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  1. As far as I know you have been able to register your older car with an older license plate not belonging to that car originally in California for a long time. Those 1956 yellow plates and 1963 black plates, and plates even older than that, are quite expensive at swap meets in SoCal if they are checked valid and possible to use...I know, I have tried to get some older plates when I have been over there but the valid plate sets have been way out of my price range, as I only can use them on my garage wall here in Sweden I don't want to pay that much for them and I have only bought some singles and plate sets not possible to use anymore.
  2. I believe the engine in the Italeri and Revell AG Ford Aeromax kits (same tooling) was supposed to be a Cummins N14, but it's a bad one as it looks like an older NTC with an air to air Intercooler instead of the normal for NTC Aftercooler. Italeri isn't known to do accurate kits and they often take shortcuts here and there to save some money when they develop new kits, and the chassis and engines are often the things they save on...so there are lots of inaccurate kits from Italeri and Revell AG as they share some tooling with Italeri.
  3. 1968 is the only year Hemi Dart's and Barracuda's are legal for NHRA Super Stock Eliminator, 1967 and 1969 are not even though they have the same basic body style.
  4. TRaymo: P&P Resinworks has a nice KTA 600 and are the most likely place to get one fairly fast http://www.ppvintagekits.com/ lapazleo: Yes I know some of the N14's had stamped sheet metal rocker covers but they are still square in shape and not shaped like the older NTA-NTC style rocker covers. Here is a pic of the older style NTA/NTC type Rocker Covers N14 Rocker Covers, first the cast cover. And the N14 stamped sheet metal covers. But the intake they made looks like the ones on the N14 with Intercooler.
  5. There is a huge void in these under hood decals, I like to see more of them too, and except for the hoses, batteries and those things I would like to see. For Ford the round white gold and black decals that denotes the cui on the valve covers on the older black FE engines, 352, 390, 406...and the 427 birds, the cui decals for the later air cleaners would also be nice to have a selection of, as the different Y-Block valve cover decals For Chevrolet the different cui markings for their engines, both the ones on the air cleaner and the HP decals for the valve covers on the engines that has them there. For Dodge the Ramcharger 413, 426, 426 A and 426-II, 426-III valve cover decals and the small square yellow and red Mopar Air Cleaner decals for the Super Stock Max Wedge and Hemi Dodge's of the early to mid 60's. For Plymouth the Super Stock 413, 426, 426-II, 426-III valve cover decals and the yellow and red Mopar air cleaner decals for the Super Stock Max Wedge and Hemi Plymouth's of the early to mid 60's. Also the different round cui decals with Magnum, TNT and such and all other different underhood decals used on the Mopar cars from the 60's and 70's would be nice. So there are lots and lots of underhood decals that can be done for each car model and mostly the kit manufacturers has overseen this need and omitted them from the decal sheets...and the aftermarket hasn't done much either...why I don't know...I for one would buy several sheets for my builds if they were available.
  6. Yes they started with a six pack scoop in 1970 but it was modified sometime during the year and got taller with a bigger opening, and two bolts were added one third in from the sides for strength as often were done to the older 68 Hemi Barracuda/Dart scoops. Hopefully Revell will do something that looks fairly correct or at least a flat hood that can be modified to a correct appearance.
  7. No you could get the W 900 and K 100 VIT 200 Bicentennial trucks with the same Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel engine options as the regular KW trucks. When this kit was first introduced in the Monogram 1980 catalog it had the Bicentennial graphics on the picture...but I don't remember if any kits were released with them.
  8. The 250 SWB California is one of my favourite Ferraris together with the 250 GTO, great work of a very nice car. By the way, doesn't Replicas & Miniatures Co Of Mayland have more accurate things for this model?
  9. From what I can see from your pics this "new re-issue" has a mish-mash of parts from all the previous issues of this tooling and it seems like many of the original parts is missing.
  10. If the frame needs to be shortened or stretched to do a correct build of the subject I'm building I'll do it, and sometimes when I do a more generic build I'll eyeball the length, leave it as is or modify to my liking. The frame in this AMT kit is unnecessary long as it was meant to go under the transporter bed of Tyrone Malone's Papa Truck and Hideout Truck and was modified for them, but for a tractor that's supposed to haul a trailer it's far too long and doesn't look right...not ot my eyes anyway...and the BJ truck was quite short.
  11. Yep, based on the parts and the layout of the kit it's made by Italeri...and Revell Of Germany did a straight re-issue of the Italeri kit with their own box and other decals...as they often do.
