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  1. Once again you are raising the bar! I'm not going to even try to out quote those that have kome before me... you do have an eye for the detailed aspects as they appear to you during any one of your builds. Whether it be a kustom, drag, klassic hotrod or something that had been brewing in your automotive centered mind for a time... you address it the same way a professional full-scale builder would and most often you'll improve on it. A mentor to many and a friend to all, keep up the excellent work, Brother -KK
  2. Waldo, this is what I was hoping for! You have so much experience and talent... and there are so many that will benefit from all that you can and will share here on our MCM Forum! btw Thank you for being one of my dearest friends... -KK
  3. @alan bartonBurgundy? Should look very cool! Alan, that kolor is for the interior: Just needs a bit of detail... @alan barton How are you going to hold your doors while painting, Kit? Not to disappoint, but the doors are not going to swing... going to secure them prior to painting the cab. -KK
  4. The secret is finally out in the open! That was an amazing time in modeling history! Middle aged model car builders, from back in the day, that became life long friends via an addiction to plastic. How great is that?!. Real guys with their own set of skills that to this day consider themselves as just hacks. Really! Not a one, standing on a soap box, preaching the gospel of pruning parts from a sprue tree and the absolute's of glue. Four internationally known nobodies sharing how we got to be where we are. btw Scott has just been featured in an article in a modeling magazine in the Netherlands! Go figure. Oh, and RRR shared a few pages in MCM's #208 with me. -KK
  5. Spent the evening in the attic rattling kans after siting at the bench koating engine parts with a brush... Fired up the fan & lights in the booth in the attic... Primed the undersides... It was a little after 7 pm edt & warm & dry... Let everything settle before moving the flats back into the shop... Look klose... there's a dash of kolor drying in the attic paint shop... -KK
  6. Great looking fade, Brother! Looking forward to the final body color... btw thought others might like to know a little something about modeling and kolor choices:
  7. @tim boydtruer words, ever spoken... from your lips to the world, Brother! Too many nay-sayers gripe about the missed details in any given model, only to brag about their knowledge of a given subject. Too many new/rereleased model kits have minor flaws... some correctable, or represented better in another version of the same model. When the first '32 Ford model hit the shelves in your local dime-store/hobby shop, many were over joyed that we had a model to start from. Not a perfect start, but better than the pine-wood carved body from a solid block of balsa/bass wood. Few ever do the research to find out how a car/truck was originally created/produced. If it's wrong... fix it! If it's bent... straighten it! If the model car manufacture missed or messed up certain details... calling them out won't resolve the issue, but in some cases subsequent re-issues may address the problem. Or, not! This is a HOBBY not science! It's a HOBBY not a religion!! It's a HOBBY... an art form!!! An individual expression of one's own idea of how something can be assembled from a box of associated pieces. A cumulation of bits and details from a sorted mind and vision of something to be. Every model builder has some skills... and those skills improve with every effort put forth. Mistakes can be corrected, errors found can be overcome, nothing is made perfect or is it? Perfection is an aspiration... inspiration is everywhere and satisfaction is subjective. Keep building and sharing your experiences! -KK
  8. Bill, you have far too many choices on your bench! Glad you're back... -KK
  9. Gosh! It doesn't get any better than to hear from more international followers!! Thanks, Brother Modelers!!! Went back through my notes and noticed that I referred to the headlights & bar as the stock unit... not so. This was an AMT product; kleaner than the Revell PU kit unit. This is just one version of the long time running Ford '29 Model A Roadster box art... While digging through all of the old model parts... came across the Ford Step Plates... not a big fan of them, but seemed to follow the Ford Logo theme going on in this build, we'll see if they make it to final assembly... Had to take a klose look at them... they travel in pairs & sometimes they don't quite match... Following a short treasure hunt... a duplicate pair were located! Having spare parts sometimes makes for a better selection... Game! Set!! Match!!! Searching for the right taillights turned up a couple of pairs from the old Monogram The Beach Boys/Rockin' Rods Li'l Deuce Coupe... These will do just fine... They're the right shape... Kleaned up and ready for their new stop light red lenses... After a light sanding, hit them with the chrome pen & then a drop of "Stop Light Red" (Note: the best result comes from NOT shaking the paint up... the clear red sits on top of the paint, just a single drop on each taillight, works good) Cobbled together a set of Clutch, Brake & Gas pedals... Gas from the Revell '29 Roadster & the other two from the AMT Phantom Vickie... Phantom Vickie Pedal Assembly Crossed with the Roadster Gas & Brake pedals... and elongated pedal assembly slot... make for a stylish three pedal setup! Odds & Ends the story of the fiddly bits & small details that most will never see... -KK
  10. Made the final adjustments to the lower right & left door hinges... Trimmed the left hinge off the tree to start the klean up process... Remember, the hole was filled before removing the part... Insert Tab A into Slot B... Test fit looks workable... Klose enough for government work... Filing was a bit quicker than cutting with the saw! Next step fun tack the left upper lower hinge to the inner edge of the door... Set the door back in place... Slight adjustment before securing with glue... A little drop of CA... Let it set up... Left side needs a little work... So does the right side... Small opening between the hinge and the door surround needed attention on both sides... Easy fix... All kleaned up and ready for the yard sale... One good side... deserves another! Decided, after checking out other headlight bar options, to go with the stock unit. '29 PU & Trailer Yard Sale -KK
