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  1. She just thought you needed some grooming.
  2. I'm in California. About the only place we can get non-ethanol gas is at the airport. That said, winter is 3 months here, then it goes back to sunny and warm. We don't really have an off season for the mower.
  3. There's a minor glitch with the mailing labels. That's your account number, not your final issue. If you need to find out when your last issue, go the our subscriber login page to use your account number and name to log in. This will give you all the relevant information about your subscription. Given our current rate of publication, I think the sun will have gone nova and cooked us all well before we get to that issue. 🙂
  4. Every spring, we had all kinds of problems with our lawn mower. The carb would get gummed up, and just not work right. This was usually cured with a rebuild and liberal application of cleaner. After a couple years of this, I bought a fuel shut-off valve and installed it between the gas tank and the carburetter. Now the procedure is to turn off the fuel valve, and run the engine until it stops. No more carburetter problems. Runs like a champ.
  5. I'm sorry for your loss. I don't know why, but it always seems to be harder to lose pets than people. He was clearly a saintly cat as he made a young man very happy.
  6. I took my 7 year old grandson to a San Diego Model Expo this weekend. He enjoyed looking at the models, but most of all, he got to sit in the pilot seat of a training cockpit for a Boeing 377. He didn't know what anything did, but it was the coolest thing ever. As for me, I have to admire the crews of those aircraft. There are a lot of moving parts to keep track of.
  7. Seems like obscure aircraft stuff is a thing, doesn't it? I picked up this kit at a swap meet yesterday. Don't know anything about the kit or the plane, but it looked interesting. It was also cheap.
  8. That is a huge deal in California. Call your county weights and measures office and complain. They will get people in there and audit them. The fine is $500 per item that's mislabeled. One visit, and the store will get it fixed, and probably get a new manager too.
  9. We've considered it. There are some technical hurdles that turn it into a major project for us. But we are thinking about how to make our older content available.
  10. We've had excellent results from our last two Nissans. We had an '01 Xterra. Desert sorties didn't faze the suspension in the slightest. The 2WD worked better than some 4WD. Then again, my wife is a skilled off-road driver. The rest of the truck was everything we needed. It held up for 265K miles with mostly routine maintenance until the transmission gave out. My friends with the 4WD version like it a lot, and you definitely need 4WD. Our current vehicle is a Nissan Frontier. Same drivetrain as the Xterra. Again, rock solid with only routine maintenance. When this one wears out, we'll probably replace it with another one in 4WD. (we inherited a boat in the interim) If you end up with any more front end rebuilds, I would consider using poly bushings. They're somewhat harsher riding than the factory rubber parts, but they hold up much better. We use them in our British sports cars for better handling.
  11. John, When you renew, just select the digital edition. It's there, along with the print edition.
  12. The digital issue requires some post processing before it can be uploaded. It should be completed soon.
  13. Looks like you renewed after we created the mailing labels. If you want to know your current status, go to the subscribe page, select login, and enter your account number and zip code. That will get you the most up to date information.
  14. That's a nice area. Decent (for SoCal) fishing along there too. Congratulations on your new grandson!
  15. Issue 213 has started appearing in people's mailboxes. We hope you enjoy our latest edition.
  16. I've been there a few times. It's always a struggle to get on the plane to go back home. If I could find someplace affordable, I'd move there in a heartbeat.
  17. I just tweaked some settings. A new one magically appeared and it was on. Let me know if the problem persists after tomorrow.
  18. I just tweaked some settings. A new one magically appeared and it was on. Let me know if the problem persists after tomorrow.
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