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  1. Dan- I love the way your Stude turned out! I especially like the seat cover. Did you ever figure out what product it came from? What kit did that intake set-up come from? I like it too. Great job. Later-
  2. OK.I'm working out of town in NV and I took these photos of the interior flocking before I left. I finally have a chance to post them while sitting in the hotel. Flocking before dumping off the excess: This is what I endeed up with after the 5th attempt: Not much, but it is progress. I'll be home late Sunday evening, so I should be able to get the bottoms of the door panels flocked and get some engine work done on Monday. Later-
  3. Thanks for all of the nice comments. I really enjoyed this build and it turned out pretty much the way I envisioned it. Thanks again. Later-
  4. Hey Nick- I too like your ideas. Is the light on top one that you molded or what kit did it come from? Is that the kit that has the trunk already open or did you do that also? I hope that you weren't upset with the friendly criticism from the other guys. Although it may have come off a little harsh, I'm sure it was not intended to be that way. Take it for what it is and work to improve the skills that they commented on. Remember, we are all here to learn from one another and when we post our builds, we have to expect some criticsm along with the praise. Keep up the posting and let us see what else you have. Later-
  5. Very nice build. I remember that PPE when it hit the mags and have always wanted to do a build of it. I think you hit on the idea without copying the car. Nicely done. What is the engine from? Later-
  6. Wow. Looking great. That seat must have been a chore. I like all that you did to it. Later-
  7. Moonlite- PM me your address and I'll send you a set. I have two of this kit and I'll save the ones I'm using now to replace from the 2nd on the shelf. Later-
  8. Thanks Mustang. Marcos- I know what you mean about the large flakes. It is a bit out of scale, but being as I was trying the new Testors Lacquers for the first time, it's fine with me. And, I'll have to live with it because I bought about 15 cans of different colors. I got a good deal on them. I tried for the fourth time today to flock the interior and it turned out patchy. This is the first time I've used Elmers glue to do it. Usually I paint the area first and sift the flocking over the wet paint. The glue isn't working for me, so tomorrow I'll break out the paint to do it. Pictures tomorrow of it. (I promise) Later-
  9. Thanks guys for the kind words. I really like the color too. I hope to get it flocked today. So, I'd better get a move on before my wife and daughter get back. LOL Later-
  10. Modlbldr

    The Joker

    WOW! That looks like it is straight off of the little pages. Nicest 57 I've seen in a long time. Great job, Zed. Later-
  11. The interior is Testors Light Ivory on the package shelf, dash and door panels and Light Earth on the seats. Plans are to do a relatively stock Firebird with white stripes and probably stock tires and wheels. I'm going to try to get to either the engine or the flocking tonight. Stay tuned. Later-
  12. This is my Firebird that I started a couple of weeks ago. Then the parents showed up for a 5 day visit and I'm trying to get back to it. Paint is the new Testors Lacquer Rootbeer with Wet Look Clear. I shot it over the bare plastic. No primer. I hope I won't pay for it. Interior shots next. Later-
  13. Harry- That is the GT350 rear window. I can't stand it. However, when I installed the stock window, I fat fingered it with some glue. I had to use the racing window as a last resort. I guess it was a plexiglass window in the racing versions that allowed for ventilation or something. Later-
  14. I swapped in the 428 from the AMT 71 Mustang. This was a pretty easy swap only requiring a longer drive shaft and slight extention mods to the exhaust pipes. I added aftermarket velocity stacks. I still need to add the radiator hose. The rear plate was made by cutting a piece of aluminum from a pop can and adding the decal and then a PE frame. I hope you enjoy it and any comments or criticizms welcomed.
  15. Well, I finally finished one to post here. It is a mix of the Revell GT350R and the 2+2 Fastback. Paint is a Duplicolor automotive spray that closely resembles Pontiac engine blue. More photos coming. Later-
  16. Again, the important question. When, and how much?????? OK. I got my answer in Going Postal 2. I'll have to save up for that, but it is definitely a "want one". Later-
  17. Tommy- Gotta add my 2 cents. I agree. Nice build. I've got to start branching out more into foreign cars. I like the photos of all your builds. Very clean. Later-
  18. LC- I agree with VW Dave. He's got the right idea for shipping the model. If that doesn't protect it then the only thing that would have worked would have been for you to hand deliver it. Err on the side of caution and you won't be sorry later. Again, your build turned out beautiful. Later-
  19. I'm still liking the work you've done on this one. If it is any consolation to you, I started my Stude that I posted the pictures of earlier around 1998 and it still sits in the same condition. I really want to finish it too, but I've hit some snags in it and I've put it aside twice now. Some day I'll get it done. Later-
  20. I just came across this build while looking for info and ideas for a quick build I am doing of this kit. Mine is no where as detailed as this build. Are ther any updates to this build? Three months- either this got sidetracked or should be looking pretty good by now. Anything?? Later-
  21. Nice work, so far. I agree, however, on your first choice of tires and wheels. They give it a better look. I just finished a 65 Fastback Mustang and I enjoyed it. I transplanted a fuel injected 428 in mine. Here are a couple of the "in progress" photos. Can't wait to see the rest of yours. Later-
  22. Oh! I meant to ask.. What color of red is the interior and did you clear coat it with anything. It has that "just right" look that I want to use on a future build. Later-
  23. I have to say that I, too, am glad you fought back and won. That turned out beautiful. And you were very brave to paint it black. NICE and SMOOTH!!! Later-
  24. I like your build. You're right. It does give a perfect spot to display your GTX. I like the mix of the custom parts on the pickup. I think it turned out well. I would also agree that next time you should use smaller plug wires. Makes me wonder how you got all of them on that little distributor. Still, it is a great build and one to be proud of. Later-
  25. She'd drive it if it were 1:1?? Heck, I'd drive it just to roast the tires and blow my ear drums! BTW- Where did you get that stereo equipment anyway? I'd like to find some speakers like that, and maybe some a little shorter. Any leads?? Great build and I like the custom work you did. Later-
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