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  1. Duplicolor Perfect Match Spray Paint Chart

    Jordan, Thank You for the color chart. GREAT. Appreciated, larry
  2. NJ Taylor, what is the process to purchase the decals and do you have a website with a price list or ? thanks, larry
  3. Instruction sheet needed - Chevelle

    Ray and Casey, Thank You. APPRECIATED.
  4. Instruction sheet needed - Chevelle

    Need a copy of the AMT 1971 Chevelle instruction sheet - kit # T117. Appreciate if you could post pics or email. thank you, larry
  5. funny car chassis

    Looking for the MCM (what month/year/issue#) that has an article on how to build a Funny Car chassis. Thank You, larry
  6. Little Motor Kar Co.

    Little Motor Kar Co. still in business? If yes, need an email or web site to get an estimate. Thank You, larry
  7. Any resin casters make a 1973-74 Pontiac Grand Am kit ? thanks larry
  8. Paint recommendation needed

    Have decided to try a Urethane Clear coat on my model cars. Usually paint with Testors Lacquer, Tamiya, and Duplicolor lacquer paints (over Platikote primers). Need a recommendation for a Urethane clear to use. Thank You, larry
  9. copy of instructions sheet needed

    Thank You all for the replies. Still need the actual 1964 Olds F-85 Cutlass funny car kit instructions. # 6764 or F162. The kit can only be built as the funny car version Thanks.
  10. copy of instructions sheet needed

    Need a copy of the instruction sheet for the AMT 1964 Cutlass Funny Car. Posted pics would be great. Thank you. larry
  11. copy of instructions sheet needed

    Greg, Thank You. Surprisingly, DP did not have the instructions. Thanks, larry
  12. 1967 Chevy Biscayne 4dr

    Del, the 4-dr chevy looks great. After your modifications, what are the widths of the front and rear doors. Thank You. larry
  13. Paint recommendation needed

    Hello George, PM sent. Thank You, Larry
  14. 1973 GTO Street Machine, Up on it's wheels! 6/2/18

    Hello am73grand, great project. Is this resin kit pontiac still available ? Appreciate a link or contact info. Thanks, larry
  15. Square Quad Headlights

    Bill, would the headlights from the Revell 1980 Ramcharger fit? larry
  16. 1975 - 1977 Ventura Hood/Shaker

    hello george, pm message sent. thanks, larry
  17. Hello, can someone post a scan pic of the decals for the current Revell 1966 Chevy Pickup. APPRECIATED. thanks, larry
  18. decal sheet needed

    Anyone have the decal sheet for the Monogram Pie Wagon. A scan of the decal sheet as a jpg - if you could post the pic or email. Thank You, larry
  19. Metal axles for johan 68 fury police car

    Also, ask for Music Wire (made by K & S) at the local hobby shop. Check the k&S web site. http://www.ksmetals.com/17.html http://www.ksmetals.com/
  20. Decals wanted - Dodge

    Hello, Anyone have the decals from the original MPC 1970 Dodge Coronet 'SCAT CITY' kit. Just need a scan jpg of the decal sheet. Please post pic or (pm) email to me. Appreciated. larry
  21. Looking for an article in Model Cars Mag on How to Paint/simulate wood panels on a woody station wagon. thanks, larry
  22. Decals wanted - Dodge

    Mr. Mopar, Ordered/received the decals. Perfect quality. Thanks for the info. Larry
  23. Order of choices to have in a resin kit 1 - 1984 Jeep Cherokee 4-door (1984-1988) 2 - Ford LTD LX with parts to make a Ford Fairmount (2 door) 3 - 1971 Dodge Polara
  24. Anyone know if the new reissue AMT 1966 Fairlane will have the dog dish hubcaps from the 66 Fairlane 427 kit. Thank You
  25. mc magazine issue number

    Can someone please verify the issue# of the last Model Cars Magazine released. Thank You.