure i could spare them
  22. Ken, before you get to far going with that dodge do a search on the forum there is a small issue with the way the rear end sits (way to high) if you follow the instructions it will look off there is a little tutorial on here somewhere on how to fix that
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