  11. This is like krazy kool to watch you finesse this wonderfully ol' body into shape! Appreciate you, Brother!
  12. Made a little more progress on the left & right upper hinges: Pulled the doors away from the lower upper hinges... still have to remove the fun tack... Line up pretty well from this angle... and, straight on, as well. A little more work on the top right hinge... Looking better... even from this angle. Paid a little attention to the upper left hinge, too. Looks about a good as the other side, right? Moving on... @bill-e-boy I too was looking at the wooden roof skeleton and have been thinking about making a rolled & pleated headliner to match the bench seat from the roadster. Mocked up the engine... Seems a little tight, but it all fits... sorta!?. The '29 Ford PU Yard Sale Have to start kolor sorting the parts... Stay tuned as progress on the '29 Ford PU & Trailer will continue on most of these same channels at about the same time... until next time, keep building - so little time & so many models yet to build! -KK
  13. Just saw some pictures you posted of the speedway gathering... do me a favor and let me know when the next one is going to be held, OK? btw there's an ACME meeting this Sunday at the Smyrna Community Center, 2:30 til about 5 PM -KK
  14. @roadhawgAwesome pics! I'm not that far from Athens and would appreciate a heads up for the next Speedway gathering. Looks like a lot of knowledge all parked in the same place at one time!! I'll bring my '34 PU... -KK
  15. Continued marching towards the paint shop picking up after myself... tidying up a few more loose ends: Mocked up the engine with new Holly Carburetors from the original Revell Deuce Coupe kit (x2) Worked on the door hinges... Started with the right side upper hinge: Trimmed up the lower previously plugged door surround hinge: Felt like the lower hinge was a bit thick compared to the upper hinge... So, I cut the bottom off: Looks better, right? Fits good, after a bit of kleanup... How 'bout from this angle? Better? Tacked the lower hinge to the door: Set it all together... Aligned the two closer together... Applied a drop of CA on the inside between the hinge and the door frame surround: The fun tack blocks the CA from kreeping on to the door hinge edge. Let the right side dry & went after the left side! Repeated the same process detailed above on the left upper hinge: Will go in and file out the excess after both have dried completely over night. Next time, we'll go after the lower door hinges. -KK btw I may work a little slow (including the # of times looking for each loose hinge more than a couple of times in the karpet beneath my work bench) but, each hinge so far has taken about an hour each!
  16. Well aware of the Royce Fisher Tribute T Pickup! Knowing the back story on the origin of the kit is an interesting part of your build. Kudos to the local model shop... is it still around? @bill-e-boyI've really enjoyed working along side you and @alan barton! -KK
  17. Old pictures from before the first run: Pictures found on the inter-web: And, the old kit:
  18. Enjoying watching over your shoulder... Saw this earlier today & thought of you: And, the many others out here waiting for the reboot of the Model A coupe! -KK
  19. @bill-e-boywe need to see more of your "flashy butt" before you hide it under her skirt... -KK ps did you buy your kit in country? Spent a little time at the bench, hooked up the trailer jack: Cut three pieces of plastic stock Bolted the block to the jack with some fun tack Position trailer for the addition to the neck Klamp & a little CA later '29 PU Trailer Jack at Rest '29 PU Trailer Jack at Work After a little shaping the block addition will feel right at home... While securing the jack mounting block, decided to dress out the door hinges: Plugged the lower upper & upper lower hinges... A little CA & plastic rod... Basic tools of the trade... Trimmed & filed the upper upper & lower lower door hinges Next step: Klean & install the lower upper & upper lower hinges into the Cab door surround! -KK btw I reread the instructions and found where the hinges, Part #55 go! Nobody every said modeling can't be fun!!
  20. Paul, if we channel our combined efforts into another group build, I'm sure the inevitable will happen... more good tips & tricks will appear! -KK Here's a little ditty that came out during this thread: Where did your Revell '29 Model A kit come from? This PU bed came from "Nowhere"... This one was made in the U.S.A., and Where did your '29 PU/Roadster kit come from? -KK
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