  12. I believe what you say as I myself are not sure...I don't have all the kits listed and I haven't done the kit list, it's just copied (from this forum I think) so someone else has done most of the legwork, I have just added some kits to the list that I have myself and modified it slightly. I checked the AMT NTA and NTC engines and they have different oil coolers so that's correct...and I'll put in the 1160. But are you sure on the Italeri kits "no aftercooler NTC 400"??!? Italeri hasn't been known to do accurate kits in every aspect and they often takes shortcuts here and there...as using the same chassis/engines for several brand trucks that shouldn't have and so on and many of their kits are wrong in several places. I don't have an Italeri kit with the "no aftercooler NTC 400" (N14) so I can't check in a kit myself, but I just looked in the instructions for the kits in modeltrucks25 fotki albums and the engine looks like an older NTC with a different intake manifold and intercooler pipes to me, the heads and mostly the valve covers doesn't have the distinct square shape that the ones on the newer N14 has, they look to have the older NTA/NTC shape. So to me it looks like Italeri took the older engine they already had and did some new parts to make it to look more like a N14 because after what I can see it's not an entirely correct N14.
  13. Nice build. The first photo with the real car was taken at a place that looked very familiar...I have been there myself several times...the Saturday morning meet at Adams Avenue Donuts at the Adams Ave-Magnolia St intersection in Huntington Beach, CA.
  14. That's maybe the case, I don't know as I have only bought from him once. With resin casters you can't take for granted that things are available all the time as they come and go.
  15. KJ790 It looks like you're right, Thanks a lot. And yes, a resin piece is a lot easier than scratchbuilding. howsthat1959 It's Ertl Great Dane 40' Reefer Trailer Kit # 8033, it has never been re-issued after the AMT/Ertl merge as far as I know...it's the one pictured in a couple of posts on the first page in this thread. chuckyr Yes, I have noticed that the control panel is on the wrong side, it shouldn't be that hard to fix though.
  16. Sean Have you shortened the frame? If not, the one in this kit is too long for what I suspect you're going to build from this one. Around 65 mm (2 9/16 inches) shorter is about the right length.
  17. You're welcome. There are some engines available in resin also and I have a small list of those. Auslowe Cummins N-14 Cummins "Signature Engine" ISX 600 Cummins V-903 Cummins VT-903 Detroit Diesel 6V-71T Detroit 8V-92 Detroit Series 60 Mack E7 Mack E9 "Yellow" Engine 3406A Kit Form Services (KFS) "Yellow" Engine 1693 TA Melbourne Truck Accessories (Now defunct unfortunately) Detroit Diesel Series 60 Detroit Diesel 8V-92T/TA Front Turbo Detroit Diesel 8V-92T/TA Rear Turbo Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Detroit Diesel 12V-71T/TA Sourkraut's Model Trucks (Seems to be defunct) Cummins KTA 600 Cummins L-10 Cummins M-11 Cummins V-903 Detroit Diesel 4-71 Detroit Diesel 6-71 Detroit Diesel 6V-92T Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Mack Thermodyne 6 cyl Mack E6 Mack E7 Mack E9 "Yellow" Engine 3406A "Yellow" Engine 3406B Saurkrauts has more engines done by Auslowe and KFS but I have listed those under their names. P&P Resin Works Cummins KTA 600 Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Mo'luminum "yellow" Engine C15 Detroit Diesel 12V-71 There are probably more but these are what I have found so far.
