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  1. Secured the inverted louvers to both sides of the tail belly pan... After trimming a couple of drops of CA & once set... the filler pieces will be whittled down... btw see you next month! -KK
  2. Careful planning and deep thought, help one formulate and visualize where the finished part originates from, almost levitation of a sort... -KK
  3. @Dennis Lacy& @Rocking Rodney Rat& I once discussed different sources for the outer belly pan sides a long time ago. Matching contours and finding enough material to splice together came in a number of forms. RRR suggested flat stock & a bunch of sanding. ADL got interested in what was being pulled out of several boxes! Running board aprons from the model a's seemed to be pretty klose. Each one from AMT, Monogram & Revell all had just simple contour differences. Getting just the right wrap-over & surface to cover the distance was one major issue. The other was the right contour or wrap-over, the bend! Having used the Orange Crate belly pan for the inner belly pan... I went ahead and used the left over parts form the second donor deuce... Thinking of the conversations with ADL & RRR brought me back to the area needing to be finished under the TNR... Yup! those are the front fenders leftover from the @tim boydTribute Build. The missing rear fenders are on the trailer being towed behind the '29 I started & @Speedprois finishing! There's just enough material to fill in the areas on either side over the axles and up to the inverted louvers. -KK
  4. That's it! I was not surprised to see you still had it when I came up last fall... ps Shoot me a picture of the A PU pin-up on your wall, Brother!!! I'll build the cab & provide the wheels & tires!! -KK
  5. Absolutely Awesome work, Brother! Gotta love it when a plan comes together!! -KK ps as I remember, didn't we rescue a BBC boat engine that had a unit like the pipe-organ air box you built on it?
  6. "Bob's Speedy Delivery" anywhere in town in less time than our competition!
  7. Almost what I had imagined, but far more than my pee pickin' mind could have pulled together, Brother! First, who'd a thunk the 1/24 T Roadster could be hopped up with better options!?. Second, ADL you have a style!! Your builds have a certain flavor and the stance of each complements the vintage being represented. Very well thought out and hanging on every stroke of paint and finish!!! -KK
  8. I'm back & forth on this 3W Coupe Bill... follow you gut & throw a bit of yourself into it! -KK
  9. Lots of talent showing up here in a LONG overdue look at our "Long Roof" Deuces! Great finished examples and a little food for thought WIPs on view, too! This Deuce has a story behind it and I'm going to have to ask @Rocking Rodney Ratto fill in a couple of forgotten facts. The original body came to me as a previously started 2dr sedan by a friend RRR met down in Florida several years ago: '41 Lincoln Rims & Caps wrapped in NAZCA M12 rubber bands under R&MoMD Fenders with smooth running boards... Loot & Hardware piled up inside... Almost sad that the interior has to hideout away from view... The K&R Kustoms+Rods '32 Gangster Check out some of the build highlights at link: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/gangster-kr-kustoms/
  10. If all goes well the TNR will be #1 on my to do list, but for now it's resting... that's a good thing! -KK
  11. Absolutely your BEST choice of parts, Brother! Out of all the steps involved in building a model car... collecting the RIGHT parts is my favorite! -KK How 'bout another?
  12. WOW! Things have changed here, Joe! The kit arrived today! Box is a little wrinkled... But, the box is not what this is about... Body Molded in: WHITE YES!! Short back story, @Rocking Rodney Ratmentioned he had a Coupe molded in white... but, the inner fenders are cut out for the updated IFS: btw the IFS is also under the Convertible, too! The orange inner fenders came from the original '37 Sedan: and, the inner fenders do not have the cut outs: Sure enough, opened the box of the white sedan and find these: Who knew that the '37 Sedan had the IFS? So, I've put the unopened parts back in the box, put the lid back on it & set it on the shelf. When I checked in to update the progress, finding your response set things in motion! Hope to hear from you, soon!! -KK
  13. @Speedproleft me a kouple of pictures, as he is still toiling away on the 1929 Ford Pickup 80s Contemporary Street- Rod a Tim Boyd Tribute co-build, but kan't post 'em kause it'll spoil the surprise! -KK
  14. REVELL 1937 FORD SEDAN has been shipped! Might have to get another, as the seller has a couple more that are "sealed" kits. Note to self: sealed kits will be worth a lot more in a year or two!! Thanks @Dennis Lacy!!! -KK Anyone interested in a brand new '37 Sedan kit with orange inner fenders?
  15. OK guys... We agree the United States still exist! Even though I'm in the state of mind that this too shall pass. Model on!!!
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