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  1. Jairus- I agree. The body just does not flow as it should with the top removed. It looks just as it is, a hardtop with the top cut off. Oh well. It is still a car that I wish they would have done in 1:1. I should get this one done today. BTW- Sorry i spelled your name wrong in the title. Being Computer illiterate, I haven't figured out how to fix it. Later-
  2. Thanks again guys. Your comments have helped keep me going on this one. Goldfinger- You need to get that finished. It looks great so far. I also had problems with the final fit. Duntov- Yes, I liked the hood too. It is one of the reasons that I wanted to build this car as it was drawn. So, Last night I spent some more time on this one. It's been sitting for a little while. I had gotten the windshield polished and coated with Future polish and glued in temporarily with Elmer's. I used it because I knew that the dash would hold the bottom of the windshield tight. Last night I fought to get the body on. It is a difficult fit because I had everything that shouldn't have been done already on. Both front and rear valance on, radiator wall in, brake master cylinder on and even the exhaust pipes got in the way. I ended up having to remove the fan from the motor and the brake master cylinder in order to get it together. Next problem was that the top edge of the dash where it meets the bottom of the windshield should have been filed down for a better fit because I had to really cram the font of the chassis pan into place with such force that I was praying nothing would break while gluing it. Anywho...It all went together and then I had to put the parts back on that I had removed. Next problem was that the distributor stuck up too high for the hood to clear. I removed it and cut it down considerably. Now I have to rewire it. I also got the convertible boot and rear bumper on and glued the wheels in place, trying hard to get them square. Even though the wheels sat nice and had all four on the ground during my test fit last night, once I put them on with epoxy I have my driver's front wheel not touching the ground. AAArrgghh!! I don't know yet what the problem with it is. All 4 seem to have the same amount of rubber showing between the top of the rim and the wheel well arch. I'll have to do more investigating on it today. Sorry for the rambling and details (and no pictures yet)but I am getting really excited to be able to have this one finished. All that I have left is to put on the side mirrors and the rear view mirror and sun visors, rewire the distributor, plumb the heater hoses and glue on the front bumpers and license plates. Then I can wipe off the finger prints and put it on the shelf. Hopefully I can finish it tonight and get the final photos posted. I have a busy day today though, so no promises. Later-
  3. Well guys- I hate to do it but as of now I'm out of this build. My wife and I just had it out and she is tired of my model addiction, and after 20 years of arguing about it, I'm tired. So, to try to make my house a home again, I have to bow out. I'll still be lurking in the shadows, just not as frequently. I thank all of you for a fun time and I'll see you around the forums. Later-
  4. OK. Step one. Gathering the parts. Who has a hardtop VW Bettle kit available for my build? PM me, if you do and hopefully we can work something out. I'll also need to find the wheels I need. It is the AMT Slammers "Street Heat" kit. Here is a link to the kit. http://imgs.inkfrog.com/pix/kingofmodelcars/2_059.JPG Any help is appreciated. I think we should definitely start a place to post these builds. Later-
  5. I'm liking this idea and I look forward to what I get to build. I am just days away from finishing my 70 1/2 Camaro convertible and I really am happy with it. BTW- I think that a Steve Stanford contest would be another good one. I always liked his style and taste in drawings too but as of yet I have not built one of his. Does anyone know if he has a site with some of his drawings on it? (I'll have to do a Google search for him) Again, I look forward to this and can't wait to see how everyone's progresses. Later-
  6. Fletch- I would like in. I sent you a note. Seeing as how I already have 5 of his drawings in progress I would love to get in on this. Later-
  7. I don't have dial- up but I have a slow, old laptop and it bugs me too to have to see the same pix two or three times. It sure makes getting through a post a lot longer. Glad someone brought it up. And again, not a rant. Just a request (because, in all honesty, it's not going to keep me from lookin'). Thanks. Later-
