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  1. There are a lot of factors in play. It's tough to tell which will be persistent, and which will resolve. (e.g. lumber prices are almost back to normal) One that hit close to my heart is commercial rent. One of my favorite brewpubs is closing because they can't negotiate a feasible leasing cost with their landlord. Lots going on in this market and I'm nowhere near able to comment knowledgeably, but I do know it's significant. I do know that the hobby shop in Jesse's example has been searching for more affordable quarters for a long time and hasn't found any. Things are just going to be complicated for a while. In the meantime, I'm limiting almost all of my buying to the secondary market.
  2. Reminder -- We don't discuss politics here. Period. There are other, better forums for that kind of thing.
  3. A couple of Revell parts pack engines and a baggie of hot rod cycle fenders followed me home from Spirit of Speed last weekend. Engines were the 421 Pontiac, and 354 Caddy. I'm sure these will find their way into a couple of hotrods. Not sure where the cycle fenders came from, but it's a design element I like so I'll find some way to use them. I picked up a Mercedes 300 SLR kit at the SoCal Open. That is likely to be my next car project. Going to do that in Fangio's number for the Mille Miglia race. I have to admit that I like shopping model car shows a lot better. It's not all armor and aircraft.
  4. Yes. Copy the text you want to quote. Go to where you want to insert the quote. Click the double quotes on the editor toolbar, and paste the text. Kinda like this:
  5. I just PM'ed you the address we have on file for you. It checks as valid with USPS.
  6. I just checked your subscription. It starts with 210, which is the next issue.
  7. All right. Let's just say I'm not very happy right now and leave it at that. Tim comes in to give us a preview of a new model. I very much appreciate that. He doesn't have to do this, and we get a nice look at the kit before we buy it. Rather than wait until the end, and discuss the kit reasonably, someone has to start a tirade about inaccuracies. While accuracy is an important part of a model, most models have to make some compromises in shape and form because injection molding can't really do the same thing as stamping steel with subsequent assembly. At the end of the day, the measure is whether it looks good when on the table. That first tirade sets off a flurry of comments and disagreements. Lots of fun for no one ever. At this point, I have lots of people to be annoyed with. You all know the standards of conduct around here, and "just this once" you decided to ignore them. The really annoying thing here is that there's almost no way to know about true shape and proportions because the camera shots are distorted in somewhat unpredictable and non-linear ways. This is especially true if it's a cell phone camera. It takes some difficult to accommodate geometry, the right optics, and careful measurements to derive anything reasonably precise from a photograph. We aren't doing that here. I've locked the thread and we'll figure out where to go from here. Update: I've unlocked the topic. Behave yourselves.
  8. I was watching that game too. I grew up with the 49ers, but my dad’s from Wisconsin, so my loyalties are a bit torn when they play the Packers. It that was a great game, and both teams should hold their heads high. Now for an administrative note: I had to hide a couple of political comments. Please stay away from those subjects.
  9. I checked your subscription and it all looks good. Your copy of 209 was mailed out with everyone else's. However, no telling if our dear USPS lost it.
  10. I reworked the ads when we did the forum upgrade. They should be much better now.
  11. Yes. Click your name in the upper right, and go to account settings. Under other settings, click notifications, and under notifications, click Mentions and My Content. You can turn them off there. (I swear they hide all the useful settings by design)
  12. I mildly disagree with that. A lot of times, I like something, but just don't know what to say. For as much as I use written communication, I get tongue-tied more often than I'd like. For these situations, the like button is perfect. One interesting aspect of this is they expect you to only have one emotion at a time. Sometimes things are both funny and sad, or likeable and confusing. We can't capture all of them with the buttons. Gotta use a reply for that.
  13. I use a “photo” box from Michael’s. It’s a box of boxes with the inside boxes the size of VHS tapes. It’s just right for detail parts. I have them variously categorized and a small box works nicely on the bench. They sometimes have these on clearance. I got mine for $5.
  14. All we ask is that you keep posting build topics. The short answer is yes. Please put them over in General Automotive. We don't have a formal policy on this. People have generally been posting once, and that's fine.
  15. Welcome. I like your gasser. It's definitely a unique concept, and I wonder if it wouldn't actually work out in real life. I don't know if you were aware of it, but Intergalactic HQ for the Model Cars Magazine Empire is located on Oahu.
  16. That rocket is nominally a badge denoting your rank on the forum which we define by number of posts. Right now, they're all set to rockets. If we come up with some meaningful system of badges, we'll put them in. I'm not sure I can make them go away,
  17. That was part of the upgrade they didn't tell me about. I'll see if I can bring back the actual post count.
  18. I'm also in SoCal. I got my canary copy yesterday.
  19. I need to take the forum offline for about 6 hours starting at 9 AM Pacific on Sunday, Sept 5th. I'll be doing some heavy maintenance and working on making the ads less obnoxious. I expect an explosion of postings in WIP and Under Glass. 😄
  20. I don't know what to tell you. I checked and you get to the subsequent pages via actual links, not javascript code. It should work with any browser.
  21. I'm still looking, and unfortunately not finding much. This forum software doesn't use javascript for paging content. The page numbers at the bottom are all links. The only thing I can think of at the moment is that cookies are somehow disabled for this site. If you go to the privacy and security section in Firefox preferences there is a manage permissions button under Cookies and Site Data. Make sure that modelcarsmag.com always has all cookies enabled. Try that and let's see if that doesn't clear up the problem.
  22. There's a subscribe item in the top of the forum menu that will take you to the right page on the web site.
  23. I ordered a couple via my local hobby shop. That will be a good, and popular kit.
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