  18. Well I can't take much credit as someone else did most of the legwork, I just added some kits to the list.
  19. Yeah, if it's supposed to be a 68 it should be a 68 all the way.
  20. Here is a list I think I have found here on this forum, and I have done some modifications and additions to it...I think it should be quite correct. Caterpillar 1160 AMT Ford LNT-8000 Caterpillar 3406ARevell/Monogram Snap Kenworth W 900 AerodyneRevell/Monogram Snap Peterbilt 359 Caterpillar 3408Revell AG Kenworth W 900 VITRevell AG Kenworth T 900 AustraliaRevell AG Kenworth W 900 Dump TruckRevell AG Kenworth W 900 Wrecker Cummins V903Ertl International Transtar F-4270 Cummins NHC-250AMT White Freightliner Dual DriveAMT White Freightliner Single DriveAMT/ERTL Autocar 9964B DumptruckAMT Autocar A64B Cummins NTA-370AMT Kenworth K 123/125AMT Kenworth W 900 Alaskan HaulerAMT Kenworth W 925 Challenge Transit MixerAMT Kenworth W 923/925AMT Kenworth T 600A/Canepa Cummins NTC-350AMT White Road Boss (Road Boss box says NTD-350 but I don't know of any such engine so it must be a NTC-350)AMT Peterbilt 359 1100 Cab Wrecker (T533 and all issues after that)AMT Peterbilt 359 1100 Cab (T501 and all issues after that)AMT Diamond ReoAMT White Western Star Cummins NTC-400Italeri Freightliner FLCRevell AG Mack SuperlinerRevell AG Ford LTL 9000 (no aftercooler)Revell AG Ford Aeromax (no aftercooler)Italeri Freightliner FLC DumptruckItaleri Western StarItaleri Mack SuperlinerItaleri Freightliner FLD (no aftercooler) Cummins NTC-475 (twin turbos)Revell AG Peterbilt 353Revell AG Peterbilt 359Revell AG Peterbilt 359 Bill Signs Trucking ConventionalRevell AG Peterbilt 359 Wrecker Stepp's Can-Do and the new Revell US re-issueRevell AG Kenworth K 100 Heavy Hauler Tri-driveRevell AG Kenworth K 100 VIT AustraliaRevell AG Kenworth K 100 AerodyneRevell AG Kenworth T 600A Detroit Diesel 8V-71AMT Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker COE (T551 and all issues after that)AMT Peterbilt 359 California Hauler "Small Window" Unilite Cab (T500-500, T500 and the newly reissued AMT 866)AMT Peterbilt 359 "Small Window" Unilite Cab Wrecker (T522)AMT GMC Astro 95AMT Chevrolet Titan 90AMT American LaFranceErtl International CO-4070AErtl International Transtar II Eagle Detroit Diesel 8V-92TAMT Kenworth K100 AerodyneAMT/Matchbox Kenworth K100 Aerodyne Papa TruckAMT/Matchbox Kenworth K100 Aerodyne Hideout Truck Detroit Diesel 8V-92AMT/Ertl GMC GeneralAMT/Ertl Chevy Bison Detroit Diesel 12V-71TAMT Kenworth W900 Super Boss (Termo King)AMT/Matchbox Kenworth W900 Super Boss (Bandag)AMT/Matchbox Kenworth W900 Bandag Bandit Detroit Diesel 16V-71AMT/Ertl International Payhauler 350 Detroit Diesel Series 60Italeri Peterbilt 377AEItaleri Peterbilt 378Revell AG Peterbilt 377AE International V-800AMT/Ertl International Paystar 5000AMT/Ertl International Transtar 4300Ertl International F-2674/2575 International Maxxforce 15Moebius International LonestarMoebius International Pro Star II Mack ENDT-673MPC/AMT/Ertl Mack DM600 Mack ENDT-865MPC/AMT/Ertl Mack DM800 Mack ENDT-675AMT/Ertl R-685ST/R Model Mack ENDT-676 Tip TurbineAMT/Matchbox Mack Cruiseliner COE Turbine ExperimentalAMT GMC Astro 95 (T510 from 1971-72)
  21. I hadn't looked that closely. Well the valance panel is an easy fix, just sand off the incorrect reverse lights and you're done...the body has the round side marker lights and correct rear panel/tail lights for 68 with the reverse lights going around the red tail lights. It might not be perfect but an original MPC 68 Barracuda is hard to find for reasonable prices, and it's better starting point than the 69.
  22. Bandit Resins has a nice 68 Super Stock Barracuda kit with body, bumpers, grille rear valance panel, hood, hood scoop, glass, nice chassis and engine bay, interior tub, Bostrom seats...all you need to do a Super Stock Hemi Barracuda except for front subframe, engine, drive train and wheels. I bought one on ebay some time ago. Otherwise I would also use the AMT 71 Plymouth Duster chassis, it's a better fit than the Revell Dart.
  23. The White Freightliner Dual Drive was also MY first big rig model and I managed to do a decent model out of it...but that was nearly 40 years ago.
  24. I hate to be a spoiler but the re-issued Glidden Pro Stock Ford Thunderbird Revell is doing is too new for this paint scheme. This decal is for the first Pro Stock Thunderbird Bob had in the 1983 season, before the Chief Autoparts/7-Eleven cars from 1984-85 (wich Monogram did) and the Chief Autoparts car from 1986 wich he rolled and crashed at the NHRA Southern Nationals 1986 (never done in model as far as I know). The car Revell is re-issuing now is the 1987-88 Motorcraft car, the Ford Tunderbird had some body revisions for 1987, a new nose piece with with no grille and different headlights and rear panel with new tail lights, Bob only had the red and white Motorcraft paint scheme on that car and ran this body style for only two seasons, and for the 1989 season he changed to a Ford Probe. But if you go ahead and do this decal it will fit the earlier 1984-86 Bob Glidden/Rickie Smith/Butch Leal issues of the Pro Stock Thunderbird (they also did a Pro Street version with the 83-86 body), and I for one would consider buying this decal as I think it looks nicer than the Chief Autoparts/7-Eleven scheme.
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