  8. Cliff- Sounds fine. I just got home last night from being out of town for a week and I just found a letter from my friend in Colorado. He sent me 5 more pieces of the material which he says is a sports wrap tape that the high school football players use to wrap their wrists. It is very thin and spongy and comes in rolls that are about 2 inches wide. Should be able to pick it up at sports supply stores or perhaps pharmacies or drug stores. I sprayed mine with flat black paint and applied it with white glue. I can't wait to see the phantom Bee done. I saw that ref. picture quite a while ago and was blown away by that color combo. Cliff- Thanks for the info on the spray adhesive. I'm going to see if I can find some tomorrow. Later-
  9. Cliff- Your builds are looking great. Love all of the details. As to the question of a material for the filter, check out the picture I included and tell me if you think it would work. I don't know what it is, but it comes in a small sheet. The piece that I have left is about 3 inches square and is tan in color.(I painted the one in the pic with flat black spray) I don't know how long that it would take to send it to you, but if you thought that it would work, it's yours. Let me know. Later-
  10. Cliffo- These builds are looking great. Good to see someone with your talent going all out. I'm sure I'll learn something here. BTW- That Artist's Adhesive...How did you use it? From what distance did you spray it? It does look dead on to scale. I'll have to see if I can find some. Can you show a pic of the can so I may find it easier on the shelf? Keep it up, Man. It looks great. Later-
  11. Looking really good, Bruce. That grille turned out superb. Later-
  12. I've been thinking of doing the same to my 81 Bronco since I found out recently that the entire suspension is missing. I got the kit given to me years ago and never took a close look at it until a few days ago. Since then I've been mulling over a similar fate for mine. I'm watching. Later-
  13. Goldfinger- That looks great. Nice to see someone else was on the same idea. You need to get it finished up. I'm on hold for a day or two. I have to get my windshield polished out and coated with some Future wax. Later-
  14. Bruce- That is a nice start to that grille. You'd better hide that next time I come over. I'd love to take it home. Later-
  15. Someone mentioned not having access to styrene. If you need sheet styrene "For Sale" signs work well too. Later-
  16. Here are the results of what I used. Not sure how accurate it looks, but I liked it. It was a thin spongy sheet almost like those spongy dryer sheets. A friend from Colorado sent it to me. I am writing him a letter to find out what it is. I know that I have seen it before but can't remember where. It was a cream/tan color. I first trimmed a piece of paper to the shape I needed, and used blue painter's tape to tape the paper to the material. Then I trimmed the material to the same shape as the paper with scissors. Then I sprayed the trimmed material with flat black and waited for it to dry. Next, only because I had not done the proper putty work under the hood and was afraid that the material would conform to the poor body work, I glued the paper/tape pattern piece into place under the hood and brush painted it flat black so that the blue tape wouldn't show through the thin material. (you shouldn't need to do these two steps. I'm just stupid.) Once the paint was all dry I glued the material in place under the hood with Elmer's glue gel. Presto- underhood insulation. All of the ideas so far have sounded good and I plan to try a few. As soon as I hear from my friend as to what this spongy material is I'll post it here. Later-
  17. Bob- That paint is such a beautiful color on that car. I'm glad to see too that you went with tan interior instead of black. Are you going to foil the tops of the doors? Your build is looking great. I got the grille and radiator wall in on mine along with the taillights and painting the sid marker lights. Hopefully I'll be done by next week. Later-
  18. Interesting combination of, as you put it, "parts store catalog" pieces. Keep it up. Later-
  19. Wow! I like that. It came out very clean and looks great. What metalizers did you use on the wheels? Later-
  20. Simply beautiful work. I'm sure that the client will be happy. Is this a resin build? Where did you get it? Later-
  21. Thanks for all the nice comments guys. You're right, Bruce. It won't be long now. Later-
  22. Jason- For all of the problems that you stated, it sure doesn't show in those pictures. I, too, wish that they would kit up some of these Chevy, Ford and Dodge pickups from the 60's and 70's. They would be popular sellers. Later-
  23. Simply stunning. I'd love to see some more detail shots of that rear suspension set up. Later-
  24. I have a couple of these that I used to extend the front end about 6 scale inches behind the front wheel well. I thought that the body lacked enough detail that it would look better as a flopper body. Yet another that I have to get back to some day. Looking good. I like the red oxide primer look. Keep it up. Later-
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